Cold Email Tool for Outreach

Cold email outreach is one of the best ways to generate sales qualified leads for your business. Coupled with the best cold email software that's cost-effective, you will definitely achieve success in your campaigns. 

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About is a sales enablement and engagement software that assists in automating routine sales outreach activities and helps build meaningful relationships with prospects at scale. It is focused on email deliverability, it has features like email validation, campaign warm-up, spam test reports, and missing merge tags that have boosted deliverability rates for over 1500 companies worldwide. Review: Features

Smartreach is compatible with almost every popular CRM tool. It also offers features such as the personalization of emails and scheduling them as per the receiver’s timezone. One of the reasons why tops the table is the deliverability to inbox rate. With features like email warmup, email validations, SPAM test reports, and campaign warmup, SmartReach ensures that your email is delivered to the prospect’s inbox almost every time. supports all popular email clients including GSuite, Office365, Outlook, Mailgun, and SendGrid. Pros and Cons

Let's find out about SmartReach advantages and disadvantages. Is it really that good?


Email Automation 

SmartReach is a cold email software that won’t allow you to blast a huge number of emails at one go but one-by-one as if you were sending manually. You can also carry out account-based sales to target multiple stakeholders in an enterprise. It also enables you to auto-pause campaigns when anyone from the same Account or anyone sharing the same email domain gives a response.

This way you can optimize the campaign more effectively by targeting account-based sales. SmartReach also helps you to deliver emails according to the prospect’s timezone. With SmartReach, you can schedule your campaigns to go out at the same time in different time zones. Never again will your campaigns reach prospects in the middle of the night, which will help you get more engagements and conversions.

SmartReach offers you the best follow-up system. It tracks your email for replies and auto-pauses any follow-ups upon receiving any reply from a prospect.’s Dynamic Email Content feature can help you include conditional statements which hyper-personalize your emails. 

Email Deliverability offers email warmups to help you build up IP, domain, and email reputation for better deliverability. You can choose to warm up your account for the number of days you want and also the number of emails you want to send. With its feature to have a check on problems with email authentications like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC you can make sure that your email doesn’t land in the prospect’s spam folder. 

Prospect Finder Tool is a cold email software that offers an email finder tool that also works as a chrome extension. ProspectDaddy email finder tool helps you find prospects on LinkedIn “Linkedin Email Finder” and business emails on Gmail to create email-ready lists of prospective customers. This feature helps you to find the correct set of audiences and achieve better ROI through cold outreach.

Prospect Management 

Prospect Management is one of the most cumbersome yet important tasks. Thanks to’s prospect management feature that helps you manage millions of prospects with ease. You can group your prospects based on their responses or their activity on your emails for further actions within SmartReach.

CRM Integrations 

SmartReach is one of the best cold email software that can integrate with any CRM seamlessly.  Integrate natively with the most popular CRMs in the market to create workflows that help you add data from and to your CRM. Some of the popular CRMs SmartReach can be connected to are Hubspot, Zoho CRM, PipeDrive, and Salesforce.


Team Collaboration 

Apart from these features SmartReach also helps you manage teams within the dashboard. The team inbox is where all your sales reps come together in a common inbox. Emails in the team inbox are visible to every member of the team and any available rep can jump into a conversation to keep it going. You have the flexibility to define permissions for each role and assign roles to different team members to control which team members can access datasets across your organization.

Detailed Analytics 

When you run a cold email marketing campaign, numbers and analysis play the most important role in campaign optimization decisions. With SmartReach you can get the most detailed and comprehensive reporting for a better understanding of the campaign. Their comprehensive reporting system will help you understand how many prospects open, click and respond to your emails. Such detailed reporting can help you better your subject lines or call to action.

So, what about SmartReach disadvantages?


There are hardly any cons with as it is highly customizable and fulfills all your needs. 

  • SmartReach is used by business teams and is not meant for marketing promotional email blast.
  • doesn’t offer a free plan but provides a 14-day free trial. Pricing

SmartReach offers both free trial and different pricing plans depending on your kind of activity and the size of your team.

Free trial: 14 Days (includes all add-on functions)

Pricing plans for individuals:

  • Standard  - $24 for 1000 prospect contacts per month;
  • Pro - $39 for 2000 prospect contacts per month;
  • Ultimate - $59 for unlimited contacts per month.

Pricing plans for businesses:

  • Standard - $99, 5 users for 5000 prospect contacts per month;
  • Pro - $149, 5 users for 10000 prospect contacts per month;
  • Ultimate - $199, unlimited users for unlimited contacts per month. Support

Should you have any questions regarding features, you can visit their Help Center, so you’ll be able to get started. What is more, the team recorded tutorial videos to make your user experience more understandable and smooth.

In order to contact the support team, you can send an email to


Having read the review, now you know what features this solution has and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Users are satisfied with the service and recommend the tool to everyone. They also highlight that it is simple and effective.

So now you can compare SmartReach to other cold email outreach software and pick the one that suits you best.