Chamaileon Agile Email Campaign Creator

Effective email marketing consists of different vital parts which should work in perfect sync to present the best results. Both the human components and the software solution should be programmed to succeed with the same goals. It takes great effort to ensure high email deliverability scores, but it takes, even more, to get to the client you are trying to convert. That is when email layout and contents come in critical.

An average email production process takes around a fortnight for a marketing team to achieve satisfactory results. Yet, the process can be sped up tremendously with a suitable email design platform introduced. A dedicated Chamaileon review will give you a good idea of what an effective marketing solution should look like. Based on the primary features and suggested price policy, you will be able to determine if the tool suits your needs and preferences. Read on!

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Chamaileon review: brief service introduction

Chamaileon company isn't the oldest player on the board since it was founded in 2016, yet its reputation precedes it. The service positions itself as an email template builder, but the list of presented key features includes other things too. The mentioned email editor is designed to improve team collaboration through dedicated email template creation and content management.

Unlike any other popular Chamaileon alternative, the system is simple to use. You can generate a responsive and unique HTML template without any coding skills required. Aside from that, the platform grants its users complete access to the app's template library so that you don't have to create an email from scratch. In case you have an excellent email template at hand, all it takes is to upload it to the system and tune it up to perfection.

Lastly, the email design system is well-fitted for team exploitation. The service will help you organize the process and communicate with everyone involved in real-time so that no second is wasted. The creation process will get twice as easy with the software in use.

Chamaileon company: primary features

All the best cold outreach tools come with a set of outstanding features designed to make them better than other industry competitors. Chamaileon service is no exception.

Enhanced and swift email creation

Coming up with a unique email design is a challenging task, and Chamaileon seems to have invented a practical shortcut. The flexible editor tool is designed to substitute as much as 90% of daily manual involvement so that the designer department can focus its efforts in another direction.

Your team members can create emails in just a few clicks, and all the features and components will be presented in an unaltered way so that other team members have a precise idea of what can be changed or updated.

On top of that, the responsive email generator will come into use when you are involved in the development sector since the high-quality codes are generated automatically. Such an approach ensures that your email marketing strategy will bring in more profit while cutting the investment.

Impeccable process organization

Countless Chamaileon reviews fail to mention that Chamaileon presents ideal organization tools too. As you may be working on personalized emails, you can create different folders and sub-folders to make the process properly structured, easy to access, and understand, no matter which department representative looks through it.

If you don't want someone to access your email templates or any other aspect of the working process, you can limit member access to the given part. Besides, you can discuss some updates and changes with your client base in real-time by inviting them to the process. Such an approach ensures that a few questions remain unanswered and the required result is achieved twice as fast.

Chamaileon integrations

One of the widely underrated functions that Chamaileon presents is an almost unlimited integration policy. Chamaileon API is designed in such a way that you can sync the platform with other systems, email clients, and platforms in use so that the workflow speeds up and becomes twice as effortless and effective. You can integrate the service with such well-respected tools as Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, Mailgun, and many more.

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Chamaileon pros and cons

Our professional Chamaileon review would be incomplete without a few platform drawbacks pointed out, would it?


  • Extensive template library available.
  • Responsive email templates creation enabled.
  • No-coding HTML email creation.


  • The price policy is higher than average.
  • Browser extension needs to be downloaded.
  • The Mobile version requires proper customization.

Chamaileon pricing policy

Just like all the best email marketing tools, Chamaileon comes at a price. However, before you decide whether it's worth the investment, you can test the tool for the whole two weeks, free of charge. All it takes is to register with the email builder and get instant access to its advertised features. There are no limits on the features you can access throughout the trial period.

Chamaileon pricing tiers consist of three options:

  • Standard;
  • Premium;
  • Enterprise.

The first plan, the Standard plan, will cost you $125/$150 depending on whether a monthly or annual subscription you will choose. The yearly plan can help you save up to $1500 a month. The Standard Chamaileon cost covers 5 users and 5 integrations, but you can always level it up by paying $30 extra for every additional user. There are various add-ons that the service features can be pre-purchased and introduced into the plan too.

The other subscription type that the email editor present covers the same features, yet, this time, you start with 5 users and 10 possible integrations. The cost varies from $208-$250 a month, depending upon the type of membership you decide on. The yearly subscription will help you save up to $2500 annually.

The last membership option that the Chamaileon company offers is the Enterprise one, but you have to get in touch with the service's rep in person to discuss the pricing and advanced features it involves. This type of plan is highly customizable and tuned to each client's needs individually.

Chamaileon support policy

Chamaileon is a simple and user-oriented service, so users with little to no experience in the industry can handle it. However, should you run into issues with your agile email workflow or anything else, you can always count on the support team working for Chamaileon. The live support desk is available during working hours Monday through Friday. Yet, the Help Center presented by the service may come of use too. The company's industry blog contains detailed guides to the most common subjects related to the field.


Chamaileon services go beyond what an average email solution can offer. You can grow your business together with the platform, build it from scratch or integrate the current workflow with the platform with no detail lost in transition. Chamaileon is a dedicated email builder with an extensive template library to benefit from. If that does not suit you, you can work on your customer behavior by creating personalized emails too. Finally, you can spend a whole fortnight testing the tool for free!

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