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MailGenius Review to Check If That's a Tool to Spike Your Deliverability Scores

Email marketing is a rapidly developing industry that brings better results with every new technology emerging on the horizon. However, there is little use of the best-composed business emails or the most promising discount offers if your company faces some email deliverability issues. Such email problems ensure that the email content you have been working on so carefully goes straight to the spam folder. MailGenius service is one of the vendors specializing in email deliverability issues, and their email experts can help you solve even the most complicated matters. You should start with a detailed MailGenius review if you want to improve your email marketing sales!

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Basic definition of MailGenius company

The simplest way to describe MailGenius would be to state that it is a popular email testing tool designed to assist your email marketing program in evading tricky spam filters. However, the MailGenius company covers even more valuable services that will help you boost your email deliverability rates in no time. Aside from providing up-to-date statistical data on whether or not your emails reach the inbox of all users, the email tester will help you solve all critical issues by referring you to the best specialists in the field.

It takes less than one minute to investigate the testing address and come up with a subsequent offer. Whether it is a small business that you run or a mid-sized company, MailGenius services will suffice to issue personalized instructions from trained professionals found in the industry. It should be added that the MailGenius company works well with every major email provider, such as Outlook, Gmail, and a few smaller ones.

MailGenius review of the best features offered

Any testing tool is as good as the range of practical features presented for a user to access and use. These are a few primary functions of the service that our MailGenius review can’t help but bring to your attention:

Email tester

The main task that the platform is designed to carry out is to check the email deliverability rates of any users curious about them. The testing address provided on the landing page allows customers to send their messages so that the platform can measure and share  the received stats with their clients.

Monitoring feature

Another useful yet prepaid feature of MailGenius is the domain monitoring function. The service provides their industry email partners will all the recent data on domain reputation and informs the users about potential email deliverability issues arising. Such an approach ensures that your email authentication remains unaltered and the deliverability scores move up through expert advice that involved professionals share with their customers.

Security test

Being one of the best cold outreach tools, MailGenius runs a variety of practical tests that add up to improved deliverability scores:

  • SPF authentication
  • DMARC authentication
  • Blacklist check

Pros and cons of potential MailGenius integrations

The general overview of the service assures the average user that MailGenius is worth consideration. While it is truly so, there are not only advantages but also some drawbacks that you should be aware of:


  • Email testing is free of charge
  • The platform is user-oriented and easy to use
  • Expert help available
  • Deliverability solutions tuned to every client’s needs
  • Detailed statistical reports are available


  • Not all the services come for free
  • Pricing information isn’t directly presented
  • No phone support option available
  • Only English-speaking experts are available
  • Monitoring cost is higher than average

What is the MailGenius pricing policy?

All the best email marketing tools come at a price, which is natural. However, when it comes to MailGenius’s cost, the testing tool is free. You can consult with the MailGenius team free of charge too. However, there are a few prepaid Monitoring plans. Should you decide to sign up for either plan, the working specialists will check over 20 major blacklists and test your email deliverability rates on a daily basis. If any issues are spotted, the service will provide efficient email consulting on the spot. A weekly domain report is a part of the deal too.

Primarily, MailGenius pricing for domain monitoring depends on how many domains you choose. The price covers a one-year service period:

  • Single domain – $99
  • Two domains – $198
  • Three domains – $297
  • Four domains – $396
  • Five domains – $495

Despite the type of subscription you choose, you can count on free MailGenius vetted email expert support for 30 days.

MailGenius support

MailGenius API, along with the services it offers, is easy to grasp and use even if you have no previous experience in the field. However, you can always contact the service’s support team should any questions arise. The website is equipped with a Live Chat option so that you can instantly get the answer to any pressing matter.

If you think that your inquiry can wait, you can contact MailGenius via email.

Email address: 

There is no phone number available to call the service. However, you can book a free meeting online with the company’s rep. The intro call may provide all the insight you need into the pool of spam filters, email opens, broken links, email clicks, and even subject line components.


No matter the factors that trigger spam filters, the sooner you figure out potential deliverability problems, the better. MailGenius is one of those tools that can help you keep out of the spam folder and hit the primary inbox instead. While testing features are free to use, domain monitoring will cost you a fair share of investment. Yet, judging by the functions that the service covers, every penny you put in the process will be repaid in no time.