Gong Revenue Intelligence Tool

No matter your business, every company is looking for customers and ways of improving email deliverability. Companies reach top-notch in their sales capacity by employing Gong integrations. To survive, you should use Gong's most valuable assets to be ahead of your competitors. 

Gong service allows business owners and sales managers to see all the sales conversations and make the right sales decisions. The tool explains how your sales team communicates and explains the tactics that are effective and ineffective. Making the right budget is essential before introducing this tool because Gong cost varies depending on your business requirements and the amount of sales team you have.

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About Gong

Today’s market involves Business to Business (B2B) sales which is a tough methodology. Sales call for a knowledgeable sales team dedicated to data-driven judgment and good bargaining and communication abilities. Using artificial intelligence tools like Gong makes the work easier for your team. Using machine learning, Gong recognizes effective patterns from spoken sales calls to assist B2B sales teams. In real-time, sales reps are notified of any sales opportunity and competitor comparisons. The B2B real-time conversation AI provides the sales teams with information on pricing sensitivity and customer objections in the market. If you want to adjust your price tag, it is easier based on these analytics. Gong implements the best cold outreach tools to increase sales productivity to book meetings.

Gong uses artificial intelligence to capture customer interactions and help the sales reps win more deals. Many businesses miss opportunities that might have resulted in sales because they lack clear metrics of how customers interact with sales reps. Gong integrations offer sales tools where you can monitor all the conversations on one dashboard, steer your customers to come back, and prevent the damage it can cause your company. Customers will have a lot of trust in your services, making it difficult to lose them. Nothing takes a business to the top line, like trust between salespeople and customers.

For over 7 years, the company has been used by both small and big brands to drive their marketing campaigns worldwide. The Gong cost is also affordable depending on your needs and budget, meaning the tool is a must in case you want to improve quota attainment and rapidly increase your sales. The tool can integrate with all the major video conferencing software and record all your sales team conversations that are eventually transcribed to help you make sound marketing decisions. You can measure all the calls recorded every hour and determine the efforts put in place by each salesperson to see if they are meeting their required sales target. If they put in more effort and get no returns, it is time to dig deep and see recorded calls on your dashboard to see any reasons the analytics are not adding up. 

Gong features

From the ease of use to analysis of interactions between sales teams and customers using artificial intelligence, other crucial gong features include;

  1. Sales Trend Analysis. Gong sales trend analysis software records all phone calls, emails, and customer meetings. This feature will help you recognize the best sales reps in your business and identify various coaching opportunities. Gong’s AI solution will know what each underperforming rep requires to up their marketing and get winning outcomes.
  2. Content Management. The Gong platform automatically captures and manages your sales content and delivers all the insights. The Ai tool captures everything, including where the speech ends, using filler words, making it a great feature for analyzing conversations.
  3. Audio and Video Conferencing. Gong's audio recording and video conferencing software integrate with all VOIP and web conferencing systems. The software helps in transcribing calls for your review after the conferencing. You will get the best transcription quality which converts information to actionable insights.
  4. Call Recording. With the call recording software, you can easily coach your sales reps and win more deals. The tool will record calls and review calls that be shared with team members for marketing purposes. Previous customer calls and important calls are also available on the platform for your review.
  5. Training Management. You can transform your sales team into stars using this collaborative cloud-based program by creating custom plans with each one of them. Gong's sales training software allows all the reps to learn, listen, and imitate the actions of your organization's top-performing reps.
  6. Performance Metrics and Management. Getting all the information on how each sales rep performs is the only way to show accountability and trust in an organization. Gong software shows all the metrics on just one dashboard in real-time; hence you can correct things in your business without raising a hand. The intelligence platforms will keep a record for future reference in case you have new hires.
  7. Statistical Sales Analysis. Apart from coaching your team, Gong is a great tool that you can also use to clone the performance of A-players for future use when hiring other salespersons. Gong's statistical sales analysis tool allows account executives and sales managers to get market Intel.

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Gong pros and cons

Gong is a brilliant software program that you can use to collaborate with your team, provide notes, and get feedback in real-time. Although I recommend you use Gong for your business, you will encounter some drawbacks. Some of the pros and cons of Gong software include;


  1. You receive personalized training advice and follow-ups from Gong’s Whisper module, which serves as a personal coach. The module will help you make better sales decisions and have a complete picture of how everything is running.
  2. The artificial intelligence platform is an integral part that will help you view meetings you did not participate in and receive a summary of all the calls and information.


  1. To analyze and review calls, you are supposed to log in, which is usually cumbersome for some people.
  2. You can only view and share the speaker or presentation recordings when you replay the video, not the entire team.

Gong pricing

Gong cost uses a fixed pricing model if you want to purchase this software. You will get customized pricing that depends on various factors specific to your team, for example, the number of your team members and how you sell how they can reach you.

The company will provide a breakdown of the license type appropriate for your business depending on how you sell and the number of the sales team. After getting the license, Gong will not charge you extra costs for other Gong API and software integrations. You will integrate your existing stack and get all the insights you need for free.

Gong support

Gong services have helped many companies and individuals reach full performance and increase sales. Apart from helping sales managers, the tool helps salespeople make the right selling decisions and increase efficiency. A salesperson can analyze the insights and work on improving their tactics when interacting with customers. Gong's support is always available if you have any sales inquiries or want to learn more about their services.

Reaching out to Gong's customer service is easy because you are just required to send a message indicating your name, company, and query. You can also reach Gong customer service by sending an email address here. Gong Company has a help center for its clients; hence in case you want to be helped on how to integrate the various tools in your business, reaching this page is easy. Gong addresses your problems with one click, and you will know everything concerning artificial intelligence integrations. Reach Gong support help center here.


Gongs technology is the best reliable way to record conversations. The Gong platform is a tool that uses analytics tools and alerts to provide conversation intelligence. Gong works by transcribing all calls between salespeople and customers. Gong's best email marketing tools provide accurate data to improve performance. Both small and bigger brands have been using this tool to accelerate their sales team performance.

Apart from the United States and Israel, Gong Company also has offices in Ireland, with overall employees surpassing 1000. With 7 years of experience in marketing, Gong is not a startup company, and all the tools have been proven to work without errors.

To take your business to great levels, using Gong integrations is critical. No matter your experience, setting up Gong is easy. Setting up alerts for some phrases is also quick; hence you will not require any training to use the tool and record your calls. Everything is done on your behalf. Outreach is a Gong alternative that you can explore to see other options.