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A hand-curated list of tools & resources for marketing and cold emails. From lead tools to templates.
Email Outreach Tools

The ultimate guide to cold outreach tools: how to use them and what are the best ones on the market. Cold outreach may feel like a hard nut to crack. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on cold outreach campaigns that don’t pay off. But things aren’t hard if you use the best email outbound software like Folderly.

Cold Outreach: Best Email Outbound Tools and Other Useful Stuff

Ask any business owner, and they will tell you that launching a successful outreach campaign is always challenging. The thing is that the reply rate for most emails is quite low— approximately over 8 percent. This also means that leads don’t perform the actions you expect them to perform: buy a demo, click a link in your letter, share your contact details, invest in your company, you name it. Yes, this can be pretty upsetting. But is there any way to boost your cold email outreach and increase your response rates? Definitely. 

Best Email Outreach Tools

Basically, there are two ways to do this. You can either hire an experienced (which also means expensive) professional to do all email marketing work, like writing personalized cold emails, performing professional prospecting, sending relevant messages, and communicating with leads— or, you can resort to cold email software. This option has proven to be the most effective and time-saving.

Even despite the fact that finding the best email outbound software is often a real challenge, once you’ve found your ideal email delivery service, life will never be the same. Keep reading to find out what you should expect and which cold email outreach services can be truly helpful.

10 Best Email Outbound Software for Customer Service

Without further ado, this is our list of the best email outbound tools:

  1. — this outbound email marketing software helps you obtain more data on your target audiences. It is also a free tool, most commonly used by bloggers, sales reps, and recruiters. The formula is pretty simple: through an inbuilt domain search, it finds relevant emails by using a company name and domain. Just enter a website address, and the system will display you a list of relevant emails related to it. 
  2. Ortto — the platform is among the best email marketing automation software on the market. Yes, the best part about Ortto is its automation feature. Basically, it analyzes the client’s behavior, stores all relevant data about it, and then automates your outreach campaigns according to it. Plus, its artificial intelligence mechanisms ensure that the platform never stops learning, so that your outreach efforts only get better and better.
  3. — if you want to contact a bunch of people, like all sorts of executives, influencers, sales reps, managers, you name it, then this sales email software is definitely for you. It also takes care of all mundane and routine tasks, like data entry and follow-up letters, so you can focus on more important work.
  4. NinjaOutreach — is one of the best email outreach tools that has become especially popular over the last three years. The reason why everybody loves NinjaOutreach so much is that it assists in finding credible yet relevant influencers and connecting with them. Pricing may seem a bit high at first, starting at $155 a month, but in the end, it’s well worth it. 
  5. Reply — Reply is one of the easiest cold email outreach tools you can find. The platform has a super simple interface, which allows you to monitor all processes from just one dashboard. This is why it’s the top suggestion for outreach beginners. It also offers a terrific communication option, letting you schedule your outbound email campaigns and follow-up sequences.
  6. Saleshandy — this cold email marketing tool is an integral part of any successful campaign as it helps optimize all your efforts to achieve better results in the future. The top benefits of Saleshandy include a simple interface, a template library, bounce guard, high deliverability, profound personalization, automation, and many others. But the best part is pricing — the cheapest plan costs only $25 per month.
  7. Overloop — is also among the best email outreach tools out there. With this platform, you’ll love prospecting as it makes it much easier, increases productivity, and saves you a lot of time. Overloop does a bunch of things, including data analytics, emailing, prospecting, and CRM procedures. And the price for this outreach software is only $39 a month (the cheapest plan).
  8. Woodpecker — if you’re looking for the best email outbound software, this is it. Woodpecker is aimed primarily at expanding your target audience. The platform can also boast a number of additional cool features, such as reply detection, smart sending, and follow-up emails. To find out more about it, visit the company’s official website. 
  9. SmartReach — this is a sales email platform that helps you track your email deliverability. In other words, it makes sure that your letters go straight to your recipients’ inboxes and not elsewhere, like a spam folder. It also offers the “Prospect Feed” feature, which allows you to track and manage your users’ activity and see your open rates.
  10. Mailshake — whether you’re a marketer, a sales representative, a recruiter, a PR specialist, a journalist, or any other industry expert, Mailshake is for you, and this is why: this outreach tool is widely used to enhance brand awareness, create and distribute content, and set outreach campaigns.

These are the best cold email platforms on the market. Now, let’s find out how to choose what’s right for you.

How to Choose the Best Email Outreach Tools?

If you’re looking for an answer to this question, we’ve got one for you. Although the concept of “best email outreach tools” may seem pretty simple or even obvious (“just read about the top 10 and go with the first one”), here is a little lifehack: think about your email marketing priorities and choose your best email outbound tools based on them.

For example:

  • MailTag is perfect for freelancers wanting to build links and work with guest posts;
  • Lemlist is the best email outbound software if you strive to dive into email automation and take off the burden of scheduling or following-up
  • AutoKlose is ideal when you opt for enhancing email deliverability and improving lead generation.

See? The bottom line is: any email outreach software can become the best — but only if it’s relevant to you. 

Best Email Outbound Software

There’s another platform worth mentioning — Folderly. This is the top choice of many B2B businesses that struggle with email deliverability. 

Sometimes, we keep launching cold email outreach campaigns but things just don’t work. In this case, it’s important to figure out what’s wrong and begin testing email deliverability. Well, this is exactly what Folderly does. Folderly is one of the best email outbound tools and email monitoring tools as it assists in monitoring, identifying, and removing any email outreach issues that are on your way to success. Plus, Folderly pricing isn’t sky-high — the basic plan is only $49 a month.

Email Outreach Software

Before deciding to use email security software, people often wonder: “Can I go without it? Is it really worth it?” Yes and no. In a nutshell, you don’t necessarily have to use it. You can hire a bunch of professionals who will do the same job. But the question is: “How quickly and effectively?” After all, the best email security software is automated, so it’ll definitely perform better — and for the same money.

Best Practices for Using Email Outreach Software

But there are some things you should do before using outreach software. For example:

  • research the market for the best cold email platforms
  • double-check pricing options and choose what’s best for you
  • search for customer feedback
  • check a company’s case studies (if any)
  • analyze the business’ pros and cons

And after all these steps are done, feel free to contact the sales rep or purchase a monthly or even yearly plan.


The modern world offers a huge variety of awesome automated tools to enhance your cold outreach efforts. Just pick the best cold email platform for your own business and enjoy the results.


What is an email outreach tool?

It is an AI-based tool that helps reach a broader target audience and attract more leads in a flash.

What is the best platform to send cold emails from?

Any of the tools in this compilation are amazing, but the best email security tool is probably Folderly.

How do you automate outreach emails?

You just use one of the proven automation tools and your emails are already automated.

How do you automate a cold email outreach?

All you have to do is find the automation tool that suits you best and then your cold email outreach is automated.

How do I track an outreach email?

You can do it manually by tracking statistical data or using a relevant tool that’ll provide statistics for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email deliverability and why should I care about it?

Email deliverability is the percentage of emails that land in your recipients' inboxes. Email deliverability encompasses a wide range of conditions that should be met before you can count your message as delivered and contributing to your success. High email deliverability empowers your email outreach with increased open and reply rates and boosts outcomes from the email channel. 

How to improve email deliverability?

The best way to improve your email deliverability is to take care of your sender score and email authentication. Sender score depends on multiple factors, and with the help of the email deliverability test, you can compare and measure your scores. To never let your key metrics and DNS settings out of your sight, Folderly allows you to view your key performance metrics, your relationship with blocklists, and your current domain health in one place. 

How to find the best solution for my business case?

Folderly offers solutions to various business needs, from email deliverability testing to complex domain audits. Depending on the package, you can monitor and improve your domain health and DNS settings, test email deliverability, monitor blocklists, check email templates for spam triggers, etc. You can get your new domain ready for email outreach campaigns with Basic Email Warmup, or automate location, fix, and prevent email deliverability pitfalls with Folderly Premium.

How long until I see the first results?

It may vary case by case, but Folderly experts typically expect 3-4 weeks to be the time for the platform to improve the email deliverability. However, we have many instances where it took 1-2 weeks or even a few months. You will see the difference from day one but be patient till Folderly fixes your spam problems. To optimize the spam fix process, feel free to contact us.