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Email marketing has proved to be one of the most fruitful means of online marketing so far. Yet, a proper email marketing strategy usually requires reliable software to be implemented into the process. While the market is filled with all types of email deliverability, lead generation, and content creation tools, it is always a good idea to cooperate with an easy-to-use platform that covers most of your marketing needs.

Mailchimp campaigns have received a good rep, and the company's name comes up every time when you start looking for the most reliable marketing tools found online. No matter the type of business that you run, the chances are that a proper email marketing service can double the conversion and grow your brand's reputation. The comprehensive Mailchimp review compiled by Folderly experts will give you a perfect idea if the software is right for your personal cause.

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Mailchimp Review: a Brief Service Introduction

Mailchimp service is a marketing application that offers users a chance to experiment with email templates, launch ad campaigns, and benefit from professional segmentation and proper marketing automation. Mailchimp company features a well-designed and easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder that comes of great use to those with little to no experience in the field. Such an approach ensures that small businesses have the same opportunity to succeed in the represented area as any larger enterprise.

Mailchimp helps to understand what your clients need most presently and how to provide them with the offers they seek. The analytical segment of the service is well-developed and provides precise results aimed at turning the tables of email marketing. Besides, Mailchimp offers an easy-to-grasp graphical representation of all the gathered data so that it is a lot easier to process.

Mailchimp services reach as far as email content customization. However, aside from the custom templates and all sorts of dynamic content, the platform allows it to create appealing and unique landing pages and web forms as well. The user-friendly drag-and-drop builder brings the matter closer to an average user than ever. On top of that, you can experiment with Content Optimizer, Customer surveys, and subject line helper. The reasonable price policy makes the software twice as presentable and requested.

Outstanding Features of Mailchimp Company

A professional Mailchimp review would be incomplete without the service's best features discussed. New features that an email builder presents come as a crucial factor in determining your thoughts and ideas on the software.

Enhanced segmentation

If you still doubt whether you should use Mailchimp and not any of its alternatives, the notion of list segmentation should be brought up. Some inexperienced marketers underestimate the power of list segmentation, but you should rather consider it. The primary purpose of segmentation is to observe how your clientele behaves and then divide the users into groups depending on their needs, preferences, and behavior. Once you have those lists at hand, you can initiate marketing campaigns that correspond with the customers' needs and win them over. Mailchimp is precisely the email marketing tool centered on the notion of segmentation.

Multivariate testing

The chances are that you are already familiar with the matter of split testing. While the approach is utterly beneficial when you want to spot the weak points in your strategy, Mailchimp company decides to take the matter even further. Multivariate testing ensures that you can check a few email components at once (four elements can be tested simultaneously).

Mailchimp API

If your team is well aware of what the custom code is, then the service's API will come of great use too. You can easily synchronize any email-related activity with your database through it. Besides, you can save all the necessary stats to the database when needed. The number of opportunities increases with the level of your marketing team.

Mailchimp integrations

It isn't one of the new features that Mailchimp offers, yet if you want to have any third parties involved with the marketing process, the notion of proper integration arises. So far, Mailchimp is known to integrate with such popular e-com platforms as Shopify and Magento. Aside from that, WordPress and Firebase are ready to be used in sync with the platform. The list keeps growing with new industries taken over by Mailchimp's productivity and marketing determination.

Automation features

Another peculiarity of Mailchimp service would be the advanced automation it offers. All the presented automation features will take you closer to increased conversion. The platform features a drag-and-drop automation builder spiced with different customization options so that every user can automatically create the fittest campaign possible. You can go beyond the automated messages triggered by abandoned carts and win over those clients who seem to have left for good.

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Basic Pros and Cons of Mailchimp

A dedicated Mailchimp review wouldn't be finished without some drawbacks mentioned, but we start with the undeniable perks first.


  • Transactional emails available
  • Email service features multiple pricing plans
  • Enhanced analytical assistance
  • Lifelong free account offered
  • Effortless and straightforward interface


  • Pricing tiers higher than average
  • Slightly limited personalization
  • Phone support for Premium clients only
  • Limited campaign tracking
  • Limited template experience

Mailchimp Pricing Policy

The chances that the best email marketing tools come absolutely free of charge are slim. However, in the case of Mailchimp, there are free benefits along with pre-paid perks that you can count on. The service covers four membership plans, and they are the following:

  • Free plan
  • Essentials plan
  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan

Free version

It is always a good idea to test the waters and explore all that a given service presents. If that is the case with you, the platform allows you to create a free account and play around with simple automation, Creative Assistant, and multichannel tools to grow your business and promote the brand. You won't be given access to all the features, but adding new contacts to the base and creating beautiful landing pages and web forms, let alone sending out mass emails, seems like a fair deal. Yet, you can't exceed the 10K monthly limit and won't be able to go over 2K emails a day.


As the name suggests, the primary paid membership plan will grant you access to all the essential characteristics that the service is known for. The variant is perfect if you run a small business and need a good head start. The Essentials Mailchimp account will assist you in polishing your digital email marketing campaign. Among the other features that you will be able to use, Mailchimp presents effective A/B testing, all-template access, and much more. The Mailchimp cost starts at $11 a month.


Mailchimp pricing goes up as you move to the next offered membership plan. The Standard plan starts at $17 per month. The offer includes everything that the first two plans have, but on top of that, you will get access to advanced analytical reports, which will help you tune your email campaign to perfection. Plus, send-time optimization is on the list too.


The last membership presented is a Premium one, and it will cost you $299 a month. While that seems like an expensive proposition, the number of perks it includes is surely worth it. With the Premium plan, you will get access to all the service's features. Those cover multivariate testing, enhanced list segmentation, role-based team access, and phone support.

Like every other Mailchimp alternative, the platform minimum is based on a contact list that contains around 500 subscribers. Anything that exceeds the stated number of users will influence the monthly cost. Yet, when compared to other popular Mailchimp alternatives, the prices still remain slightly higher than average, but more than affordable. One more thing that some Mailchimp reviews fail to report is that if your contact list exceeds 200K subscribers, you will have to get in touch with the service rep to work on a customized monthly payment plan.

Mailchimp Support Policy

Those users who use Mailchimp claim that the platform couldn't have been easier to work with. However, some issues may arise during the exploitation. Thus, many of you may wonder how to reach out to the company's support desk. So, if you are a paid customer, you can contact the support agent through the Live chat available online. Yet, if you are sharing a free account, you may need to leave your request through the Contact form available. Once your request is processed, the support representative will get in touch with you. Usually, it takes around 24 hours.

It needs to be emphasized that the informative section of the Mailchimp platform is more than extensive. There are various podcasts, blogs, and FAQs that you can access with no prior registration required. Such an approach ensures that an average user possesses all the data needed to start the process and get through it successfully.

Phone support is available for Premium users only.


Mailchimp is a popular email builder and much more. The platform is designed to provide advanced email marketing services to any type of business that seems to require them. Enhanced automation, segmentation, and analytics make the tool irreplaceable when it comes to launching a successful marketing campaign. On top of it, the price policy is quite affordable even if you are at the beginning of your marketing path.

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