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Unlike inbound sales, outbound sales have always required more effort. Yet, they’re still crucial for every business.

The key to a successful outbound strategy is effective communication with your prospects, which can be rather challenging and time-consuming. But, there is a tool that can help your sales team save plenty of time. is there to help you find contact details of your prospective customers, streamline messaging, ensure high email deliverability, and do much more!

Below is a detailed review that will help you learn more about this tool and decide whether you should integrate it into your business strategy.

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Among a huge variety of SaaS tools available in the modern market these days, is considered one of the most well-known and best cold outreach tools. So, what does it offer to you?

In a nutshell, the service is a smart messaging automation tool. Its core goal is to help marketing and sales teams streamline communication with existing clients and leads, organize an effective multichannel outreach, and boost sales engagement in order to ensure business growth.

Some of the core features available in include messaging automation, sales engagement, email search, and streamlined outreach through multiple channels

Who can benefit from using this tool? First and foremost, is meant for busy sales and marketing specialists. It was designed to help them save their time and effort and, at the same time, generate sales engagement and communicate with their potential customers effectively. Review: Features

All features offered by the company are divided into four groups:

  • Discover - This group helps you collect contact details of potential leads, including email search, web crawl for phone numbers & emails of prospects, contact info validation, email warm-up, etc.
  • Engage - This group spans such features as multichannel sequences, cloud calls, and instant messaging.
  • Execute - This group helps you convert leads into clients through adding videos to emails, LinkedIn automation, appointment booking, AI-powered email assistant, individualized tasks flow, contact management, and collaboration.
  • Improve - The last group involves smart analytics features and helpful suggestions for improvement.

Pricng.agencies.visual.2x 2048x1063 Pros and Cons

The biggest pros and cons of include:


  • According to dozens of positive reviews, it is one of the best email marketing tools available today.
  • There are many great third-party integrations, including Slack, Workable, Bullhorn CRM, Zapier, and many others.
  • A convenient tool with an incredibly user-friendly interface.
  • Built-in email search tool and handy voice calling feature with multichannel sequences.
  • A plethora of great templates to make your sales, marketing, and personal emails look great.


  • It is possible to find a alternative that offers the same (or nearly the same) features at a significantly lower cost.
  • Some clients claim that the Chrome extension is a bit glitchy.
  • The customer support team doesn’t reply as quickly as the company claims.
  • The interface for sending images isn’t great.
  • Some users find the upselling of extra features by a bit frustrating. Pricing

For everyone interested in testing services, there is a risk-free trial that lets you try different features free of charge. Then, you’ll have to pay to unlock a full set of features.

Basically, pricing can is divided into three categories:

  • Email Search - free, $49, or $99 (depending on the number of email credits you need per month).
  • Email Warm-Up - $29 per account per month.
  • Sales Engagement - $70, $90, or $120 per user per month for individuals; $50, $60, or $70 per user per month for businesses; and custom price and terms for agencies. Support

The team of does a pretty good job in taking care of its customers. In the bottom right corner of the website, there is a chat icon from which users can connect with the company’s support reps and discover helpful articles. The average reply time (according to the company itself) is only 5 minutes.

Apart from online chat, the support team also uses a few additional communication channels. At the bottom of the site, there is an email address of the sales team and also a toll-free number (+1 855 747 99 53).


At the end of our review, we have to say that this tool is worth your attention.

Although the cost might seem quite high to some clients, the tool itself is quite versatile and functional, which compensates for the high price. The tool enables you to research and collect contact information of a prospect, connect with them quicker and easier, track the key metrics, and collect valuable insights for improving your outreach. Also, the API supports a huge range of native integrations that make using this tool even more beneficial for your company.

What Can Do for You? has all features you might need to reach out to a prospect effectively. To help you get started, the tool offers you a set of great tools for finding, collecting, validating, and organizing emails, phone numbers, and other contact info of your prospects. Then, helps you reach out to your leads, boost their engagement, and, eventually, convert them into actual customers

Apart from this, also enables you to track the key performance metrics of your multichannel outreach and collect valuable insights on how to further improve your strategy.