Customers' information is still one of the most precious assets a business can possess. However, managing all of this data is a challenging process if you don’t use automation tools. UpLeads ability to automate these tasks is why companies incorporate the platform in their marketing campaigns. The software finds contacts and verifies emails in real-time for targeted sales generation. Its lookup functionality helps sales teams customize the B2B contact database, engage with prospects to improve their leads, and generate targeted lists.

UpLead integrates customer relationship management (CRM) software that streamlines your email deliverability, improves customer experience, and reduces workload. The technology analyzes all information starting from the point of interaction with the customer. UpLead helps eliminate invalid email addresses from databases and retain valid emails by verifying the email addresses in real time with 95% accuracy. The company is the best platform that allows you to upload your files, including a list of emails, and have them checked.

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About UpLead 

Manually searching Google for fresh prospects takes too much time. You can easily search and uncover new possibilities for your sales and marketing efforts using UpLead without additional tools. You only need to set up your list's filters before Uplead provides you with a list of people to contact. You can use it to look up contacts based on their location, company name, industry, job function, management level, and staff count. 

The software has an excellent user interface that is easy to use. Upon logging in, you can manage marketing data on the main dashboard. It's quick and simple to navigate because everything is explained in detail. You can view a news feed for the firms you've followed and a summary of your recent activity in the panel. On the left side of the screen are search options for businesses, your lists, and other vital resources. Unlike other products, UpLead is affordable, as well as the discount when you sign up. Here are some of the tasks accomplished by UpLead

Drag and Drop Automation

Although you can create an email list anywhere, do you understand how to build an email list that genuinely increases sales? It is poor marketing to combine random emails and send them to individuals. You need to establish an efficient email list to retain your subscribers. UpLeads drag and drop automation tool helps marketers to add links or emails, including pictures, to their email marketing campaigns. The software has over 54 million professional company profiles that are accuracy guaranteed.

Certified Account Based Marketing

Uplead account-based marketing integrates with mail service providers like Constant Contact and Mailchimp, which facilitates sending of bulk emails to many people and businesses. Your services will have GDPR compliance because the providers are licensed to send bulk emails to users. These solutions often provide templates for bulk email, assist users in creating email lists, and enable email sending without the need for legal checks or coding. The software allows you to quickly add business data to your existing mail database to categorize your audience.


It is currently challenging to operate effective email marketing campaigns without the aid of auto responders. UpLeads autoresponder will help you send real-time emails and notifications to your customers. One thing I love about the autoresponder is that it is the only efficient tool that converts your subscribers into customers and nature email leads. You will get to maintain and develop a connection with someone who has expressed interest in your services. The tool is the best marketing software to help you manage sales and lead generation through webinars, social media, emails, and charts. Each marketing campaign has a configurable template provided by the program.

Search Engine Optimization and Webhosting

UpLeads inbuilt search engine and traffic system provide a platform where you can set up an online store for your business and start selling. It has many options, including the ability to create a domain name and an email account from scratch. You will have the best email marketing tools for your business. The tool will also drive traffic to your business and help you to generate leads. No matter the size of your business, UpLead is used by both big brands and small businesses to generate leads and get potential customers.

UpLead features

Quality leads like emails, and phone numbers are crucial for cold calling and emailing to be successful. This is where Uplead services will never disappoint because you will get quality leads from authentic companies and achieve your monthly target. Unlike other lead generation tools, UpLead provides many features in its free package. This software has many features that will take your business to the level you have been dreaming of reaching. Here are some of the essential key features of UpLead’s technology tracking that assists in generating targeted leads.

1. Contact Search

Using the contact search tool, you can identify the appropriate individuals inside your target businesses and get exact leads. UpLead is a B2B lead generation software that unearths significant quality results. You will have a complete profile of your target once you have selected the organizations you want to contact. This information includes the number of employees in the organization, job positions, career paths, skills, and education. In case you are looking for a specific department.

2. Company search

This is the most crucial feature of this software. Utilize UpLead to look for businesses in your field and vicinity. With this tool, you can see the company name and size regarding the number of employees and revenue. You will also get information about the tools they regularly use, which could be helpful if you propose a different approach. When targeting a specific department, you can use this tool to get authentic contacts from the department. The tool aids in understanding more concerning business development.

3. CRM Integration

Any platform that enables communication and record-keeping chores to be automated has the potential to save a company money because these two functions would consume a significant amount of time. A CRM system with good integration can link incoming data on customer assistance requirements to a system that automates the proper customer interactions. CRM integration" is the process of linking a CRM system with other systems, and it simply denotes the ability of a firm to integrate its data with other outside systems effortlessly.

When a CRM system is integrated with other programs and software, it operates to its fullest potential. Uplead integrates the best CRM software in the market to increase and determine your exact deals. This software includes Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Zoho. UpLead API will allow your business to integrate with this CRM software.

4. Data Enrichment

Apart from company and contact search, you can create prospect lists using UpLead's extensive data enrichment capabilities. You can create a complete picture of your consumers using this feature, tailor more messaging to your customers and provide a better experience. There are two types of data enrichment that you will get when you use UpLead. They include demographic data enrichment and geographic data enrichment. 

The demographic data includes age and marital status, essential in fueling outreach scripts. You cannot use the same emailing language you sent to a startup for senior executives.

UpLead will provide essential demographic data for your account-based marketing and target lead generation.

Geographic enrichment data includes addresses, longitude, and altitude data added to the customer's contact details. This data includes mapping insights and ZIP codes.

 Data enrichment is a powerful technique to provide your sales force extra value. A more customized experience is possible with more data on each interaction. You will get quality data leads based on this data.

5. Uplead Chrome Extension

You can check out the tools a business employs as you automatically browse through their websites and LinkedIn profiles using this feature without opening it. The tool allows you to evaluate B2B leads easily. You can get all the essential company and employee contacts when browsing. UpLead chrome extension easily integrates with popular CRM platforms allowing you to get verified lead generation.

6. Email Verification

If you don't use verified email lists, your email marketing campaigns will fail because you will not achieve the desired results. UpLead only displays legitimate email addresses after verifying them in real-time. You can also use the tool to verify your email lists and get them verified. When your list is up-to-date, you will avoid deliverability issues in your business. The upLead extension will integrate the best cold outreach tools into your email marketing that helps in lead qualification.

You will save a lot of money in your business; when Uplead verifies your email database, you will avoid:

  1. Overpaying for email marketing plans. You will end up wasting money sending email campaigns to non-existent email accounts.
  2. Deliverability problems. Having a verified database means you will minimize email bounces that usually occur when emails are sent to addresses that don't exist.
  3. High bounce rates affect your sender's reputation, having unverified email addresses will land you into trouble with your email service provider. Upleads email verification will prevent your account from being suspended. Gif Maker

Uplead pros and cons

Although this cloud-based software assists companies with lead generation and monitoring, there are some downsides you will encounter. Here are some of the pros and cons of Uplead that you will meet;

Uplead pros:

  1. With UpLead, you can automate how you create content and customize reports.
  2. The search tool is excellent, and you will get accurate data at an affordable price.

UpLead cons:

  1. They don’t offer a more extended trial period. You will only get a 14days trial which is not enough for someone who wants to learn all integrations.
  2. Not all companies are listed, for example, small ones that are startups.

UpLead pricing

The company has exciting packages at an affordable price. The following are plans UpLead offers.

Free Trial Plan

This plan will get verified phone numbers and a single-user account. You will also enjoy mobile direct dials, data enhancement, CRM integration, technographic, and Chrome extension.

Uplead Essentials

This plan is only $74 per month, and you will get all the features a free account has. You will also have access to added features like company news, many verified emails, and phone numbers. The plan is $149 per month.

UpLead Plus

You will get all the essential features and company news alerts. Other critical elements you will get here include enrichment API, advanced search filters, and suppression list uploads.

Uplead Professional

The professional pricing is the plan you will get at $299 per month. You will get up to 5 user accounts, all search filters, and full API access. You will also get competitor intelligence and prospector Pro API.

UpLead support

When it comes to marketing, support is crucial. That is why Uplead offers excellent customer service to clients. The service provider has various channels for reaching them. In case of any query concerning the company's different pricing plans, you can send them a message through their website, where you can indicate your question. The help center also allows live charts as you browse through their website.

You can also email them via or call the phone support team here at (800) 493-4084. You can request clarity to get your company rolling. The team is usually friendly and helps you solve all your queries effectively. If you want quick answers concerning the software, they have an online help desk where you can search for your problem and get answers immediately. This will help you understand your issue quickly before sending them an email or calling them. You can reach out to the team help desk here.


You don't need an additional tool to conduct prospecting when using UpLead. Our UpLead overview shows the platform is easy to use when you want to generate leads. Searching for a target company is easy; you just set up filters, and the tool gives you a list of emails and contacts you want. The lists can be transferred to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet easily for analysis. Uplead offers a free live demo where you can search for specific references and get access to verified email addresses.

When you are a startup, you don't have enough money for paid plans; the free trial program also has many features that will enable you to get leads in real time. With time you can opt for the monthly plans to get all the features and UpLead integrations. Big brands credit this software for the services it offers. The company also provides a custom enterprise plan when you contact them. Lead 411 is UpLead alternative for small businesses and those that are startups. You can review UpLeads alternatives if you want to explore more options.