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Email marketing is a rapidly developing branch that many have to adjust to within short notice. The variety of available email marketing platforms makes it twice as challenging for novice email marketers to make the right choice. It may seem that each offered email marketing solution is perfect for your industry and pre-set goals.

However, whether it is your email deliverability scores that you worry about or general user engagement, you need to remember the core of your marketing efforts – the customers. It takes great skill and precision to send a proper email suggestion at the right time, and that is where such automated email marketing solutions as Campaign Monitor come of great use. Should you be willing to learn more on the matter, we have a ready-made, detailed and unbiased Campaign Monitor review waiting!

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Campaign Monitor Company – a General Introduction

Campaign Monitor service is one of the most multi-functional tools that allows it to create campaigns designed for profit and conversion. Aside from that, the email builder in question is developed to provide profound analytical reports that monitor and evaluate the success of each launched campaign. What is more, it is an excellent tool for generating automated emails. The plethora of flexible templates provided ensures that users with little to no marketing experience can manage the field and get ahead of the competition.

Campaign Monitor gives an equal chance for smaller businesses and more prominent brands that belong to various industries to create unique customer journeys, segment the user lists, and analyze user engagement and general campaign stats. On top of this, marketing automation and professionally designed templates are designed to bring your emails to profit-oriented perfection.

Campaign Monitor company has come with an easy-to-use interface that assists in expanding mailing lists. Besides, Campaign Monitor makes it possible to monitor all the campaigns in real-time so that you can fix any arising issues within a short notice. Such an approach ensures that most marketers can benefit from such a practical email marketing solution.

Campaign Monitor's Features That Deserve Attention

If you want your marketing department to introduce Campaign Monitor into the workflow, you may need to learn about its strongest suits that stand out from the competition. There is a bunch of the platform's features that you should consider.

Email template builder

Every dedicated marketer wants their future emails to be unique, informative, and trigger user interest and successful conversion as a sequence. Thus, Campaign Monitor's free templates are the service's primary advantage over the competition. You can spice your email campaigns with customizable templates or even create your own HTML template in a matter of minutes. The intuitive interface makes the process twice as straightforward even if you have no experience in the field.

Another vital peculiarity of Camping Monitor is the fact that all the available and customized email templates will be well-suited for viewing on desktop and mobile devices. With the offered drag and drop editor, you can become your own email designer with no coding skills necessary. Plus, the platform grants you unlimited access to Free Image Gallery to craft newsletters that are twice as appealing and modern-looking.

Data segmentation

Campaign Monitor is precisely the email marketing tool designed to help you segment your contact lists effectively. You can initiate a specific email campaign relying on the custom fields filled with detailed information about each client on the list. Such an approach ensures that you send valuable and timely offers to those users who need them at a given time. Aside from that, the platform allows it to integrate a peculiar Preference center where your regular subscribers can update and alter their personal information. Thus, custom fields get to a new level, and your segmentation efforts become twice as effective. Lastly, it is possible to launch mailouts to different segments simultaneously.

Marketing automation

Practical automation features play a major part in effective email marketing, and Campaign Monitor seems to know how to take classy automation to a new level. Aside from regular autoresponders that every marketing department is well acquainted with, marketing automation from Campaign Monitor is something different.

Not only the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, but the whole automation policy opens up fresh horizons for your business. The service enables you to implement peculiar email triggers based on customer behavior. While some marketing tools feature a list of the triggers that are nothing but extremely limited, with Campaign Monitor, you can experiment with the following:

  • Send an email when a particular type of message is opened.
  • Initiate a response when a specific link is clicked on.
  • Message the client when a special product is purchased.
  • Send an auto-email when a user goes to a chosen page on the website.

The list of options carries on.


An in-depth and timely analysis of your marketing campaign is precisely what makes it a success. However, not all online marketing software presents reliable and detailed reports. Yet, that is not the case with Campaign Monitor. The service provides real-time stats on open rates, clickthroughs, and unsubscribe rates. Aside from that, the tool makes it possible to monitor what every user does to the incoming email. You can observe whether the message has been ignored, opened, or marked as spam. On top of that, you can always download the analytical report in PDF format to make it even more digestible and easy to spread.

The platform also enables a split-testing approach to decide which email communications and campaigns are the best. What is more, unlimited spam testing will give you a direct insight into the deliverability rates, which can affect your general strategy stats.

Integration policy

Campaign Monitor integrations are somehow left out from most of the company's reviews. However, the service ensures that you can attune your account to the business's needs precisely. That is why there are a plethora of handy third-party tools that can be integrated into the workflow with Campaign Monitor in use. Among the highly requested integrations, our experts can point out WordPress, Salesforce, and Shopify, to name a few. Besides, Campaign Monitor API makes it possible to integrate your CMS or blog with the platform.

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Basic Pros and Cons of Campaign Monitor

No matter how great a service is, there are always potential underwater stones to be aware of. That is why we should discuss some advantages along with the downsides of Campaign Monitor.


  • Straightforward and user-oriented layout;
  • modernised and constantly updated templates;
  • utterly customizable email templates;
  • enhanced segmentation tools;
  • life-long free account.


  • Prices are higher than average;
  • no live chat support is available;
  • 2-type split testing offered;
  • the landing page creator is missing;
  • annual fee information is missing.

Campaign Monitor Pricing Policy

It shouldn't surprise you that all the best email marketing tools come at a price, and Campaign Monitor company wouldn't be the exception. However, the pricing structure that the tool features is slightly different from what you may be used to. There are three main plans that you can choose from when you decide to give the service a try. Each of them is spiced with benefits that you have to evaluate before finalizing your decision.

Before we proceed with a detailed review of Campaign Monitor's paid plans, you should be informed that either of them includes the following perks:

  • Access to the library of email templates and the email builder to generate personalized messages;
  • mailing list hosting with the possibility to send emails to it;
  • access to detailed performance stats of the launched mass mailouts;
  • email support access.

Now, let's discuss Campaign Monitor's pricing policy on a more detailed level:

Basic plan

Campaign Monitor pricing starts at $9 a month. However, the cost will increase when you exceed the maximum number of subscribers on your list. As long as the number of subscribers does not exceed 500, the price will remain at its minimum, but the expenses will go up once you go over it. For instance, users with over 1K of subscribers on their lists will have to pay $29 a month and so on. As for the emails you are allowed to send with the basic plan intact, you can send 2 500 and 25 000 messages a month, correspondingly. The number of emails will grow according to the mailing list.

In terms of features that the plan covers, you can access any HTML template you see fit for your campaign and exploit the email builder, segmentation tools, and other characteristics that the software is famous for. However, the autoresponders will be limited to drip campaigns solely.

Unlimited plan

Before you decide to consider a Campaign Monitor alternative that offers lower prices, you should be aware of other membership options that the platform presents. The Unlimited plan starts at $29 a month and does not feature any limit for outcoming emails. However, the number of subscribers on your list still plays a significant part when it comes to the monthly fee – the larger the mailing list is, the higher the Campaign Monitor cost will be.

Aside from the basic benefits that the platform is known to offer, an Unlimited plan presents a chance to make use of better autoresponders. With the plan intact, you can set up auto emails that follow a specific user action – opened emails, click, etc. Aside from that, Unlimited users are in priority when it comes to Campaign Monitor's support desk. On top of that, the plan enables you to adapt your email marketing efforts to peculiar users' time zones. A few other email marketing solutions can show off anything like that.

Premier plan

Email marketing is the sphere that directly impacts the income and success of the largest brands and companies. That is why bigger enterprises usually seek something better than average, and that is precisely what you can call the Campaign Monitor's Premier plan. While it covers all the characteristics of the previous two plans, there is much more to benefit from.

Should you decide to plan your email campaign with a Premier membership intact, you need to be aware of the minimal price it comes at – $149 a month per 500 contacts. Campaign Monitor services include advanced engagement segments, enhanced link tracking, unique send-time optimization, and email section locking. On top of that, Premier customers have the option of phone support available.

Free plan

Before you decide to start using Campaign Monitor for money, you may want to test it for free. All the best cold outreach tools come with a similar benefit. Yet, there isn't a free plan offered by the service, per se. You can create a lifelong free account that grants you access to most of the platform's features aside from the mass email one. You can send messages to as many as 5 users only with the plan activated.


Some Campaign Monitor reviews fail to mention an active discount available when you become the service's user. However, the discount is offered to non-profit organizations solely and goes as high as 15%. Also, there is a potential discount presented to those who opt for an annual plan. Yet, to figure out the details, you may need to personally refer to Campaign Monitor's support.

Campaign Monitor Support Policy

Even though the service user interface is utterly simple and the whole process is user-oriented and straightforward, some questions may arise along the way. That is why you should be aware of all the service's support options. While there is no live chat available on the website, you can always share your inquiry with the support team via the email form. Usually, it takes around 24 hours for the service rep to get back to you. However, the higher your subscription level is, the sooner you will get a response to your request. Besides, Premier-plan users get a phone support option presented. On top of that, there is a dedicated Help Center on the site that you can refer to and potentially find the answer you seek without the support team involved.


Campaign Monitor is an effective marketing solution that will assist you in creating, launching, and monitoring a success-oriented email marketing campaign. The software is well-developed and open for a variety of integrations once needed. Thus, businesses of all sizes and brands from various industries can benefit from structuring their campaign with the tool. All it takes is to create a free account with the platform to observe the immense range of opportunities that will open up in front of you!

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