Flodesk: Email Design Platform

Running an online business is an exciting but complicated task. With all the means on offer, it takes a lot of time and effort to decide which software and tools are an absolute must. Besides, there is always a fair share of effective promotion to consider. Most vendors choose email marketing to convert new leads and keep the existing clients updated on their recent offers and whatnot. It is a profitable approach as long as you ensure two things – your email deliverability scores are higher than the competitors’, and the email marketing campaign is well-designed, adequately automated, and timely. That is where Flodesk comes to great use. In today’s Flodesk review, we will discuss all the outstanding features of the platform, and evaluate its pricing policy and support approach, so that you can make your final decision based on the gathered information.

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Flodesk review: brief service introduction

So, what is Flodesk? Flodesk is a new email marketing tool designed to help you create appealing and profit-oriented emails, automate the sequence, work on opt-in forms, and more. One of the main advantages that make the platform stand out is the fact that it ensures that you create emails that are unique and trigger improved user engagement instantly.

Another reason the given email service provider has conquered the modern market in no time is that it features an utterly straightforward and effortless approach to email marketing. The system’s ease of use ensures that anyone can exploit it with little to no experience in the field.

Should you wonder why to use Flodesk, there are a few points to evaluate before you make up your mind. The software has been developed to assist users in creating email campaigns, improving client engagement, and converting leads into paying customers with as little effort involved as possible.

Flodesk primary features

All the best email marketing tools are recognized and valued for the outstanding features they present. The variety of services that Flodesk offers will make you wonder why you haven’t come across the platform sooner.

Intuitive email builder

One of the advanced features that Flodesk focuses on would be the drag-and-drop email builder. Not only it allows you to create branded emails quickly, but also to play around with different elements and components of it. Such an approach ensures that each email you create can be well-customized and personalized to the point that a recipient can’t resist interacting with it.

Unique Flodesk form list

Among all the outstanding Flodesk services, one can point out the designer opt-in forms on offer. First things first, all the forms are mobile-friendly. All it takes is to add a few code lines to your online platform, and you will be asking your clients to provide their email addresses. While Flodesk is an easy-to-use platform, it will take you little time to master the function. Moreover, you will be able to pick from a plethora of different form templates. Whether these are inline forms, pop-ups, or full-page ones – you name it.

Exceptional Flodesk templates

The feature that brings Flodesk in line with the best cold outreach tools would be the email templates range. You can use the ready-made templates for the forms as well. To give you a better idea of what the email marketing provider offers, you can make use of the following samples:

  • Thank-you forms;
  • Share-news templates;
  • Welcome sequence and more.

Useful email platform automation

Customized Flodesk emails aren’t the only unique feature you can count on when you sign up with the platform. The service ensures that you can also send emails automatically whenever a user triggers the sequence. Whether a welcome email or a marketing update, the presented automation will help you cut the manual effort involved to focus on other important aspects of the campaign. The variety of customization options makes sure that your workflow is in complete sync with your needs and preferences.

Effective Flodesk integrations

Some email service providers are incredibly good on their own, but when it comes to integration with other software, that is where the issues may arise. With the well-developed Flodesk API, you won’t have to worry about things like that. There are a couple of native integrations that the system covers. These are Instagram and Shopify. However, you can also connect the platform with Zapier and make sure that your integration policy becomes almost unlimited. After you connect with the Flodesk email marketing space through Zapier, you can gather all the user information and segment it to help your marketing campaign flourish.

User-friendly interface

Flodesk is an utterly straightforward and intuitive email marketing platform. The user interface is simple and neat. The handy email editor ensures you can preview your templates and experiment with them until you reach perfection. On top of that, the platform is all in for a brand’s identity, so each email you craft will spread the branded vibe that is hard to miss.

Practical campaign analysis

When it comes to small business owners, they don’t need all the top-notch analytical tools to track their progress. However, monitoring the essentials is critical. With Flodesk, you will have access to such stats as recipients, open and click rates, and more. The approach ensures that you can tag an arising issue and fix it before it affects the ongoing campaign.

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Flodesk pros and cons

Countless Flodesk reviews focus on the benefits that email marketing software presents. However, there are some downsides to evaluate before becoming a dedicated service user.


  • Unlimited subscribers.
  • Constant function updates.
  • Uncluttered and user-oriented dashboard.


  • Limited integration possibilities.
  • No free plan.
  • A/B testing is unavailable.

Flodesk pricing policy

With a growing variety of email marketing providers to choose from, the pricing structure becomes one of the predetermining factors along with the key features that a platform covers. What makes the Flodesk company stand out is its flat-fee cost. What does that imply?

Most email marketing vendors ask their clients to pay for each subscriber on the list. The Flodesk pricing is slightly different since all it takes is a monthly fee to pay, and you will be granted access to all the functions the service covers. The number of emails and the number of subscribers do not affect the Flodesk cost.

There are three pricing tiers to consider when you decide to work with Flodesk. They are the following:

  • Email Subscription – $38/$35 a month.
  • Checkout subscription – $38/$35 a month.
  • Everything subscription – $64/$59 a month.

You can opt for a monthly subscription or pick an annual plan. If you choose the latter, the cost drops significantly.

As for the free features, there is no forever-free access to the Flodesk service offered, but you can make use of the 30-day free trial period that the vendor presents. You don’t have to sign up for the system just yet. You can test it for as long as you need and then finalize your decision.

Flodesk support policy

Flodesk company is known for its simple and user-friendly approach to the field that it represents. It has been mentioned that when compared to any other Flodesk alternative, the service presents an uncluttered and easy-to-use interface. Yet, some questions and issues may arise along the way, and that is where Flodesk customer support comes into use.

There are a few ways that you can connect with the support desk:

  • Fill out an email form;
  • Use the Flodesk University section;
  • Connect through the Facebook private group.

Unfortunately, there is no live support available at the moment. However, Flodesk University and the private user group on Facebook can help you find the answers to the questions that bother you. Lastly, you can always send the Flodesk team an email, and a support rep will get to you within hours with a bit of information that will help you resolve any issue.

Final words

Flodesk is one of the most effective email marketing apps that the modern market has to offer. You can opt for Flodesk landing pages, create customized email templates and automate email sequenced together with the platform. Since the system is utterly user-oriented and simple, you don’t have to worry about how to use Flodesk. The process is fairly intuitive and straightforward. On top of that, you can integrate your Wix, Shopify, or Zapier account with the platform with the least time and effort involved. What else could a profit-oriented vendor ask for? On top of that, Flodesk price policy is lower than average, and the list of features it covers makes it irreplaceable for a successful email marketing venture.

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