BriteVerify Email Verification & Validation

Email marketing has opened a great variety of practical opportunities that any sales team can use to the company's benefit. However, there are a fair share of obstacles to overcome to ensure absolute email deliverability, spike conversion rates, and enhance the best productivity of launched marketing campaigns.

BriteVerify service is one of the vendors that cater to every small business and medium to larger organizations to prevent bad email addresses from getting on their marketing list. In case you don't know what an inactive email address can do to your email campaign – it will increase the bounce rate, trigger countless spam filters and lead to a decrease in domain reputation decrease. In this BriteVerify review, we will discuss how the service comes into play when you decide to reach the ultimate success with your email marketing efforts.

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BriteVerify review: how does the BriteVerify email verification service work?

BriteVerify company is a service aimed at proper email verification. All the software systems it uses ensure that your marketing lists are up-to-date and active. Being one of the best email marketing tools, BriteVerify company helps organizations decrease their bounce rate and improve sender reputation. This approach positively affects email deliverability and general brand awareness scores.

The service carries email validation in real-time and provides immediate verification results. You can integrate any third-party ESP and drag and drop the email list in BriteVerify API. It takes three simple steps for the service to validate email addresses:

  1. Mailing addresses are checked if they correspond with the known structure.
  2. The validity of the email domain is tested.
  3. BriteVerify integrations check whether presented customer data exists on any given email server.

It may not seem like much, but the service's accuracy is 97%, which is higher than average. Consider the fact that BriteVerify email verification only takes as long as 0.5 seconds per address. When email verification is over, all the invalid emails are deleted. Anyone ranging from a freelancer to a larger enterprise can use BriteVerify services.

Primary features of BriteVerify company

Some BriteVerify reviews mention a vague description of the service's main features. So, to bring the matter closer to you, Folderly experts will dwell on some specific details that define the vendor and make it one of the best cold outreach tools.

  • Clean and active databases – not all businesses know that it is crucial to verify emails before an email campaign is launched. There are cases when incorrect data is provided, even in the most functional web forms. A misspelled address may seem like an honest mistake, but it can cost you your reputation and valuable resources. BriteVerify provides reliable software that rules out most chances of such information being present on your active email list.
  • Enhanced email deliverability – even when the inactive addresses are eliminated, BriteVerify launches frequent checks aimed at email delivery. Should the software spot any decrease in email deliverability rates, the marketing team will be notified so that corresponding actions can be taken and the matter can be solved.
  • Advanced validation algorithm – the company has been on the market for over a decade. Thus, the email validation results you receive are always accurate. However, on top of that, all the results you get are safe and secure.

Validity for Email Brite Verify

BriteVerify Pros and Cons

While Folderly experts identify the service as reliable, you should be aware that there are some drawbacks to consider.


  • Handy drag & drop feature – if you have a large bundle of emails to validate, the feature simplifies and speeds up the uploading process tremendously.
  • Responsive support – while the support policy of the company may lack some functional features, the experience and professionalism of the agents are outstanding.
  • Improved accuracy rates – the software and the algorithms in use provide incredibly accurate results, which border on 100% preciseness.
  • Downloadable lists – you can manually check the provided validation results by downloading files with all the statistical data presented.
  • Enhanced security – BriteVerify cooperates with a reliable Swiss data privacy shield framework that ensures no data breaches or information leaks.


  • Starting pack is too big; some small businesses may not require 5K verifications to cover, yet the price can't be altered at this point.
  • The price policy is slightly higher than average.
  • The live chat option is still under development, which can be inconvenient for some users.
  • At times the verification process takes longer than promised.
  • More information concerning invalid lists could be provided.

BriteVerify pricing policy

Unlike any major BriteVerify alternative, the company prefers to base its prices on the number of addresses that the email verification is supposed to cover. BriteVerify cost starts at $40 per 5K-email bulk, and the cost per email can go even lower as the email verification package that you choose grows. Let's have a closer look at the BriteVerify pricing range that the official website presents:

  • $40 – for 5K verifications
  • $80 – for 10K verifications
  • $150 – for 20K verifications
  • $210 – for 30K verifications
  • $325 – for 50K verifications
  • $600 – for 100K verifications
  • $1250 – for 250K verifications
  • $2250 – for 500K verifications

Depending upon the field you represent and the size of your company, you can choose the bundle that covers your personal needs.

BriteVerify Support

BriteVerify is a highly requested and modern service, but every user may have additional inquiries on different matters. If that is your case, we advise you to contact the vendor's support to have all doubts and questions dispelled. There are a few ways of reaching out for support:

Phone support – not all service providers use the phone support options due to potential drawbacks, but BriteVerify’s phone support is available. You can call the company on Monday-Friday during working hours and have all your issues sorted out in no time. However, if you are using the system outside the USA, you may want to tune in with their open hours first.

Contact number: 1-800-961-8205

Help desk – there is no live chat option offered by the company so far, but you can use the contact form presented on the website. After sharing your thoughts, feedback, or ideas, you need to provide your address for the support agent to get back to you. Usually, the answer arrives within 24-48 hours. Yet, if the matter is pressing, it is advised to contact the vendor via phone.

FAQs – those of you who don't want to contact support directly should pay attention to the FAQ section that the official website has. There are countless issues explained in detail so that you may not need to contact support after all.


Should you decide to advertise and promote your services and products via email, you need to be sure that all messages reach the recipients. It is twice as challenging to ensure when you use inactive or invalid email addresses. BriteVerify is the service that will provide you with verified email lists within short notice and with an affordable fee involved. In case you have some doubts or questions, you can always reach out to the service directly and find the answers you seek!