Kickbox: Email Address Verification Tool

According to recent research, email marketing is one of the surest ways to land a dedicated customer base. Thus, success-oriented brands and companies spend a lot of time polishing and updating their email campaigns. However, not all of them are equally aware of email verification. As it turns out, even the best-planned marketing strategy will fail if the email list in use is filled with inactive email addresses. Kickbox service is claimed to be the best email verification solution, which additionally ensures high email deliverability. Our professional Kickbox review will help you grasp all the nuances that the Kickbox company is packed with. Based on the gathered knowledge, you will be able to make the right choice.

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Kickbox review: basic service information

One of the primary services that Kickbox company provides is flawless email verification. In case you are not fully aware of what the function stands for – it helps you to tell low-quality emails from high-value addresses you have on your company's marketing list. Such a cleaning approach will ensure that your messages are sent to real clients and those willing to receive various notifications from you. Thus, your email deliverability score will skyrocket, and that is a direct way to improve your sales and general ROI, consequently.

The well-developed software allows the users to carry out email verification by using the drag-and-drop function or make use of the automated Kickbox API. Aside from that, Kickbox integrations with other third-party vendors are enabled too. Once you check your lists, you will have all the emails divided into the following categories:

  • Deliverable
  • Undeliverable
  • Risky
  • Unknown

You can polish your lists to perfection with information like that at hand. High email deliverability rates and decreased hard bounces will tremendously improve the campaign's results.

Outstanding Kickbox services

To ensure that you don't need to consider any available Kickbox alternative, you should be familiarized with the primary features that the service offers.

  • Drag-and-drop – to make the email verification process twice as simple and concise, the tool allows it to drop all the contacts into the service's interface. Once you are through, the sorting process will begin.
  • ESP connection – not all the Kickbox reviews mention that the verifier enables fruitful cooperation with all the most popular ESPs. Besides, to save you time and effort, every undeliverable file is automatically deleted.
  • Unrivaled accuracy – along with the best cold outreach tools, Kickbox provides as accurate results as possible, with a limited number of unwanted 'unknowns.' Once you try the service, you will receive around 99% deliverability. The chances that any previous tool you have tested offered the same are slim.

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Kickbox pros and cons

Can you imagine a flawless email verification service to make use of? We can't. There are always minor drawbacks that interfere with a well-established tool's reputation. To protect you from all sorts of unexpected turns and events, Folderly experts have gathered the primary pros and cons of Kickbox software.


  • User-oriented approach
  • Great variety of services provided
  • Ultimate user security ensured
  • Multiple verification packages are available
  • Professional and polite support agents


  • Price policy higher than average
  • Live chat unavailable
  • Lack of statistical data
  • No internal API database
  • Pay-for-verification method missing

Kickbox pricing policy review

Since all the best email marketing tools come at a price, with as much as a few freebies, most of you may wonder whether Kickbox cost is different. There are two types of Kickbox pricing. One concerns email verification, while the other is about deliverability tools' cost.

Email verification

  • 100 verifications – free
  • 500 verifications – $5
  • 1000 verifications – $10
  • 2500 verifications – $25
  • 5000 verifications – $40
  • 10 000 verifications – $80
  • 25 000 verifications – $200

Should you require a more extensive bundle of email addresses to be verified, you should get in touch with the vendor and discuss their customized email programs.

Deliverability tools

There is a free membership that allows you to monitor 2 sending domains, one inbox placement test, one precheck test, and a single team member. Should you run a bigger business, you may want to consider a Starter membership that costs $500 a month. The Starter Pack has numerous benefits to reap, but a larger enterprise with more than 3 team members to have access to the tool should consider ordering a Custom plan.

Kickbox support desk

A dedicated Kickbox review wouldn't be complete without the company's support policy discussed. While the platform is utterly effortless to make use of, there may be some questions that arise along the way. There is no Live support option available yet, so the immediate response to your inquiry would be out of the question. However, there is a support form to fill out that can be found on the website. It will take some time to get your answers, but usually, it takes up to an hour for a service rep to get in touch with you. Keep in mind the time difference and regular working hours.

Aside from that, you can always send the company an email containing your questions or suggestions. You can use the following address for the purpose: 

Unlike some other services related to the field, Kickbox has two active phone lines for users to reach out to their teams:

US:  +1 (866) 243-3022

EMEA: +44 203 514 1805


If you wish to verify your active email list and protect the reputation that your company has already acquired, then you need a service to protect your back. Aside from saving you the need to test all the sending domains and measure email deliverability, Kickbox automates the verification process so that the response you get is a ready-made marketing list that is pre-programmed for success. Is there anything else a success-oriented brand could hope for?