Quickmail: Cold Email Tool

Not only is the email marketing industry one of the most rapidly developing branches in the field, but it is also full of competition. While some vendors struggle with email deliverability scores, others face problems in the cold outreach sector. The thing with cold emails is that they are usually critical. Still, people don’t want to interact with generic-looking and robot-written emails, even if they get right in the primary inbox.

It is possible to craft all the cold reachouts manually, yet, the time and effort spent on such a campaign will hardly pay off. So, what should you do? The answer is quite simple – you must invest in reliable email automation software! How effective is Quickmail in that regard? There is only one way to learn – read our expert Quickmail review!

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About Quickmail: Quickmail features

What is Quickmail? That is where the overview usually starts. According to how the Quickmail company describes itself, the platform is designed to help a business generate better conversion with the least effort involved. It is a type of software developed to improve deliverability and user conversion through well-designed automated sequences. With Quickmail at hand, the marketing department does not need to send out their outreach campaigns manually. The email stands out from others with its unique algorithm and perfect timing.

You can save time working with Quickmail by composing unique messages programmed to trigger user attention. Moreover, the platform allows it to customize and automate outreach campaigns through an enhanced integration policy. If you are unaware of how your strategy performs, the system will grant you access to the most precise analytics and reports so that you can tune and update every aspect of the campaign.

One of the most critical points to deal with in email marketing is passing by spam filters undetected. That is yet another field that Quickmail can assist in dealing with. Let’s not forget that effective team collaboration is another critical feature that the vendor presents.

Being one of the best cold outreach tools, Quickmail has also perfected the integration sector. You can easily import your client base via Google Drive spreadsheets and decrease the time a team member would have to spend on manual contact list creation. We will discuss the integration function as we proceed with the most outstanding feature of the service.

Since Quickmail services are all focused on process automation and enhanced deliverability rates, the notion of A/B testing comes of great use. The platform enables its users to play around with different strategies to achieve the best results.

Summing up, it’s safe to claim that the platform ensures the following:

  • Your emails won’t land in the spam folder ever again.
  • The whole email marketing process is fully automated.
  • Effortless scaling is ensured.
  • No business will be charged more than it opts for.
  • The final statement leads up to the pricing that the vendor presents.

Quickmail company: outstanding features

All the best email marketing tools gain a reputation and position on the market due to their various features. Let’s discuss what Quickmail.io has to offer in further detail.

Cold email auto-warmer

Your outreach efforts will be worth very little if your cold emails head straight to the spam folder. Quickmail lets you boost the sender reputation without any current campaign limits imposed. You can keep the marketing campaign running while the auto-warmer will run in the background and enhance your reputation. Aside from that, the result will pleasantly surprise you since it takes around 2 weeks to improve your reputation score. Such impressive results Quickmail achieves through auto-reply rates. Besides, should any spam filter send you to the corresponding folder, the Quickmail system will notify email providers that your messages don’t belong to spam. Keep in mind that the platform won’t compromise your reputation by rapidly increasing the sending volume. On the contrary, you can track a gradual volume increase. The feature is also free of charge, but it takes an active Quickmail to be able to exploit it to the fullest.

Professional campaign scaling

Successful sales outreach campaigns may trick you into believing that pushing the limits of a single inbox can be a good idea. While in real life, the sole result you will end up with is decreased deliverability, which is not the option you seek. Quickmail suggests that you use multiple inboxes instead and scale your campaigns to improve your lead generation and user conversion.

Hardly any Quickmail alternative presents an effective rotation that can solve all your problems related to the aspect, but Quickmail can. You can use the tool to add more inboxes, and more conversations, and send the same campaign that brings the best results from those ones. Should you worry that such rotation may be unequal in the sent volume, the system will automatically divide the bulks between the inboxes.

Another critical point to keep in mind would be campaign cloning. If you spot any weak points and choose to fix them, the changes should be spread across all the campaigns in use. With Quickmail, you don’t have to waste time on manual updates since the software will update all the existing campaigns with personalization for you. Quickmail API covers the A/B testing aspect of the process in the same way, which frees up a lot of time for the sales team to center on other vital components of the marketing strategy.

Effective collaboration

It’s not a secret that you need a professional to work out a profit-oriented lead generation campaign. While some members set up col email copies, others manage the inboxes and read the stats. Thus, your employees should work in sync, mainly if you target bigger companies. Not many Quickmail reviews mention how practically it approaches the matter of collaboration.

With Quickmail in use, you don’t have to pay for each additional seat introduced. Even when new members are added, all you have to do is to log them into the account. Quickmail won’t charge you any extras since all you do is pay for the inbox. On top of that, the software is designed in such a way that you can track any mistakes and who made them. In real-life collaboration, it is nearly impossible to figure out who’s made a mistake, but automatically auditing that the tool supports grants you access to the whole change history so you can track the error to the maker.

Enhanced email automation

If you think that the importance of drip campaigns is highly overrated, then you haven’t worked with a rapidly growing prospect list so far. Every time a new subscriber appears on the horizon, you need to manually send them the welcoming email, then proceed with regular newsletters, not to mention abandoned-cart reminders, discount offers, and so on.

Quickmail company has brought the notion of automated emails to another level. You can tune your campaign to your needs and preferences, schedule send-outs, and let the system monitor typical usersactions performed for you. You may want to tweak your campaigns with personalization from time to time, but that’s all.

Increased security

Is Quickmail safe to use? That is another question you seek a satisfactory answer to since your company’s reputation is at stake. Let’s assume that another email should be sent from the inbox that does not belong to you. You surely know that sharing credentials isn’t the safest option. However, with Quickmail in use, you don’t need to present the credentials yourself. All you do is send the invite to the owner, who later adds the credentials without exposing them.

Another potential safety issue concerns shared login details. Very often, such a step leads to security breaches. With Quickmail, you can cross the subject off your list since every inbox owner is connected to Quickmail directly, so there is no room for any third-party involvement.

On top of that, you don’t waste any time waiting for the client to get back to you. After an owner adds the inbox that you have been waiting for, the system will send you a notification so that you don’t have to check it with the client and use that time for other essential matters.

Quickmail integrations

No matter how handy software you use, there is always a need for something more, especially regarding email marketing. Surely, you can exploit dozens of tools independently, but such an approach is incredibly time-consuming and effort involving. Should you be willing to cut the time and effort your team spends on a campaign, you should make use of the integration policy that Quickmail offers.

Quickmail works well with different email providers (Gmail) so that you can connect your account with G-Suite or Outlook in no time. To ensure that your sending lists are active and verified, you may want to introduce such services as ZeroBounce into the play, and Quickmail enables you to do that easily.

Among other compelling integration features, you can count on prospect import. Whether it is a Google Drive spreadsheet or CVS format, you can upload either in a matter of seconds. Lastly, personalized CRM and enhanced workflow tools such as Slack and Twilio can be integrated with Quickmail too.


Quickmail pros and cons

Even the most effective solutions come with a set of drawbacks that some businesses will find table-turning. Let’s have a closer look at the potential disadvantages of Quickmail.


  • Free trial available.
  • Responsive and professional support.
  • Flexible price policy.


  • Live rep support missing.
  • Payment credentials required.
  • No ready-made templates are offered.

Quickmail pricing policy

The pricing plans may be one of the factors which will predetermine whether you invest in the service or not, which is obvious, considering that small businesses usually have a limited budget to spend on marketing solutions.

There are three main plans. They are the following:

  • Auto-warmer;
  • Starter;
  • Pro.

The first plan is quite limited, but it can help you taste some presented functions, including Auto-Warmer Inbox.

Starter plan

The basic plan offers a comprehensive list of compelling features, including live notifications, open rates, bounce rates, customer support, and 500 emails per day/inbox. The membership will cost you $59 should you apply for a monthly option, but an annual subscription will cost you $49 a month, so you will have 2 months of service for free. A free period covers 14 days of unlimited access to all the included features, yet payment credentials are required.

Pro plan

After you create an account and opt for this plan, you can count on all the features the previous membership includes, but there’s more to benefit from. The Pro subscription costs $79 a month/inbox when paid monthly, and will cost you $69 should you decide on the annual investment. Aside from a practical and effective trial, the Quickmail cost covers drip campaigns, deliverability reports, and various integration options. Moreover, you are allowed to deliver 1500 emails a day/inbox.

In case a single inbox is not enough for you, as you run a large company or enterprise, you can always buy an additional one for as much as $39 per month.

Quickmail support policy

Every high-scale software requires a proper introduction to the presented service, and Quickmail isn’t an exception. Despite how simple and user-oriented the platform is, some questions and issues may arise along the way, and you should know how to fix those. One of the best characteristics that support has come with would be the Blog section and Courses, which usually come free of charge. You can also solve any problem while acquiring additional knowledge and experience through their user stories and podcasts.

Yet, you can contact the support team via website form if there is a pressing matter to deal with. All it takes is to introduce yourself along with the problem that you are struggling with, and the support agent will get in touch with you within a few hours. There is no phone support option presented yet.


Quickmail is an effective email marketing solution designed to make your deliverability and conversion rates skyrocket. It allows you to create a Quickmail contact list out of your promising leads, target them with effective email campaigns, pass spam filters undetected and automate the workflow to maximum productivity. Aside from that, you can simplify the process through available integrations, which cover a plethora of practical solutions. Quickmail is a handy tool that comes at an affordable cost and can help your marketing business hit the best stats in no time!