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Email Deliverability Testing

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Email Deliverability Testing
Email Deliverability Testing
Email deliverability testing tools are the best way to ensure that your emails don’t get trapped by spam filters. Choose a spam test capable of determining whether your messages are marked as spam by different email service providers.
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Popular Email Deliverability Tools and Software in 2022. Email deliverability is the metric that is vital for advertisers. People use it to assess the probability of success of the marketing campaigns.

Popular Email Deliverability Tools and Software in 2022

Email deliverability tools

Email deliverability is a term used to describe a measure of the ability of email messages to reach the subscribers’ inboxes. Email deliverability is now one of the key aspects for both freelance advertisers and business organizations alike. It is mainly a result of the evolution of marketing strategies that have shifted towards digital spaces. 

Since the parameter is essential, email delivery service tools have been developed to help users improve their email deliverability. These are going to be discussed in-depth in this article. Read on.

Best email deliverability test for your sales team

The best email deliverability test for your sales team would be to assess your IP’s reputation. It is a key factor that affects your emails’ deliverability. Low IP reputation results in high bounce rates, which translate to poor deliverability. 

Top 10 email deliverability software

The top 10 email deliverability software include:

  • Folderly
  • MxToolbox
  • Spamcheck
  • Mailtester
  • GlockApps
  • SendForensics
  • Sender Score
  • Mail trap
  • Everest
  • InboxAlly

How to choose the best email deliverability tool

With the numerous email deliverability tool options, choosing the best one can be a daunting task.

However, before making a purchase, you should consider whether you need email testing tools that just offer the basics, or you need a more comprehensive platform that analyses multiple metrics. You should also consider whether you need a paid-for or free plan as well as the features you need. The pricing policy of the email deliverability software you choose is essential. For instance, if you select Folderly, you need to familiarize yourself with the Folderly pricing policy.

7 tools to test and check email deliverability

As highlighted before, several tools can be used to test and check email deliverability. These are described below.


It is one of the best email deliverability tools available today. MxToolbox offers users the much-needed monitoring and lookup solutions that ensure you have a Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC). The email deliverability tool avails your important information, such as the identities of those sending emails supposed to be from your domain, the geolocation of your senders, and the reputation of your senders’ IP. And you also get to be alerted if there are changes to your email reputation. Users can access MxToolbox either as a free or paid-for service. Of course, paid users tend to gain more useful services from the tool compared to their free option counterparts. For instance, they have access to multiple monitors, blacklists, and more advanced email delivery tools. Paid users also benefit from dedicated teams that serve to help with troubleshooting in case there are issues with your email.


This one is a popular tool that is easy to use. It assesses the deliverability of your email content and assigns a score to it. Users simply have to copy and paste their email’s HTML code into the box along with its header as well. It is important to highlight that if you are using Spamcheck, the lower the score - the better. Scores, which are close to zero are ideal, and anything with a score of 5 or higher is very much likely to be marked as spam. Spamcheck also helps you with recommendations on how you can improve your email deliverability. The best part about Spamcheck is that it is free.


Mailtester is another useful tool for testing email deliverability. It is a simple, cheap, and effective way to assess the quality of your emails. The good part about Mailtester is it analyses your message, mail server, and sending IP. It then generates detailed reports of what is properly configured and what is not. These results are accessible for seven days for the free version or thirty days for the paid option. Some of the Mailtester service features for the paid plan are:

  • No advertisements.
  • List of all tests done in the past thirty days available.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly usage statistics.


It is another testing and deliverability tool aimed at running focused email spam tests. GlockApps shows users real-time delivery results for every seed list account. It provides useful information, such as whether your email ended in the spam folder, inbox, Gmail’s Promotional or Social Tabs, or if it was never delivered at all. GlockApps also tests authentication records. These include DKIM, SPF, sender score, message spam score, and sender IP reputation. The tool also does an analysis and avails a detailed report about the factors causing your spam score to rise. GlockApps is free for the first three spam tests, after which you will need to be a paid-up user to continue using the service.


Users can also use SendForensics to check email deliverability. The tool is standalone and assists with your email marketing efforts regardless of your chosen platform. You simply need to sign up and add the email address that they would have availed to your mailing list for real-time deliverability testing. SendForensics advises you of the corrections required of your infrastructure, checks the email content, and assigns you a score. There is also no limit to the number of tests you can do with SendForensics.

Some of the tool’s service features include:

  • Testing and optimization of your campaigns before broadcasting.
  • Thorough content, infrastructure, and reputation assessment.
  • Testing, monitoring, and deliverability alerts are availed free of charge.

Sender Score

It can be likened to your online credit score. It uses a number ranging from 0 to 100 to assign a score to the reputation of your domain. When using Sender Score, the higher the number you are assigned, the more impressive your deliverability rate is.


It is another email deliverability software targeted at testing emails that are sent from the development and staging environments. The tool can be best described as a virtual inbox or dummy SMTP server. It enables users to test, view, and share emails from the developments and staging environments without having to spam real subscribers. Mailtrap offers a free option that allows users to test up to five hundred emails every month. There are also paid plans, with the cheapest being pegged at $9.99/month and allowing users to test 5000 emails every month.

Email deliverability vs. email delivery

Email deliverability and email delivery are closely related terms. The former refers to the probability of your email messages reaching the intended inboxes, while email delivery simply means the act of your emails reaching the intended inboxes.


Email deliverability is an essential parameter that should be closely monitored to ensure the best results out of your email marketing campaigns. In parting, we would say it is paramount to invest time and energy to find the best tool to help you improve your deliverability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check email deliverability?

You can check email deliverability using tools such as Sender score, MxToolbox, SendForensics, Spamcheck, Mailtester, GlockApps, and Mailtrap.

How do you test email deliverability?

You can test email deliverability using the same tools you use for testing, which are highlighted above.

How do you improve email deliverability?

You can improve your email deliverability by making your IP reputation better, providing your subscribers with useful information, using deliverability enhancement technological tools, etc.

How do you handle email deliverability problems?

The best way to handle email deliverability issues is to contact the support team of either your ISP or the email deliverability tool you are using.

What part of an email will impact deliverability?

The IP reputation, infrastructure, authentication, content, and design of an email affect its deliverability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email deliverability and why should I care about it?

Email deliverability is the percentage of emails that land in your recipients' inboxes. Email deliverability encompasses a wide range of conditions that should be met before you can count your message as delivered and contributing to your success. High email deliverability empowers your email outreach with increased open and reply rates and boosts outcomes from the email channel. 

How to improve email deliverability?

The best way to improve your email deliverability is to take care of your sender score and email authentication. Sender score depends on multiple factors, and with the help of the email deliverability test, you can compare and measure your scores. To never let your key metrics and DNS settings out of your sight, Folderly allows you to view your key performance metrics, your relationship with blocklists, and your current domain health in one place. 

How to find the best solution for my business case?

Folderly offers solutions to various business needs, from email deliverability testing to complex domain audits. Depending on the package, you can monitor and improve your domain health and DNS settings, test email deliverability, monitor blocklists, check email templates for spam triggers, etc. You can get your new domain ready for email outreach campaigns with Basic Email Warmup, or automate location, fix, and prevent email deliverability pitfalls with Folderly Premium.

How long until I see the first results?

It may vary case by case, but Folderly experts typically expect 3-4 weeks to be the time for the platform to improve the email deliverability. However, we have many instances where it took 1-2 weeks or even a few months. You will see the difference from day one but be patient till Folderly fixes your spam problems. To optimize the spam fix process, feel free to contact us.