Woodpecker: Tool for Cold Email

Woodpecker is an email deliverability tool that automates many marketing and sales activities. And in this Woodpecker review, we'll share some interesting facts about this robust system, highlight its key features, and look at the Woodpecker cost. In addition, we'll cover some pros and cons of this instrument and answer some frequently asked questions. 

This software platform offers three products: email sending, sales automation instrument, and lead generation functionality. And each option boasts safe integration and easy onboarding, so you can delegate the manual tasks and stay focused on business processes. This way, you'll have routine workflows optimized without spending hours managing the new tool. 

Once you get a Woodpecker profile, you get comprehensive analytics at your fingertips. For example, it allows monitoring deliverability stats and helps notice issues that only arise. Moreover, this platform sends messages only to valid email addresses helping you avoid spam folders and blacklists. On the comprehensive dashboard, users can monitor the status of their clients and see interested prospects instantly.

The A/B testing feature makes this software easy to adapt to your target audience. It helps you understand which CTA (Call To Action) or subject line works better. You can share a personal touch with every contact from your email subscriber list with this platform. But first, let's find out more about this brand. 

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About Woodpecker Company

Maciek Ciesla and Matt Tarczynski founded the Woodpecker company in 2015. Then it had two investors: Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and Xevin Investments, both Poland-based venture capital funds. The two founders experienced issues with mass cold emails and follow-ups in their other projects. So, they decided to upgrade the code they had into one of the best cold outreach tools.

The next thing to do was to name the future brand. And the team shortlisted two phrases associated with cold email outreach. They were "knocking" and "dripping water" related to knocking the recipients' inboxes with emails and drip campaigns. As you know, the Woodpecker company preferred the first option because it reflected its character. 

Moreover, they knew that customers remembered animal brands better, and such logos gave more room for creating the brand identity. At first, the founders wanted to offer Woodpecker services to corporate sales departments. But soon, they realized their ideal customers were startups and CEOs who needed to automate their email campaigns

This way, a powerful tool for email sending and verification appeared. And its AI-driven algorithms now boast a pleasant interface and superb functionality. With this software, it's easy to streamline cold email outreach campaigns, schedule follow-ups, warm-up new mailboxes, verify emails, and make calls. 

Woodpecker Features

Woodpecker is considered one of the best email marketing tools because of its functionality. And below are some of its key features:

  • It measures the basic statistics. This platform has a comprehensive dashboard with general numbers about your campaign. These stats are shown in an infographic which includes the numbers of all prospects (email addresses), invalid emails, sent, queued, and bounced messages. You'll also see the percentage of delivered, opened, clicked, and answered messages and the number of opt-outs.  
  • It's compatible with popular software. Woodpecker integrations include many top marketing and sales instruments. These are email verification software, prospecting tools, CRM systems, mail service providers, social media networks, etc. So, this tool can perfectly work with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Slack, Calendly, Hunter, Sheets, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Twitter, Office 365, and many more. 
  • It sends intelligent follow-ups. Crafting two follow-up email versions and setting the trigger event as the condition is easy. And you can choose one of the four actions of a prospect as such a condition. Then, depending on whether this person takes it or not, your campaign can go one or the other path. The platform offers four conditions: opening email once or more than X times and clicking links once or more than X times. 
  • It helps you personalize messages. Essential personalization is only the first step you need to take. So, adding the company and your prospect's name isn't enough. With this tool, you can add snippets (custom fields) to give more human touch to your messages. This way, people won't think you send the same text to their 100 colleagues. Moreover, non-identical emails will help you gain the trust of spam filters. 
  • It can make calls right from the app. This platform offers an Android app that lets you call prospects right from your smartphone. Moreover, you have access to the contact base, which allows changing the status of your customer after the call. It's possible to use your number without any VoIP integration, so you won't have to contact the support team to use this feature. 

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Woodpecker Review: Pros and Cons

Traditionally we mention the pluses and minuses of each platform we study. And the Woodpecker review won't be an exception. 


  • It deletes duplicate email addresses. This is one of the two very important features of this tool because you never want to bother potential customers twice with the same message. But luckily, this agency feature makes checking your contact list manually needless. 
  • It doesn't send messages to non-existing inboxes. The other vital Agency feature of Woodpecker is automatic email verification. It lets you avoid hard bounces when mail servers return the non-delivery message. These notifications may seem harmless to you, but the more bounces you get, the more dangerous your address looks for spam filters.
  • It marks replies from engaged recipients. A more robust system like Woodpecker highlights responses you get from the recipients. And timely interaction with the potential buyer is vital for any business. This platform helps you notice sales opportunities, nurture leads, or close deals when your contacts show interest. 
  • It helps create email signatures. An informative and stylish signature will help you gain the recipients' trust, especially when they get the first cold message from you. And this platform allows adding images to your signature to make your emails more personal. 
  • It includes LinkedIn manual tasks. This instrument will help you with outreach on LinkedIn too. You schedule actions on this social media as steps to take during the outreach campaign. And though the tasks aren't automated, this feature still allows interacting with your prospects more effectively. 

Some Woodpecker reviews reveal a few cons of this platform, and here's what users say. 


  • It is expensive. New businesses with several email addresses for marketing purposes can find this tool costly. Especially when they require additional features,  need to grow the number of recipients, or get some task integration with this system. So, if you need to connect three email addresses with unlimited functionality, the price can rise to $200/mo. 
  • It doesn't allow attaching files. Attachments are additional means of cooperation with your target audience. In the business world, it's so convenient to add a presentation, proposal, or white paper. But Woodpecker restricts such a possibility to avoid spam filters and keep your deliverability high. So, instead, you can add an URL to the document you want to attach.
  • It works as a standalone inbox. Though this tool requires connecting to your email provider's mail service, it has a separate inbox with its user interface. So, you'll need to juggle between both Google mail and Woodpecker to track replies, check reports, and monitor follow-ups. And, for many users, this can be pretty annoying and time-consuming. 
  • It allows only seven follow-up emails. You can find the Woodpecker alternative with more competitive parameters. However, this automated point of marketing and sales activities offers to send seven follow-ups. And according to Woodpecker, sending 2-3 emails is optimal. That's because, with each follow-up message, the effectiveness drops. 

Woodpecker Pricing

There are three Woodpecker pricing plans –- for each of its products:

  • The Cold Email tariff starts at $39/mo for one email address. For this money, you can contact 1,500 people monthly. And, for 6,000 new users, you pay $44/mo, while the unlimited option costs $49/mo. This subscription includes follow-up emails and a warming-up of one mailbox. It also allows engaging your teammates at no additional charge. 
  • The Sales Automation pack starts at $49/mo for one email address. This price includes sending messages to 1,500 recipients, warming-up inboxes, and testing various email sections. Moreover, it allows crafting several follow-up message versions and getting reminders for manual tasks. For 6,000 new people, you'll pay $54/mo, and for $59/mo, this number is unlimited. 
  • The Agency plan starts at $44/mo for one email address. This rate allows writing to 1,500 new contacts, while for $49/mo, you can send up to 6,000 emails. The $54/mo rate offers outreaching the unlimited number of mailboxes. Once you add A/B testing and IF-campaigns for $10/mo, you'll leverage the functions which help make your cold emailing campaigns even more effective. 

For several additional dollars, you can buy Woodpecker API keys for integrations. And once you pay one year upfront, you get a discount for two months. Also, you can try Woodpecker's key features with the 7-day free version.

Woodpecker Support

You can contact Woodpecker support through the live chat on its website or send your request via the contact form. The support team is available for 13 hours Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm CEST or 3:00 am to 4:00 pm EST. Users can also ask support-related questions in an email.

The helpful customer support promises to get back with a reply within several working hours. The platform offers customer support alternatives: guides, ebooks, blog posts, and video tutorials. Once you have sales inquiries, use a separate email address or book a demo through the online calendar.  

Woodpecker Conclusions

Woodpecker is a really impressive tool for automating lead search and email outreach. It can make your lead gen company more effective, help you create personalized and engaging cold emails, and deliver them to your prospects' inboxes. It boasts many features required for launching multichannel campaigns and ensuring high deliverability rates.