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In-Depth Mailtrap Review for Those Who Seek Email Template Perfection

Rapid email marketing development ensures that both the content you send out and the delivery should be superb. Brands that turn out to be spamming real customers with irrelevant offers and spam messages lose their reputability and consequently the revenue in no time. Should you care about email deliverability rates, you need to test and configure every email designed for marketing purposes. This detailed Mailtrap review will shed some light on the perks that the service presents when it comes to the area.

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What does Mailtrap company offer?

Before continuing our Mailtrap review, you should be fully aware of what the Mailtrap service stands for. The primary definition of the service is that it is nothing but a fake SMTP server that allows it to test email messages before they reach the brand’s real customers. However, there is much more to the tool than mere email notification testing.

Proper Mailtrap integrations would help the developers to keep all the test messages within a single inbox that all the development team members have access to, yet, none of the actual clients would ever see. The access to such shared inboxes allows the participants to manually or automatically forward necessary notifications, preview HTML content, and browse through spam or blacklist reports if any.

To put it simply, Mailtrap services are represented as an SMTP app, which enables its users to test, examine and fix all the email campaigns that are about to be launched. Aside from that, development teams can use the gathered details to bypass various spam filters and ensure that the emails are delivered right into the primary inbox.

Mailtrap review of its best features

All the best cold outreach tools have a variety of features that the companies representing them are proud of, and Mailtrap company wouldn’t be an exception. Here’s the list of advanced characteristics that you should be familiar with:

  • HTML template debugging – one of many uses of HTML would be to spike brand awareness. Yet, there are always some issues with the HTML copy to deal with before you can send it out to the client base. Mailtrap service allows it to debug the templates so that the sample that the user receives is flawless.
  • BCC testing – the app in question ensures that all the BCC addresses are correct and valid. Mailtrap tool is designed to check SMTP commands and track the BCC recipient activity after the email is received.
  • Data organization – Mailtrap software enables you to send emails from various addresses and store the emails as different projects. Besides, the teams involved in the process, either the development team or marketing one, can create a few inboxes for the same project.
  • Real inbox view – while testing is one of the major functions that Mailtrap company covers, you can send test emails to real users too.

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Mailtrap pros and cons

It may be challenging to decide if you should look for a Mailtrap alternative if you don’t know all the benefits and downsides that are awaiting you.


  • API integration
  • Shared access
  • Various membership plans offered
  • Free account forever
  • No spamming


  • Free version limits
  • Cost higher than average
  • Live support is unavailable
  • Some company data is missing
  • Lengthy email validation

What is the Mailtrap pricing policy?

If you are even vaguely familiar with the industry, you may already know that most of the best email marketing tools come at a price. Yet, the Mailtrap cost will pleasantly surprise you. Small development teams can subscribe for a lifetime free Mailtrap account and test as many as 500 emails a month. Keep in mind that you are allowed to store around 50 test messages with a free plan. Mailtrap API integrations and SMTP are supported.

Should your testing purposes exceed the free offer, you can also opt for a pre-paid plan. Mailtrap pricing depends upon the size of the company you represent. There are the following options supported:

  • Individual plan - $9.99 a month
  • Team plan – $24.99 a month
  • Business plan – $49.99 a month
  • Premium plan – $99.99 a month
  • Enterprise plan – $299.99 a month

Mailtrap support

Once you are involved with the sphere of development and staging environments, there will be some questions arising along the way. That is why it is a great idea to reach out to the professionals of the service you are using. While there is no phone support option or Live chat function available yet, you can contact the company via their email address. The response time proves that Mailtrap is one of those companies that value their customers above all.

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Countless Mailtrap reviews describe the service in a positive light, and there is a fair share of reasons for that. The mentioned tool has been designed to make your business reach the horizons you haven’t known existed. The app gives you a chance to ensure that your marketing emails are flawless before you launch the campaign and the messages land in your clients’ inboxes.