Hunter: Email Verification Tool

When it comes to email campaigns, data search, and cold outreach, Hunter is the top choice for many brands. In this Hunter review, you’ll find out how it can boost your lead generation, how it improves your email deliverability, and generally, how the Hunter company helps businesses around the world. So let’s see why this service is considered one of the best cold outreach tools ever.

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Hunter Review

At this point, you may be totally fed up with various platforms and services trying to make a fool out of you. We all know the struggle: you spend a fortune on a well-marketed product and don’t get the desired results. We feel your pain — but not all tools are like that. With Hunter, things are absolutely different, and hopefully, this Hunter review will prove it to you.

In a nutshell, Hunter is a new-age email marketing assistant. Its main functionality is in helping you find and verify professional email addresses. Yes, its email verification aspect is quite a miraculous factor, but it’s not the only one. So what else is there in store for Hunter users? And is the software worth the money? You’re about to find out.

About Hunter

There’s one thing you should remember: Hunter is a great company offering an amazing service if you are constantly working with emails and cold outreach. The platform offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for professionals, engaging in data search and analysis. For example, the Hunter company does domain & email search, as well as email verification. 

With Hunter, you can also simply launch effective email campaigns. Moreover, you can do this directly from Hunter. This AI solution facilitates the work of nearly all your employees, from the sales team to the support team. It gives you access to easy yet powerful tools, which help marketers and sales reps improve their communication with customers. All in all, Hunter is one of the best email marketing tools, so the Hunter cost is definitely worth every cent.

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Hunter Features

Now, let’s talk about a more fun part — the platform’s features. Nearly all Hunter reviews on the Internet claim that the service covers the following features:

  • domain email search
  • email finder
  • email verification
  • cold emailing
  • campaign launching
  • integrations (Hunter integrations are among the software’s most favored features)
  • extensions and add-ons
  • bulk tasks
  • API

As you can tell from this list, Hunter has all necessary resources for taking your lead generation to the next level. 

Hunter Pros and Cons

Of course, there are pros and cons to every B2B online platform, and Hunter is no exception. But let’s start with the good part.

Here are the pros:

  • super easy interface (and an additional shoutout goes to amazing Hunter API);
  • it’s multilingual (Hunter isn’t only in English, but also French and Italian);
  • light-speed email finder and verificator;
  • extensions and add-ons (Google Chrome Extension & Google Sheets Add-on);
  • exclusively accurate data.

And cons:

  • no phone support (chat is the only medium of support on Hunter);
  • absence of a social media tool for research;
  • price (there are definitely cheaper tools on the market);
  • relatively limited free version;
  • personal email searching is not an option.

Hunter Pricing

There are many stereotypes regarding AI-driven email tools, but this company breaks them all. Unlike other platforms requiring a fortune for their services, Hunter is super affordable. When it comes to Hunter pricing, there are several options.

The cheapest one is free of charge. This monthly plan obviously doesn’t get you all perks of more expensive options, but it’s still a go-to. With the free plan, you have access to 25 monthly searches and 50 email verifications. You also get a marketing campaign with 500 recipients, but this is only on one email account. 

Then comes the Starter pack, costing $49 a month. With the starter plan, you get 500 searches, 1,000 verifications, 5 email accounts to launch campaigns on, and 2,500 campaign recipients. Plus, you have full results of domain search and the ability to add images, tracking links, and attachments to your emails. 

The Growth plan costs almost twice as much — $99, but almost all above-mentioned numbers are multiplied by five. And you also get domain search downloads. The Pro version is as much as $199 per month, and it gives you access to the same features, only in a bigger volume. And finally, there is the Business plan — the most pricey option on Hunter, costing $399. With the Business plan, you obtain 30,000 monthly searches, 60,000 verifications, 40 accounts for launching campaigns, and a tremendous 10,000 recipients for one campaign. 

It’s crucial to note that all plans give access to unlimited users, so you just have to choose which Hunter services and pricing options work best for you.

Hunter Support

The brand’s clients are always happy with its support system because it’s convenient to them. This is because Hunter uses several support methods.

For instance, there is a live conversation option on Hunter’s official website. Just one click, and you’re already talking to one of the company’s experts. In addition, you can contact the business’s representatives on whichever social media you find comfortable or in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Hunter Conclusions

Hunter is an amazing tool for any company. When a business owner uses Hunter, they significantly reduce their screen time because Hunter does all the hard work for them. Plus, Hunter software’s results exceed those made by humans. Although Hunter is quite pricey when compared to other tools, there are hardly any Hunter alternatives on the market in terms of efficacy.

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