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Test Email Deliverability With GlockApps

When you send emails as a part of your email marketing strategy, you always want to ensure that they don’t get into the recipient’s spam folder. But, it is no secret that modern email providers have advanced spam filters, and getting through them can be pretty hard. Glockapps is one of the tools that make it possible.

This tool spans a wide range of features all aimed at ensuring better email deliverability for your email campaigns. Who can use it, and how can it help? Read our GlockApps review to learn more!

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About GlockApps

One of the core goals of every email campaign is to ensure that all the clients receive your message and it doesn’t go to the spam folder. Glock Software solves this problem. The company offers a range of smart online services aimed at improving email deliverability. And all these features are included in one of the best cold outreach tools - GlockApps.

The list of GlockApps tools includes inbox insight, domain checker, DMARC analytics, IP monitor, bounce monitor, template editing, and quick litmus tests.

The tool is meant for those who needs to improve deliverability, including email marketing specialists, customer success managers, and anyone else who sends a lot of emails every day.

GlockApps works with all email servers & providers, and it can also be integrated with the most common email marketing tools. Popular GlockApps integrations include:

  • Slack;
  • Mailchimp;
  • Mailgun;
  • Telegram;
  • Amazon SES;
  • SendGrid

GlockApps Review: Features

The key features of the GlockApps service include:

  • Email deliverability testing. Run deliverability audits to ensure that all your emails get delivered.
  • Blacklist monitoring. Use an advanced domain and IP reputation monitor to ensure that you don’t get blacklisted.
  • DMARC analytics. Analyze and manage your DMARC records to prevent spoofing and phishing attacks and create better SMTP settings.
  • Template editor. Fix HTML errors and identify “risky” content to get every email delivered.
  • Automatic inbox testing. Perform automatic tests and receive notifications if your emails get into spam folders.
  • Uptime monitor. Always stay informed on any deliverability issues.

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GlockApps Pros and Cons

Let’s check out some of the major pros and cons of GlockApps:


  • GlockApps helps you start delivering emails better.
  • The company offers a wide range of online services that can take your email campaign to the next level. The services can be used separately or in a bundle.
  • GlockApps is compatible with all email service providers and allows integrations with many popular marketing tools.
  • There is a free trial available to all new clients.
  • The company has been around for 13 years, so it is time-tested and trusted.


  • The working hours of the GlockApps support team are fixed, so customers can’t reach the support team 24/7.
  • Not many details on why Gmail marks something as spam.
  • Monthly rates are fairly high.
  • Premium customer support is only available in the most expensive plan.
  • Some clients say GlockApps doesn’t troubleshoot and fix all deliverability problems.

GlockApps Pricing

There is a free version with 3 GlockApps tests, 10,000 DMARC messages, 10 uptime monitors, 10 reputation monitors, inbox insights, and other features.

Also, there are three GlockApps pricing plans:

  • Basic - $79/mo; 300 spam tests, 100,000 DMARC messages, 20 uptime monitors, 20 IP address monitors, one user, and GlockApps API access.
  • Business - $129/mo; 700 spam tests, 1,000,000 DMARC messages, 40 uptime monitors, 40 IP addresses monitors, and 5 users.
  • Custom - personalized GlockApps cost; a custom number of spam tests, DMARC messages, uptime monitors, IP addresses monitors, and users delivered in your package.

GlockApps Support

The GlockApps company offers pretty well-rounded customer support. There are four ways to connect with the company’s support reps:

  • Live chat
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (866) 665-1130 (USA), +375 17 336 70 92 (Belarus)
  • The contact form available on the company’s website

The GlockApps support team is friendly and professional. Support representatives respond quickly and always do their best to answer the customers’ questions and provide quick solutions to their problems. However, users can only get assistance Monday through Friday from 2 am to 6 pm EST (or from 9 am to 1 am GMT+3).


Thus, in the conclusion of our GlockApps review, we want to say that it is a great tool for streamlining your email marketing efforts. With its inbox placement tests, deliverability audits, bounce tracker, and other major and minor services, this tool can really help you ensure the success of your email campaigns.

As you now know, this tool has many perks. On the other hand, it also has certain drawbacks, which we told you about earlier. But, though it is possible to find a GlockApps alternative, we recommend email marketing specialists give it a try because it’s worth it.