Cold emails are on the edge of popularity at the moment, and for a good reason. A well-planned marketing strategy can boost engagement, conversion, and, eventually, business revenue. Yet, it takes a lot of time and effort for most sales teams to perfect their email campaigns. There are too many things to consider and invest in, and email deliverability is just the tip of the iceberg. Whenever a new strategy is added to the sales process, you must test and observe it to see whether it brings the results you have counted on. Such a trial-and-error method may be effective, but it requires a lot of means invested in it. That is where sales engagement software may come of great use. In today's Klenty overview, we will discuss the positive sides and potential drawbacks that the tool is known to feature and figure out if it suits your email marketing requirements or not.

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What is the Klenty platform?

Modern-day salespeople know that the most challenging part of ongoing email campaigns is sales outreach, especially a cold one. The primary task of cold email outreach is to gather more leads, but how can you do that if the folks you reach out to haven't heard about your offers yet? That is where Klenty service comes in to save the day.

The tool is designed to initiate personalized emails and automated updates, including follow-ups. Klenty is often referred to as one of the best cold outreach tools due to its potent email marketing automation policy. After you automate repetitive tasks, the platform allows it to analyze all the critical metrics so that you can fix and improve your email campaigns with the least effort involved. Lastly, Klenty has been developed to make powerful integrations with different CRM platforms. Such an approach ensures that functional automation spreads over the rest of the sales workflow.

Klenty services overview

The best email marketing tools are recognized by their distinctive features, and Klenty isn't an exception. You should be aware of a list of unique functions native to the given software solution.

Email personalization

One of the primary reasons many cold email campaigns fail is that most messages seem generic and uninviting. If you want to generate leads quickly, you must go the extra mile to personalize your emails, and Klenty is known to grant the users all the opportunities. You can customize every aspect of your message, including but not limited to video personalization, image personalization, time customization, liquid templates, and more.

As effective as the feature is, there is more to it. It is silly to assume that you get a hold of all the individual information of your customers all at once. Thus, you can build up and alter the customization approach as you gain fresh bits of information gathered by the sales reps.

Email deliverability

As you send personalized emails, you may want to simply sit back and watch new leads come pouring into your system. However, there are more obstacles to overcome than you think. The first of them would be your messages not getting to the recipient. Due to a variety of reasons, your emails may be sent to spam or blocked. That is Klenty comes of use too.

The system ensures that your outbound sales team does not have to check whether the acquired email address is valid manually. The software does it. Thus, the bounce rate drops. On top of that, Klenty allows it to keep the domain rep high and ensure that the sending volumes are always the same so that your email campaign does not raise suspicion.

Klenty integrations

Not every sales engagement software works well as a team solution, but Klenty does. You can integrate the tool with a variety of other systems and watch the sales operations become twice as effortless and productive. Among the most known CRM systems that Klenty can be integrated with are the following:

  • Hubspot;
  • Zoho;
  • Salesforce;
  • Pipedrive.

Rarely any Klenty alternative enables the users to work with either chosen program without shuffling between the software involved, but Klenty does. You can interact with any tool in complete sync, which speeds up the process and makes it more productive.

Outreach analytics

It is challenging to generate effective sales strategies if you don't have a clear understanding of which parts of them work and which don't. Klenty presents tracking engagement metrics that can shape your campaigns. For instance, you can monitor and improve conversion rates with the help of A/B testing. Whether call-to-actions, subject lines, or any other message component, you can try it out and observe which variant brings the best results.

Aside from that, you gain access to such information as open rates, bounces, unsubscribe rates, and more to ensure your campaign's effectiveness. Lastly, you can track the team performance to see which of the salespeople makes the most and the least during the process.

Sales automation

Klenty sales automation feature ensures you can import all your leads and contacts without fuss. The system automatically checks the CRM for new information and implements it in the process. Aside from that, the tool helps in effective prospect management too. You can track bounces, replies, and unsubscribers automatically and delete those addresses that lead to that. The supported email automation feature ensures you don't send an email to the same client within 12 hours, not over-spam the contact list. Many more helpful automation functions come along with the Klenty enterprise.

Ease of use

The user interface that the software is equipped with is clean and uncluttered. If you are new to the field and have little to no experience with related tools, it will take minutes to figure out how the system operates. Even the Klenty API is simple to integrate with any other platform you see fit for the marketing process.

Email Deliverability   the Three Hurdles to Cross

Klenty pros and cons

Many Klenty reviews skip on the unfavorable parts of the system. Yet, our team deems it essential that you are aware of all the potential drawbacks before you finalize your decision.


  • The cost is fair and affordable.
  • Intuitive and user-oriented interface.
  • Enhanced prospect management.


  • Minor interface glitches occur.
  • The support system is incomplete.
  • The system's analytics can be improved.

Klenty pricing policy

While Klenty is a requested sales engagement platform, you should be fully aware of how much the service would cost you should you decide to implement it into your sales process. There are three main options to accelerate workflows that the service covers. They are the following:

  • Startup plan – $35/45 a year/quarter;
  • Growth – $60/75 a year/quarter;
  • Enterprise –  $100/125 a year/quarter.

Every next membership plan includes all the features from the previous one, topped with some extra functions.

Aside from the annual Klenty discount, most startups and non-profit organizations can ask for a discount code. After you discuss your position with the Klenty representative, you may get a customized discount code.

Keep in mind that Klenty free trial is an option too. After registering with the platform, you can expect a 14-day free trial access to the software's features. In case you don't find any of the presented features to your liking, you can simply discontinue the use and call it a day. No credit card data is required.

Lastly, you can become a profitable partner and earn money through Klenty's affiliate program. If you successfully promote the software solution, you can gain as much as 25% of monthly revenue. All it takes is to sign up with the service, ask for a referral link, and get paid for every paying customer that you refer. On top of that, each new affiliate agent is granted a $25 welcome bonus and the same bonus for every 10 customers you convert.

Klenty support policy

While the platform's user interface and general sales engagement process are utterly easy to grasp, there aren't multiple channels to connect with the company's support team. However, if you have any questions arising along the way, the Klenty Academy carries all the answers. The knowledge base holds a lot of relevant information that beginners and advanced users can benefit from. Yet, there is no Live chat support and Contact form available at the moment.

Final words

Klenty is one of those tools that every business owner should pay attention to when needing enhanced online business development assistance. The software is oriented at effective email marketing in particular. You can work on appealing and profit-oriented templates, automate the process, and analyze the campaign's outcome within the same program. Klenty's API ensures seamless integration with platforms like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more to make the process twice as productive.

Whether it is a small, mid-size or large business you run, Klenty comes of equal use. What makes the platform stand out is that aside from English, the system supports the Hindu language. Besides, you can exploit the tool in perfect sync with Gmail and Outlook. Thus, the B2B sales teams are bound to simply cherish the offer. Keep in mind that multi-user capability is enabled by Klenty too. Lastly, any arising issues can be solved through the available knowledge base and ever-growing blog section.