Bouncer: Bulk Email Address Verification and Validation Tool

The notion of improved email deliverability is all the rage at the moment, and for a good reason. If you don't ensure that your clients see all the incoming messages, the chances of getting ahead of the competition become slimmer by the day. However, one more critical factor can predetermine your marketing campaign's fate – an active and valid email address list.

Bouncer company is often described as one of the best email verification solutions available on the market. Thus, if you wonder how to verify your mailing list safely and securely, you may consider the offered service. To help you finalize your decision, we have compiled a dedicated and details Bouncer review so that you are fully aware of the presented perks and downsides!

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Bouncer review: a brief service description

The Bouncer is often presented as one of the best cold outreach tools since it is designed to provide accurate data on the bounce rate of every email address you are about to reach out to. Simply put, the Bouncer email verification service is developed to validate emails and detect inactive, temporary, risky, or abandoned addresses.

Bouncer services are backed by effective AI-based algorithms, ensuring the accuracy rate is supreme. Even though the company is relatively new to the industry, the reputation it's gained speaks for itself. On top of all the effective verification features, the system offers increased security and remains simple to use, not to mention its affordability.

Bouncer company features

All the best email marketing tools are judged by the variety of unique features they present. The same rule can be applied to the Bouncer company. Here's the list of the best functions that the platform can offer at the moment:

Single-email verification

At times, bulk email address verification isn't something you need at the moment since you are interested in a single email. The Bouncer service allows it to validate the addresses one-by-one if necessary.

Verification sampling

Aside from 100 free email checks offered by the vendor, the clients can also test the health of their lists free of charge. The system will inspect a sample of the list and provide information on how clean it is.

Data security

When you verify the email address list, you may worry that some provided information will leak. However, Bouncer is a GDPR-compliant vendor. Thus, all the provided data is anonymized when sent to the company's servers. Besides, you can request the instant deletion of your verification results. Otherwise, they will be erased automatically in a 2-month notice.

Bouncer integrations

Among the specialized service features, many experts distinguish the well-developed integration function. The checker allows it to connect the tool with other marketing software in use, so you can start mass emailing the cleansed lists with the least effort involved.

Bouncer API

Aside from the fact that Bouncer is a simple app, it is also very practical. The validation API in use ensures that you carry out the checks in real-time and get your results ready within seconds. Furthermore, the increased bulk of emails come in handy when you run a large business and don't want to waste any time in vain. Gif Maker

Bouncer pros and cons

Since it is an honest Bouncer review that we present, you should be ready to either accept or reject some of the drawbacks that the system comes with.


  • Free verification credits
  • Affordable price policy
  • Single-email testing


  • No live chat
  • Basic free verification stats
  • Lacking UX

Bouncer pricing policy

Many of you are curious about Bouncer cost, and that is natural. The given email checker presents a unique payment strategy that distinguishes it from the competition. There are two primary ways to take:

  • Pay as you go;
  • choose a membership type.

The Pay-as-you-go type ensures that you don't overpay and choose precisely the number of emails to be verified, starting with 1000 addresses. The cost starts at $7 and can go up to over 2.5 million validated emails with a customized price policy tuned to your needs.

Some Bouncer reviews fail to mention that there are four different membership types that you can pick from as well. They are the following:

  • Apprentice – $40 per month;
  • Adept – $150-$500 per month;
  • Master – $750 per month;
  • Enterprise – customized plan.

A few outstanding features that define Bouncer pricing policy would be the fact that the purchased credits won't expire. You can use them whenever you face the need until you entirely run out of them. You should be aware that an auto-renewal option will ensure that your account never runs out of credits. On top of that, as opposed to any Bouncer alternative, the platform does not charge for duplicated addresses on the list. Lastly, the 100 credits given free of charge will help you test the waters to decide if the service corresponds with your needs.

Bouncer support policy

Despite how handy a validation API is or how tempting the pricing seems, there are always some questions lingering in your mind that you need answers to. That is where Bouncer's support team seems to have outdone themselves. You can schedule a call with the support agent based on your timetable and fix all the issues in no time.

The support meetings are off-limits on the weekend, but you can search the informative Blog section and FAQs to find the necessary information on your own.


More and more clients choose the Bouncer platform to verify their mailing lists. The software is effective and user-oriented. With the tool intact, you can cut down the number of undelivered emails. Moreover, you can ensure that most of your campaigns are delivered straight to the primary inbox due to decreased bounce rate and spiked deliverability scores.