MailTester: Email Checker

MailTester is a cloud-based email verification solution that helps businesses check email domains and syntax. It is a tool for analyzing specific emails and their content. The service helps you set up email deliverability, conduct verification and validation of your email list, and check the spam score. The tool provides an effective first line of defense for email testing and offers an easy-to-use user interface, making it accessible to users who lack technical knowledge.

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About Mail Tester

Email campaigns are an essential part of running any business. To get the most out of these campaigns, you may need a Mail tester service to make your mail server as efficient as possible. Mail tester has many services that can assist you in different situations.

A mail tester is ideal for people who:

  • aim for ROI increase;
  • want to verify the list of emails;
  • need an accurate, efficient, and secure email list cleaning service.

Get more ROI

With the help of a Mail tester email verifier, you can delete unwanted emails. You will notice that ROI will be growing. After all, if your list of addresses is full of invalid ones, you will have to pay for discarded undelivered emails, and the marketing campaign will not change the results.

Verify and validate your email list

A mail tester will help you make sure that all the addresses you send emails to are correct. It will help you avoid guesswork and getting blacklisted.

Catch bounced email

Mail Tester helps you catch irrelevant and invalid email addresses with the Mail Tester API. The common problem is that toxic emails can easily infiltrate a list of addresses in a variety of ways. Mail tester service will help solve this problem.

Be in ISPs’ good books

If you frequently send emails to shady addresses, your sender’s reputation will plummet as your emails are more and more spammed and do not reach the inbox tab. So you are in danger of being blacklisted. With the help of a mail tester, you can verify your list of addresses and avoid the above problem.

Speaking about the pros and cons of the application, it is important to mention that the Mail tester has a user-friendly website design and is very easy to use. You also have the opportunity to test this email verification service for free. But for many users, this number of free trials is not enough.

Mail Tester Services

The mail tester is considered one of the best cold outreach tools and provides various services. Here are some of them:

  • Duplicate email remover
  • Spam traps removal
  • Syntax verifier
  • Domain validator, etc.

All of them are useful and effective. Everyone will be able to find a service that will help them cope with the issues.

Mail Tester Features

Mail tester:

  • is efficient;
  • is reliable;
  • has reasonable prices.

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Mail Tester Pros and Cons

Sure thing, every service provider has its advantages and disadvantages. If you read mail tester reviews, use the service and explore the website, you can distinguish the following strengths and weaknesses:


  • The pricing policy is very loyal; moreover, the mail tester offers a free trial.
  • There are many different services; everyone can find what they need to solve an individual problem.
  • Mail tester integrations allow you to stay connected to your favorite applications.
  • You will not spend a lot of time working with the service: just set everything up - then the work will go quickly and efficiently.
  • A wide range of plans ranging from a one-time purchase to a yearly subscription.


  • Among all social networks, a Mail tester has only a Facebook page.
  • For some users, the proposed number of free trials is not enough because they do not have time to evaluate the quality of work.
  • Service support works only in one time zone.
  • Tabs such as Results codes and Help on the website do not open.

Mail Tester Pricing

Information about Mail tester pricing is available on their website. Mail tester offers three payment options for the service. Everyone can choose what suits them.

Pay as you go

You can pay for the number of emails you need to check. So, for example, the price for checking 5000 letters is $19. Scanning one email costs a lot less than $1. And the more checks you buy at a time, the more profitable it turns out to be.

Monthly subscription

A monthly subscription option is also available. Here you can choose the option that suits you, depending on how many emails per day you want to check and how many users will do this. So the subscription with 100 emails per day costs $19. If you plan to scan 1, 5, or 10 thousand emails per day, the price rises to $139 accordingly.

Yearly subscription

As for the annual subscription, the system is the same as the monthly one. If you choose 100 emails per day, you pay $190/year, and for 10,000 emails per day, you pay $1390/year.

Mail Tester Support

The company takes care of its customers, and mail tester support via mobile calls is available. You can use their phone number - + 1 213 4019297. Besides, you can contact them through email at

Conclusions about Mail Tester Company

Undoubtedly, a Mail tester is a great solution for those who want to get their marketing campaign working using the best email marketing tools. In addition, this service is suitable for anyone. No matter what area you are doing business in - email marketing is essential in any niche.

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