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Email List Validation and Verification

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Email List Validation and Verification

Email Verification and Validation Platforms: Things You Should Know. When it comes to successful email marketing, many people tend to underestimate the significance of email verifiers and validators. Nonetheless, they are an integral part of any fruitful email campaign. 

Email Verification and Validation Platforms: Things You Should Know

When it comes to successful email marketing, many people tend to underestimate the significance of email verifiers and validators. Nonetheless, they are an integral part of any fruitful email campaign. 

If a person is too tired, distracted, or simply has entered their email a thousand times that day, it is very likely that they’ll make an error. In this case, that email address becomes invalid. When emails are directed at these invalid addresses, they are considered bounced, and they reduce your deliverability rates. If you want to keep your Return on Investment (ROI) rates normal, it is crucial to keep your bounce rates as low as possible. Logically, you should avoid any invalid addresses, which will lead to high bounces rates and decrease the success of your marketing campaigns.

So the bottom line is: you need to verify email addresses to make sure you’re not sending to the irrelevant ones.

What Are Email Verifier Tools?

But what does an email verifier mean in the first place? Is it an email delivery service? Or is it something else? Let’s see.

In a nutshell, all email verification tools (also known as email address verifiers) do the same thing: they check if the email address is correct, and if it’s currently active (read: if there is a real person behind it). This is a must-do step of any marketing campaign because without it, you’re pretty much doomed to fail. Think about it this way: people often make mistakes; we’re talking about the human factor. And email addresses are not an exception. 

As it has been mentioned above, people tend to mistakenly enter the wrong address due to a variety of reasons, and the job of email address verifiers is to check email addresses so that you are not sending emails in vain. 

These email validation tools usually utilize machine learning, automation mechanisms, and credible databases. Some of them are able to give you results immediately. This way, after they verify emails, you know right away whether or not this email address is valid. Now, let’s take a look at the industry’s top email verification tools.

Top 10 Email Verification Tools

The market is indeed jam-packed with terrific verification tools. Here are the top 10:

  1. Verifalia—with this tool, you don’t need to send any messages to verify emails. It is also a real-time email validation tool.
  2.—this email address checker is used to verify email addresses and then clean your email list. It waves goodbye to hard bounces, working for both bulk and single emails. 
  3. Bulk Email Checker—one of the best email verification services, capable of Google Sheets integrations and Wordpress connections. 
  4. Email List Validation—the best thing about this email validity checker is that it ensures that your emails are delivered to real people.
  5. Neverbounce—it offers real-time email verification and validation. It also cleans your email lists for both big and small businesses.
  6. BriteVerify—this email validation service provides a variety of features, including domain validation, instant email verification, email list importing, and bulk email verification.
  7. Xverify—if you need to check if an email is valid, this acutely named address verifier is just for you. It helps digital marketers in many ways, such as fraud minimization, bounce elimination, and of course quick email verification. One of the best verification tools on the market.
  8. Bouncer—this is an amazing email verification and email validation tool. Perfectly reduces your bounce rates and protects your reputation as an email sender.
  9. ZeroBounce—this email validator does a great job improving your email deliverability and cleansing emails lists. Also works with spam traps and fake emails.
  10. DeBounce—the email validation checker, created to solve issues related to duplicate emails, re-validation, domains that are hard to validate, and so on. This is pretty much a free email checker as it gives you a pre-start email list analysis without charging a cent.

Yes, all these email address validation tools are cool, but what do they have in common? That’s right. Speed.

Fast Online Email Address Checker

When it comes to email address validation services, their speed becomes the key element, which makes them so effective. If you want to quickly check emails, you have to opt for the real-time ones. 

Most free email verification services work according to the following scenario: you input the needed email address online, press the “check” button, and the system gives you the result immediately. This way, you know whether or not you should be sending your email to this address.

Email Validation Tool and Service

People often request the best address checker on the web, and the answer is only one word long: Folderly

This email address verification tool works wonderfully, both for startups and large companies. It uses artificial intelligence mechanisms to boost your outbound traffic. 

One of the platform’s superpowers lies in testing email deliverability. In other words, the service helps you find out what is good and bad about your email marketing campaign and whether there is room for improvement.

Specifically, it works with stuff like spam traps, blacklists, spam filters, and other email validation aspects. While Folderly does integrate with more than fifty platforms, don't expect it to work for bulk email campaigns as the service is single-email-verification only. 

When it comes to Folderly pricing, this platform isn’t exactly a free email verifier. However, you can still save some money if you choose to buy a yearly subscription in advance. 

Quickly Verify Emails With Folderly

In addition to the above-mentioned features and solutions, Folderly can also boast its speed. As you already know, with email marketing campaigns, it is extremely crucial to work in real time. Folderly gets that and offers you an email deliverability testing feature, which also includes email verification and validation.

At the same time, you don’t have to do much. Just go to their official website, press the “test my mailbox” button and add other necessary info, and you’ll find out whether this or that email is valid. Voila!


At this point, it’s pretty obvious that email verification and validation are an integral part of any successful email marketing campaign. So don’t hesitate to test some of the finest tools out there—unless you want to be left behind your competitors.


  • How can I verify an email address?

There are several ways. For example, you can send a test email, and if the system won’t try to deliver the email one more time, most likely, there is no such recipient. However, this approach isn’t 100% reliable, so it’s better to use special email validation tools.

  • What is email verification?

It is a process of checking whether or not an email is being used by someone. So if you want to send a letter to this address, someone will actually receive it.

  • How do I know if an email is real?

Through the email verification and validation process. Special platforms will help you see whether the email you’re interested in is valid (aka real).

  • How can I check if an email is spam?

Very often, email addresses that have many digits in them are fake (or spam). Another way to identify a spam email address is to look at the domain—if it doesn’t ring a bell, double check it for spam.

  • Can you trace a fake email address?

If the fake address is anonymous, chances are you can’t trace it.

  • What is the purpose of an Email Verifier?

The main purpose of any email verifier is checking whether the address you’re attempting to send a message to actually exists. In other words, whether it’s real or not.

  • How accurate are the email verification results?

While most email verifiers can’t guarantee you 100% accuracy, the majority of them are around 90% accurate. For what it’s worth, using email verification tools will definitely give you better results than not using one in the first place.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email deliverability and why should I care about it?

Email deliverability is the percentage of emails that land in your recipients' inboxes. Email deliverability encompasses a wide range of conditions that should be met before you can count your message as delivered and contributing to your success. High email deliverability empowers your email outreach with increased open and reply rates and boosts outcomes from the email channel. 

How to improve email deliverability?

The best way to improve your email deliverability is to take care of your sender score and email authentication. Sender score depends on multiple factors, and with the help of the email deliverability test, you can compare and measure your scores. To never let your key metrics and DNS settings out of your sight, Folderly allows you to view your key performance metrics, your relationship with blocklists, and your current domain health in one place. 

How to find the best solution for my business case?

Folderly offers solutions to various business needs, from email deliverability testing to complex domain audits. Depending on the package, you can monitor and improve your domain health and DNS settings, test email deliverability, monitor blocklists, check email templates for spam triggers, etc. You can get your new domain ready for email outreach campaigns with Basic Email Warmup, or automate location, fix, and prevent email deliverability pitfalls with Folderly Premium.

How long until I see the first results?

It may vary case by case, but Folderly experts typically expect 3-4 weeks to be the time for the platform to improve the email deliverability. However, we have many instances where it took 1-2 weeks or even a few months. You will see the difference from day one but be patient till Folderly fixes your spam problems. To optimize the spam fix process, feel free to contact us.