Sucuri: Security, Protection & Monitoring Tool

Nowadays, web security is a very crucial aspect of any brand’s workflow. Whether you like it or not, you can’t go without decent online protection. Some of you may have wondered, “Will hackers attempt to break my website and steal my info?” Well, good thinking! After all, malware attacks are a very common thing. In fact, more common than most people think. This way, if you’ve never asked yourself such questions, it is your sign to do it. 

Even though many people still (surprisingly) underestimate it, a security plugin can significantly enhance your work in many ways. But most importantly — you and your partners can feel safe about any provided data. Fun fact: it doesn’t matter what your profession is: whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, or just a regular freelancer, you’ll still need to have your website protected as it’s the main source of web presence. 

And, if your website is quite successful, chances are high that some folks will want to exploit it. This way, to safeguard your data, such as page activity, number of visitors per certain period, and general traffic, you’ll have to handle website security. This may take a while, but in the end, it’s all worth it because the site's security comes with improved email deliverability, DDoS protection, and tens of thousands of new, satisfied users. 

As soon as you begin to realize the significance of having your data protected on the web, you will most likely start to search for security services that can help you achieve cyber safety. Well, we've done the homework for you by analyzing all similar software out there to find the best. The answer is: Sucuri is among the finest security plugins, and you’re about to see why.

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About Sucuri

In a nutshell, Sucuri is the top online security solution in the world. It is a suite, providing not just one service but several services and software for your website’s protection. Sucuri security results rate very high on the market, surprising not just regular Internet users but professional tech experts. So what does it do? How precisely does it keep your data safe? Keep reading this Sucuri review to find out.

Long story short, Sucuri is a plugin, not another software application you have to download. For this reason, many folks love Sucuri security service and add it to their must-have Wordpress site plugins. The algorithm is extremely simple: you install a Sucuri security plugin, which protects your website from any type of security threats, spreading malware, or any other kind of hacks. How? 

Well, Sucuri offers several layers of protection so that you are 100% sure your web space is protected and no one can access your data. Sucuri’s website firewall is cloud-based, and it detours all your traffic before sending it to the hosting server. In other words, it blocks any DDoS attacks (or other attacks) before your website even gets at the risk of being hacked. As a result, you have only real visitors going on your business websites. If, at this point, you’re asking yourself, “Fine, but is Sucuri security solution really for me? Do I need it?”, the answer is, “Yes, you do.” And here’s why. 

The thing is that the Sucuri security plugin is considered to be one of the best email marketing tools as well as online security tools for a good reason. And this reason is that it works for pretty much everyone. You do need to have a little bit of technical background to use it easily, but it’s not that necessary. This way, the Sucuri security platform will be useful for everybody. In addition, this website security solution doesn’t just protect your online territory. It also enhances your work process and efficiency by making your website faster. Not too bad for a security platform, right? Anyways, now is the perfect time to dive deeper into the service’s offerings.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the Sucuri Wordpress security tool is compatible with any website, including (duh) Wordpress, Joomla, Magneto, and many others. This way, you don’t have to worry that it won’t work for you. Secondly, once you’ve paid your monthly fee for using the service, the Sucuri tool kicks in. As soon as the plugin is installed, Sucuri security software begins providing continuous antivirus services, such as server-level scanning, malware removal, blacklist monitoring, advanced DDoS protection, identification of potential security threats, and many other helpful features that we’re about to dwell on.

Sucuri features

So, as it has been said, the Sucuri website is the leading comprehensive security solution for your platform. This is all thanks to its numerous amazing features that provide not only continuous monitoring with blacklist notifications and security threats removal but also the enhancement of the website’s working speed. In any case, let’s see what features the Sucuri security tool has in store for users.

Site hack protection

The site hack protection feature is one of Sucuri’s most valued aspects. Basically, it protects your website 24/7, and it’s thanks to the Intrusion Prevention System and Web Application Firewall. These two elements prevent any cyberattacks from ruining your online space. The firewall also enhances your website’s performance and maintains its standard ranking.

And the best part about this feature is that it works ahead of time. Specifically, it detects your website’s downsides or any potentially weak points so that hackers don’t get even the slightest chance to get into your space. The DDoS attack mitigation system covers the third and fourth layers of protection that could ruin your Wordpress website’s workflow. In other words, it prevents any future attacks.

Detection and scanning

Sucuri can also boast a terrific and up-to-date scanning feature. Many Sucuri reviews keep highlighting the same thing: the malware scan algorithms in the software are among the best on the market. The modern cyberattack scanner gives you daily updates about testing your site for all sorts of attacks, malware, hacking attempts, and blacklist removal status. All this information can be found in your Sucuri workspace.

In addition, the tool immediately sees any changes on your SSL certificate presence; tests your server files for spam, phishing, and backdoors; and SEO scans your Wordpress website servers for any possible spammy keywords that you ruin your brand. This process is done before the keywords canto influence your Wordpress website’s ranking. Once again, the Sucuri team works ahead of time.

Incident response

Any Sucuri review will tell you that Sucuri has magnificent incident response rates. The incident response feature effectively eliminates any malware or malicious codes from your online territory, takes care of SEO spam, deals with failed login attempts, submits removal requests, preventing potential attacks in the future.

The thing is that search engines aren’t exactly excited about vulnerable websites or those that might seem tricky. As a result, they try to stay away from your site and encourage visitors to do the same thing. This blacklist status lowers not only your security rates but also  

your traffic, and that’s why it’s so crucial to avoid having a blacklist status. In this context, the Sucuri website firewall does an amazing proactive job defending your website. This algorithm works for all Wordpress sites.

Boost of performance

Do you know how much your website’s performance impacts your company’s brand awareness and rates of conversion? The short answer is: immensely. For this reason, it is significant to keep your performance at a high level. Sucuri does this and even more. Its CDN performance booster and speed optimization feature do their magic. 

The latter enhances speed by as much as 70 percent and makes sure your website is running efficiently 24/7 seven days a week. If something bad happens, like a network failure, the CDN will run on a globally distributed network, which means you’ll still be able to do your job and perform unlimited malware cleanup

Sucuri Firewall review

A Sucuri website firewall alone is a work of art. Whether you’ve bought it as a part of your subscription for Website Security Service or you’re using it as an independent tool, it won’t disappoint you. Many Surui firewall reviews have claimed it to effectively protect your website from any sorts of hacking or attacks. It also takes good care of most popular CMSes, such as Wordpress (let’s not forget about the importance of Wordpress security), Joomla, and others. 

Remember what all Sucuri Firewall reviews tell us: if your website isn’t protected enough, it's on a dangerous path of being potentially hacked by Trojan software or other malicious resources. But Sucuri security algorithms prevent your site from being attacked like that.

How to set up Sucuri on your site

Setting up a Sucuri plugin on your website isn’t a challenge — it’s quite easy. Once you’ve installed the free plugin (well, free for the first 30 days), you’ll immediately get a notification about creating a Sucuri API key. After that, you’ll be able to activate all Sucuri features. So first, click the “Generate API key” button and keep following the directions the pop-up window gives you. Congrats, you’re now a part of the Sucuri users community! 

If you’d like to customize your Sucuri options later, you should simply go to the “Settings” section of your Sucuri dashboard and do it there. Also, be sure to check out the “Alerts” tabs of the “Settings” section to make sure all notification settings are set properly for you. But how do you start the scanning process and see if there are any security issues? It’s not hard either.

What you want to do is go from “Sucuri Security” to “Malware Scan” and click the button named “Scan Website.” Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Afterward, just go through the relevant tabs on your results page for more details. And if you want to improve your website’s protection, Sucuri has some helpful security tips in store for you. For that, check out the “Hardening” section and see what the software has to offer.

Sucuri Dashboard 1

Sucuri pros and cons

To most people, the “Pros and Cons” section of a review is the most useful and informative one. Surely, every software has its drawbacks and strong points, so let’s dive right into Sucuri’s!


  • Comprehensiveness — Sucuri website security platform is known as the most comprehensive cybersafety tool on the market. It not only eliminates the existing issues but also prevents any future ones;
  • Customer support team — Sucuri offers amazing customer support options that we’ll talk more about later.


  • Limited functions (especially for cheaper plans);
  • Pricing — this one is kind of dubious, but for more advanced plans, Sucuri offers a bit high prices (keep reading to learn about Sucuri pricing);

Sucuri pricing

Like every other self-respected service, Suruci offers several pricing options for any taste. 

First of all, there is a Basic plan, costing $199,99 annually. It gets you 12 hours of response time (aka protection) and the “Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate” feature. This option is considered to be affordable, but it safeguards your website only twelve hours a day.

The “Professional” plan is the most popular one, and it is worth $299,99 a year. It offers fewer intervals for scanning your website — specifically, 6 hours of response time. As for SSL certificates, his plan offers a custom SSL certificate

Finally, there is the “Business” plan. This pricing option is $499,99 a year, but it gives you plenty of perks in comparison to other plans. For example, 4 hours of guaranteed response time, half-hour blacklist notifications, an amazing DDoS system, and instant chat support. Logically, with the Business plan, you’ll have your website protected 24/7. But is this worth the money? Well, Sucuri cost is a controversial topic, so It’s only up to you. 

Sucuri support

Sucuri rates are high in customer and technical support systems. The support team is claimed to assist almost immediately and all day long (support hours being no more than 4). This is a terrific result in the security-service universe.

Sucuri offers live chat support (and an instant chat feature for advanced business users). All issues are dealt with with the help of Wordpress core team. The technical support staff also does an amazing job with support tickets so that you can track what is in your account. Ticket support is an integral part of any business, even though it takes more time. 

In addition, you can send an email to their mailbox at or call them by dialing 1-888-873-0817. And, if this wasn’t enough, there are a bunch of useful tutorials and blogs with tips for new and experienced users. 


By now, you may be able to tell that Sucuri is the ultimate website security platform, which works alongside the best cold outreach tools. It is safe to say that every decent Wordpress site has to use the Sucuri plugin if they want to keep their info safe and enhance their business efforts.

After all, Sucuri website security is not just about protecting your online space, it’s about doing your best to keep your data safe. It’s about neo security — a new level of cyber consciousness that all businesses are to adapt soon. So if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to use Sucuri, don’t hesitate (plus, it’s super easy to set up — you’ll only need to install the plugin and generate a simple API). Try it out and enjoy the results as there aren’t any Sucuri alternatives!