Folderly Email Deliverability Platform

Make Sure All Your Emails Get Delivered to the Inbox With Folderly 

Folderly is a top-notch email deliverability and spam testing tool. It allows you to build a reliable sender reputation and get 100% of business emails delivered to your recipients' inboxes. If you have poor stats across all the mailboxes, this software will help you start sending legit emails. Folderly integrations with marketing tools, major CRM systems, and email service providers (ESP) make this email spam fix startup stand out. 

Multiple case studies on Folderly's website prove that this email deliverability platform works. This way, software development, health care, retail, fintech, lead generation, and companies from other industries leverage the Folderly service. And from this Folderly review, you'll learn how to resolve your spam folder problem and improve your low email sender reputation

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About Folderly Company

Folderly company was launched in 2019 by two founders of Belkins – one of the USA's top lead generation and appointment setting companies. After analyzing spam issues of multiple email outreach campaigns, they noticed similar problems. These were DNS (Domain Name System) settings and the content of marketing emails

And though these discoveries weren't new, Folderly significantly improved their clients' email performance. So, between 2019 and 2022, the Folderly team helped hundreds of small businesses get their cold emails out of spam folders, grow their open rates, and boost ROI. That's why this platform boasts a 5-star rating from the G2, Capterrs, and TrustRadius, and belongs to the best cold outreach tools with outstanding email deliverability statistics.

Folderly offers solutions to various business needs, including generating SPF records, email deliverability testing, domain warming up, and runing complex domain audits. 

Folderly Email Deliverability Testing Features

Many customers call Folderly one of the best email marketing tools. And here are its feature details:

  • Check your email placement: Inbox, Promotions, or Spam. Run email deliverability tests to get a complex understanding of where your emails land. 
  • Analyse Inbox placement through different email service providers. Identify which email service provider may be the bottleneck to flawless email performance, and get accurate tips to improve performance. 
  • Monitor IP information and blacklists. Get an updated information on your IP, and keep and eye on the most popular blacklists. 
  • Get an overview of DNS settings. Monitor SPF, DMARC, DKIM, BIMI records to make sure your infrastructure is fine-tuned. 
  • Get a detailed report and share it in one click. Make reporting easy: share your email deliverability reports within a few clicks. 
  • Test your email templates. Preview plain text email templates you commonly use for cold outreach, and HTML email marketing newsletters for spam triggers. 
  • Use Folderly API opportunities for integration. Amazon AWS, Sendgrid, Intercom, Office 365, Sendinblue, Outlook, Google Workspace, and Sendpulse are only a few of the custom integrations available in Folderly


Folderly Pricing

Email deliverability testing feature is available in Folderly Premium, and can be added to Folderly Basic for $129/mailbox/mo. 

  • The Folderly Premium Package is $200/mailbox/mo. This Folderly pricing plan includes instant email deliverability testing and allows real-time analytics. 
  • The Enterprise solution at a customizable rate. Contact the Folderly team to personalize this dream app for your business needs.

The Folderly platform doesn't offer a free version or trial period. However, you can book a demo and test its features. Moreover, you can save: the Folderly cost will be 20% lower once you pay annually. 

Folderly Support

Folderly support specialists are available 24/7 to assist you with exploring Folderly services and functions. You can chat with the first-line support team member whenever you have issues with the setup process or need to know some tech details. So, this platform is a kind of dedicated support agent agency that embraces all email deliverability issues. 

There's also a written manual provided. It consists of 16 brief guides on how to connect this AI-based platform and do the domain setting. And, for those email marketers who prefer listening or watching, a video manual is also available. 

Folderly Conclusions

Folderly is an extremely responsive tool that fixes the deliverability of business emails worldwide. This platform provides customers with a very seamless experience and robust results. In Folderly reviews, users appreciate the resolved spam issues and are happy to forget about missed sales opportunities. They're also delighted with the Folderly pricing because this tool guarantees a 100% deliverability result