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Most companies and organizations that specialize in the field of marketing and sales are well aware of the fact that their active subscribers are their primary assets. You can't run your business successfully and generate profit from it without a dedicated user base to rely on. Yet, not all email lists are equally effective, and that is one of the main obstacles when it comes to productive email marketing.

ZeroBounce company is an online email validation system designed to detect old and inactive emails. The well-developed algorithms ensure that your email deliverability rates remain high and the sender's reputation keeps growing. We will discuss these and other important aspects in this detailed ZeroBounce review skillfully composed by Folderly industry experts.

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ZeroBounce review: a brief description of the service

ZeroBounce services are not limited by simple email validation. There are various practical functions that the system is designed to carry out. Aside from improving deliverability and preventing bounces, ZeroBounce company is known to identify spam domains, detect spam traps, and remove inactive email addresses from the company's lists. In addition, the email verification platform is designed to append missing data such as age, last name, gender, and IPs. Thus, any type of business or enterprise can benefit from using the ZeroBounce service.

Primary features of ZeroBounce

If you are curious about what else ZeroBounce API can offer, it helps to mention the most outstanding features of the system.

  • Bounce validator – the service checks all the addresses on the list and whether messages sent to them bounce. This feature can assist organizations with decreasing their bounce score by eliminating the pointed email addresses.
  • Abuse email detector – not all the ZeroBounce reviews mention that there are contacts that constantly report senders as spam even though they are not. While not all the best cold outreach tools are tuned to detect those, ZeroBounce does that and helps users delete these harmful contacts from their corporate lists.
  • Spam trap detector – your emails may not reach the intended inbox since your company's address may be listed as a spamming marketer. ZeroBounce finds those too, and helps clients improve their reputation by removing them.
  • Toxic domain detectortoxic domains are another problem to deal with, but ZeroBounce is developed to discover them and get rid of them for good.

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ZeroBounce pros and cons

No matter how excellent the email validation API that ZeroBounce uses is or how professional the support system is, there are downsides to evaluate before you can fully commit to the service.


  • Regular updates required
  • Some sites aren't supported
  • The price policy is higher than average
  • Longer validation process
  • Technically complicated approach


  • Available credits don't expire
  • 24/7 support available
  • Multiple credit packages offered
  • 18 validation tools
  • Multiple API keys

ZeroBounce pricing policy

Like most of the best email marketing tools, the online email validation system comes at a price. However, ZeroBounce cost differs considerably from what any known ZeroBounce alternative presents. There are two types of payment options to choose from:

  1. Pay-as-you-go
  2. Monthly payment

The pay-as-you-go option ensures that every user can use the email verifier for their personal needs without overpaying. All it takes is uploading the list, which enlists at least 2K emails, and the system will start the scanning process. While pricing for this amount starts at $16, you can attune the service particularly to your needs, figuring out the price before you launch the operation.

Those who choose monthly subscriptions with the purpose of identifying spam domains or removing invalid addresses alongside the primary function of the service will pay the same amount until they reach 5K contacts. The quality score will be the same at this tier, but the cost per unit will start to drop as you increase the number of emails to be tested.

One more factor to keep in mind when it comes to ZeroBounce pricing is that email lists that contain around 100 contacts are free to test.

ZeroBounce support desk

Despite numerous ZeroBounce integrations and functional services, it is the support system of the service that the customers praise highly. You can use every known way of communication to contact the company's support reps.

Should you have any technical issues, the 24/7 live chat will help you resolve the problem on short notice. In, you can send your inquiry via email too:

Support email: 

In case your question refers to the most preferable solution according to your peculiar situation, you can call the support desk as well:

  • US line: 1-888-500-9521
  • EU line: +44-0330-808-4814

Use either of the lines on Monday through Friday, 5 am–7 pm EST.


Email marketing is an effective way to improve your company's income and general ROI. However, even the best-planned campaign can be ruined by bad email addresses. ZeroBounce is one of the services that offers you a practical solution to all potential issues that inactive and old email addresses can impose!

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