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High bounce rates are a sign of email deliverability that needs a remedy. Email service providers (ESPs) will see that you're not naturally using your account if your emails aren't landing in prospects' inboxes. You're more likely to end up in the spam folder, and you'll see poor results from any email campaign you send.

For those looking for a way to improve the quality of their email lists and get rid of any outdated or invalid addresses, NeverBounce company is here to help.

NeverBounce is an email verification solution that enables enterprises, startups, and non-profits to remove duplicate emails, detect threats and make sure the email addresses are real. The platform helps businesses adhere to strict deliverability guidelines by using SMTP capabilities to validate email servers and verify email lists.

Read our NeverBounce review to learn about the tool's capabilities, price, and credits.

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About NeverBounce company

Brad Owen started the company in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. As a former digital marketer, Owen saw a need for a solution to facilitate reaching customers by email. His experience in marketing and sales allowed him to recognize challenges that companies face when they're deep in email marketing. He knew there had to be a better way for companies to manage email outreach without investing in expensive software or hiring more employees.

NeverBounce is a real-time email verification service that allows businesses to verify emails across lead generation pages, registration forms, or other points of entry web pages. It connects with Zapier to facilitate integration with various Mailchimp, HubSpot, and 70 more applications. Additionally, administrators can utilize the platform to identify email addresses, networks, bad syntax, and different domains, including top-level subdomains, and fully qualified domain names (FQLD).

The system comes with a custom application programming interface (API), enabling businesses to integrate it with several third-party systems.

NeverBounce Features

NeverBounce’s features made it one of the best cold outreach tools.

Bulk Email List Cleaning

To protect your sender reputation and ensure the highest inbox deliverability, NeverBounce verifies and cleans email lists for the perfect send.

  • Upload any sized list and connect to 85+ NeverBounce integrations
  • Download your segmented results after the clean-up
  • Get custom API
  • Get back-up with 99.9% uptime

Real-Time Email Verification Service

Three systems check every email used in the verified email service—about 10 seconds for each email—so you can rest assured that your recipients will get clean email lists.

  • Include the Verify button on your on-site web forms, your email account, etc.
  • Verify one-off emails, save your verification history, and export results.
  • Connect NeverBounce API to verify single emails at the point of entry
  • Track your progress with real-time stats.
  • Drop in our JavaScript code snippet for a quick and robust integration
  • Monitor API usage, detailed submission stats, etc.
  • Connect Zapier to add email verification to thousands of third-party apps quickly

Automated List Cleaning

That NeverBounce uses a 20+ step proprietary cleaning process means that instead of relying on historical data, the service checks each address multiple times to ensure it is clean and validated.

  • Connect your ESP or CRM for near-daily automated cleaning and see how NeverBounce reviews your CRM records and lists with a high number of unknowns to ensure the highest quality
  • Run a free analysis of your data or perform a detailed cleaning of your list
  • Remove up to 99.9% of bounced emails on your list
  • Easily transfer your clean and valid results back to your ESP or CRM and start reaching more customers
  • Validate emails of all types
  • Automatically import data

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NeverBounce Pros and Cons

It’s time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a tool that we use to verify your email list. Our team has collected our unique experience of working with the best email marketing tools and analyzed NeverBounce costs and reviews on the web to identify the pluses and minuses of the tool.


  • Quality. The best in the industry. Review after review, you will see that people and agencies rate NeverBounce very high.
  • Speed. NeverBounce works fast through large lists. While it takes the tool a couple of hours to process a longer list, you will see quality results repeatedly.
  • Variability. Filter options allow marketers to segment their lists by over 25 advanced data points, such as quickly identifying data with incorrect syntax, role accounts, free email hosts, valid DNS/MX records, etc.
  • Easy-to-use interface. NeverBounce is an intuitive tool that is easy to use and teach someone else about uploading, processing, reading, and extracting data.
  • Set of features. Not only does the tool clean and verify addresses, but NeverBounce services can detect the disposable and Catch-all to perfection. When the software works well, it is very useful and helps us make better use of our marketing automation solutions and maintain data on an ongoing basis.


  • Price. While NeverBounce is a competitively-priced SaaS product for some, others view it as the priciest.
  • Support. It takes too long for support to respond via email. Known issues are not proactively reported, and troubleshooting articles are basically non-existent. Basically, that’s the only reason why users report looking for a NeverBounce alternative.
  • Lack of granularity in reports. The tool has general categories for emails (Valid, Accept All (Unverifiable), Unknown, Disposable, and Invalid). However, marketers often wish to have some deeper insight into exactly why an email was pulled/filtered/flagged in the cleansing process.

NeverBounce Pricing

NeverBounce offers two kinds of pricing. Pay As You Go rates vary by the number of verified emails. You pay $0.008 per email if you send up to 10,000 emails; $0.005 per email if you send up to 100,000 emails, and so on. 

The Sync (Automated Cleaning) Option charges per month: $10 up to 1,000 emails; $49 up to 10,000 emails, and so on.

Enterprise Packages are available for over 1,000,000 emails. An annual subscription saves 20% from the price.

Free trial, free list analysis & free test credits are available.

NeverBounce Support

Support is extended via phone, email, live chat, and other online measures.

Talk to NeverBound on Live Chat or email In case of questions, visit our Help Desk   

Reach SALES via telephone 1-833-964-1625 (Monday – Friday 9 AM - 6 PM EST)

NeverBounce Review: Conclusions

NeverBounce has gained the reputation of a highly dependable email verification tool. If you’re looking for a way to avoid the hassle and frustration that comes with bounced emails, then NeverBounce is indeed one of the best email marketing tools.

With NeverBounce, you’re getting fast, reliable services in email verification and list clean-up that process through hundreds of thousands of emails per day. An important tip on the cons side, you definitely should consider whether you are ready to send massive emails at once or not.

In short, choose this tool if you have a huge mailing list, as NeverBounce pricing is on the expensive side. But what is good here – NeverBounce has a great feature that allows multiple NeverBounce integrations and built-in double opt-in.

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