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Many businesses overlook email verification which affects their email deliverability. Regularly verifying and cleaning your lists is the only way to protect your sending reputation. Having been in the email security and privacy industry since 2015, Proofy has achieved a level of accuracy and performance that has built its reputation. The Proofy company integrates the best email marketing tools in the market. Unlike numerous email verification tools, Proofy is excellent and affordable tool. 

Users can use the software to protect their servers by avoiding trash emails and spam traps. The tool is a big time saver because, with just one click, you will verify all your email lists, even if you have a long list of email addresses. The email verification service provider is user-friendly, and anyone can effectively use it. Using this software will enable you to work with actual clients rather than wasting money on spam email addresses.

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About Proofy company

The marketing partner checks if email addresses are authentic using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). The SMTP checker examines the mailbox to determine if a particular email address's user exists. SMTP verification can ascertain a lot of information, including whether the recipient's domain is active, whether the domain has a mail server and more. The response status reveals if an inbox is present and able to receive incoming mail. As soon as the email server responds, the verification process ends.

Hard bounces and spam traps worsen your email reputation. Take the way you do your email marketing to the next level by avoiding these bounces and spam pitfalls when you use the tool. You will get positive leads using the software's email verification API integration. Connect the API to your website and use any user's web application or mobile device to validate email address online. Proofy company will help you mark all emails that have inactive domains and are invalid, after which you can clear them from your list.

The software is suitable for all businesses, even if you are a start-up, because Proofy Pricing has a fantastic offering for an absurdly low cost. They have a free trial package that will help you verify a limited amount of emails and learn more about Proofy integrations. Additionally, they occasionally run promotions, making their deal unbeatable.

Proofy features and Proofy reviews 

Proofy is the best software for email marketing in the industry. You can prevent bounces and catch-all-dead emails by dropping your emails into the interface. Your email deliverability will rise as you improve the open rate of your emails using the affordable Proofy cost. It's a good time saver when you want to reach out to prospects and succeed in your campaigns. Some of the essential features when you use Proofy includes;

1. Email list cleaner. 

The expense of not employing a clean email list is high because you will have many spam complaints and unsubscribers. Use the software to save your company and get out of this without permanently harming your sender's reputation. The email list cleaner gets rid of subscribers who never open emails and checks for any syntax errors. The list cleaner sends a ping request to the address to determine whether the email address you wish to check is active. After receiving a response to the request, it recognizes the mailbox as legitimate.

Emails with syntax errors are those that are wrongly typed and don’t correspond with email marketing standards. The tool eliminates emails from your mailing list that don't match the criteria it has identified. It checks for the email domain and prefix, a sequence of letters before or after the (@) sign. Examples of email addresses that contain syntax errors are those written with  @mgail instead of @gmail. Your spam complaints and bounces will decrease with an adequately managed list containing only engaged subscribers.

2. Email finder and verifier

You'll find genuine business emails quickly with the help of the email finder program that the email marketing agency integrates. The email address verification software finds bulk emails with just one click and verifies them to ensure they are real. Proofy works by checking your email list for spam traps and removing them, preventing your domain from being blacklisted by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Through the analysis of HTML webpages, Proofy's best email verifier will assist you in expanding your clientele and business.  The tool integrates with the best cold outreach tools that will improve the way you engage with your prospects. 

3. Email validation API

The email validation API ensures email deliverability by detecting and flagging suspicious emails that can lead to your domain being blacklisted. Proofy API detects disposable email addresses (DEA) and removes them to avoid spam emails. DEA are email addresses used temporarily by users for subscriptions or signups. The validation API runs your email addresses through a Domain Name System Blacklist (DSBL) to see if they are blacklisted, Proofy reviews all the emails before validating them.

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Proofy pros and cons

This tool is the finest choice if you're looking for a solution that does its job well and is reasonably priced. Although the company will allow you to verify bulk emails using the bulk email verifier software, there are some drawbacks you will encounter. Here are some of the crucial pros and cons of Proofy.


  1. The tool will completely fulfill your email verification needs at an affordable price.
  2. The interface is easy to use, and the system is also secure.


  1. The website will log you out of your account when you become idle for some time.
  2. Some emails give a generic response as unknown.

Proofy pricing

The marketing partner offers one-time payment per number of email checks besides their free trial package. You will also get different promotions depending on your purchase. Continue reading our Proofy review to learn more about the promotions.

According to Proofy pricing, you can check up to 100 email addresses for a free account by only signing up. You will get all features, including; Bulk validation, disposable email checker online, domain validation, duplicate email remover, and free email verifier. You will also get real-time bouncing and syntax validation. For 5,000 email checks, with only $16, you will get all the features the software offers and check 5000 emails saving 36% of your money. You can check up to 10,000 email addresses for $29. You will also get all the features and save up to 42% of your money. The more emails you check, the more you get bonuses and save money. You will get the best email marketing tools at an affordable price.

Proofy details

Proofy is a very smooth and reliable software that has streamlined many email marketing campaigns. It was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in  San Fransisco, CA 94103. The company offers the best support to its customers. You can easily interact with the company on its social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter or its website.

Proofy support

Most customers like to purchase from businesses that provide quick and straightforward online transactions, including customer assistance. The Proofy help center is up to date with product information, and the customer support team responds to incoming client questions with the most pertinent and practical information. Contacting them is easy if you want to inquire about their services or learn more about their email verification. The live chat instantly connects you to an agent, and your purchase query is sort for on the spot. The company has a 24/7 online customer service on their website who replies in under 4 minutes. You can also send a message on the website indicating your email address, and the support team will send their response shortly.

Proofy support team is friendly and will respond to all your queries quickly. You can also reach out to them by calling +1 (786) 383 37 31. You will learn more about taking your email marketing campaigns to the next level and preventing your messages from landing in the spam folder. The Proofy customer care team will respond in a timely and detailed manner to your questions. They have all the necessary tools and training to solve all your email analysis and verification queries.


Many companies opt for Proofy services because they have 99%-100% accuracy compared to their competitors. Although there are Proofy alternatives, the software is far away ahead of them in terms of time-saving and reducing spam traps in your email lists. Incorporating the service provider into your business will help you identify wrong and inactive email IDs that affect your email deliverability. You will also get the best integrations from the marketing expert to improve your sending g reputation. If your business wants to maintain an accurate and current email list without wasting a lot of time and effort, this is an excellent tool to have on hand. 

Our review will help you understand more about the software integrations and how you can prevent email bouncebacks. It contains a panel that makes it simple to tell the difference between incorrect, underused, and live emails. I advise you to sign up for the free trial since it will show you how effectively validating your email address online is. Your account is secure with since you have an API key and authentication tokens. You can only access your session using that. The company ensures your emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox folder successfully.

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