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Email marketing is rapidly growing in popularity and for a good reason. Over the years in the industry, the specific type of marketing has proved to improve user conversion and paying clients increase more than any other means. Yet, it takes a couple of critical elements to be set right so that you achieve the result that you aim at. One of them would be well-ensured email deliverability and the other – an appealing message design. When you create your email, it should trigger customer interest, enhance user experience and coincide with the trending demand. These are all the features that CoffeeCup software is known to cover, but there is even more to discuss, and our review will provide all the answers you need.

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What is CoffeeCup service?

CoffeeCup is an email marketing platform with a notable incline to email design. The service provides all the tools you need to create professional emails with as little time and effort involved as possible. There is no need to master HTML code once you introduce the CoffeeCup responsive email designer to the process. Keep in mind that there are various email templates to make use of when you create an account with the platform. On top of that, designing mobile responsive emails is no longer a challenge with CoffeeCup. Lastly, the tool enables users to experiment and test each email template until they reach perfection.

CoffeeCup software features

Just like the rest of the best email marketing tools, the CoffeeCup company has a plethora of incredible features to brood upon before you consider any other CoffeeCup alternative.

Email designer

CoffeeCup email builder can be integrated with any known marketing platform, making it so requested at the moment. Besides, while you concentrate on the design process, there is no need to think about your coding skills since they are unnecessary. The CoffeeCup email designer software covers all the essential aspects of fancy email design creation. You can access all the best web fonts available, send high-quality emails from the CoffeeCup API, and view your email templates on various apps and devices. The friendly workflow that the service supports makes sure that you can automate any part of the process you see fit. Lastly, the tool allows it to stay in constant contact with the details that you use regularly. You can save the most used items to the Components Library and create emails twice as quickly.

Site designer

Among all the advanced features that CoffeeCup company is known for, the Site Designer one deserves the undivided attention. The platform allows it to experiment with the site's components with as little coding knowledge as possible. Besides, the handy drag-and-drop workflow speeds up the process immensely.

Form designer

Another highly-requested function of CoffeeCup would be the form designer. The feature enables you to succeed with the industry's most successful and responsive forms. What is more, due to handy CoffeeCup integrations, you can post directly to such platforms as Google Forms, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc.

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CoffeeCup pros and cons

Many CoffeeCup reviews choose to skip on the potential downsides of the platform. However, even the best cold outreach tools feature flaws that any user is entitled to.


  • Impressive template collection.
  • Informative Knowledge Base.
  • Unlimited integration policy.


  • No Live chat available.
  • Confusing pricing policy.
  • Overcrowded interface.

CoffeeCup pricing policy

CoffeeCup pricing is a little bit more intricate than necessary. The fact is that you have to pay for the service depending on the service pack you choose. Since it is the email editor that we are discussing at the moment, the CoffeeCup cost is $129 for the pack. The package covers the creation of custom templates and their adaptation to different devices. CoffeeCup HTML editor is included in the stated CoffeeCup pricing.

Should you decide to opt for the S-Drive offered by CoffeeCup, the package includes all the features the platform is known for. There are four membership plans to evaluate. They are the following:

  • Webbie – $69 a year;
  • Mailer – $129 a year;
  • Shopkeeper – $149 a year;
  • Total Pro – $ 24,95 a month.

Keep in mind that the first subscription on the list does not cover the email designer feature, while the rest do. There is no free version to access at the moment, but there are separate elements that come free of charge, including free email templates.

CoffeeCup support policy

CoffeeCup services enlist quite a few intricate options, and not all of them are equally simple to grasp, especially if you are new to the field. That is why the support policy that the platform preaches comes of vital importance. First things first, there is no Live chat support option available, and that may throw some users off course. However, all the other available support means available to make up for it.

The open-source Knowledge base is where you may want to start. The section is well-organized and contains all the necessary information a beginner may want to be able to access. If that is not enough, you can join service forums and interact with others who work in the shared field. There are countless tutorials to watch so that you can visualize the process when needed. Lastly, you can share an email request with the support desk, and the CoffeeCup agent will get back to you with all the answers you seek.


CoffeeCup belongs to the category of modern email builders that enable you to create engaging email content which drives customer conversion and revenue up. On top of that, the system works seamlessly with all email clients and can be integrated with the most known email marketing platforms when needed. The pricing policy is slightly higher than average, yet given the plethora of features that the software enlists – you won't overpay. Create email templates, web forms, and websites together with CoffeeCup, and you will leave all the competitors behind in no time!

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