SolarWinds: IT Management Software and Observability Platform

Without a working and high-performing network, the modern business cannot thrive. You are not supposed to encounter network outages for email deliverability tools to perform effectively. With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), you will quickly diagnose any network issues and troubleshoot them, reducing your downtime. In addition to reducing downtime, the tool will enable your IT team to optimize performance and increase service levels for efficiency. You can easily track, receive alerts, and report on essential device metrics. You also will automatically monitor switches and network devices using the solution. 

Network automation manager gives users the real-time information they need to maintain their network operating at its best performance by giving them visibility into the health of network servers. Adding a device to SolarWinds monitoring is accessible regardless of your model. It has an excellent interface for looking at the statistics about the new device. Additionally, you will receive reports detailing the operating system details of your devices.

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About SolarWinds company

The primary purpose of network monitoring is to keep an eye on system performance, and you can also use it to find hidden security risks. According to our SolarWinds review, spotting hazards of any size before they develop into major ones is possible using the platform. For instance, spyware or viruses may not be visible at first inspection. The software is a relatively easy tool to use, and you can flag unusual activities, such as suspicious use of network resources, using several protocols and customization. The program monitors hardware, including endpoint devices, desktop PCs, routers, terminals, and mobile devices.

The SolarWinds cost guarantees quicker email delivery by ensuring your bandwidth is not overloaded at a fair price. You will receive a warning to change your quality of service when your consumption approaches ideal levels. The company creates a variety of infrastructure management tools that are all based on the Orion platform. Orion-based software works together seamlessly since they share a standard module. The Network Performance Manager, Net flow Traffic Analyzer, and Storage Resource Monitor are just a few of the numerous tools available in the Orion suite. It's essential to think carefully before deciding on a network monitoring solution for your company. It is best if you choose wisely for your firm because every corporation has different needs.

SolarWinds features

A key element of network monitoring solutions is identifying device failure or network trouble warning signs. You can locate the problem on your network and prevent downtime. Some of the significant features you will get when you use the monitoring solution include the following:

1. NPM auto-discovery

Every device must have an agent program installed for the provider to operate according to network operating standards. The SolarWinds Network Program will be preinstalled as part of the firmware of every device linked to a network. Instead of requiring users to search for new devices actively, the network monitoring solution automatically finds them as they are introduced to the network. In addition to resolving network issues, the fault management capabilities of the service provider show a clear picture of the cause that helps streamline the troubleshooting process.

The backend functionality of NPM is straightforward in design. A polling engine periodically queries Solar Network Monitoring Program (SNMP)-capable devices for data on CPU, memory, and other standard metrics. You first add your switches, routers, and servers to monitor your network.

2. Customizable dashboards

All network monitoring solutions have a dashboard where vital information and configurations are displayed, including the connected devices and performance metrics. Sometimes the information is challenging for those unfamiliar with the program; that's why the company uses a customizable dashboard that makes the work easier for you and your team. You will determine what metrics to see and how you want them displayed, saving a lot of your time.

3. Multi-vendor support

Different suppliers usually manufacture network equipment; hence, you will have compatibility issues without an effective solution. SNMP overcomes all software incompatibility problems. The software will help you see the real-time performance of your business, no matter the operating system you use on your devices.

4. Server & Application Monitor (SAM)

SolarWinds Company gives you the tools to ease the way you monitor servers on a single web console. SolarWinds services keep track of parameters like CPU load and offer information at the application level of the overall environment. The NetFlow traffic analyzer shows your real-time website traffic and how your users interact with your business.

5. Storage Resource Monitor (SRM)

SRM helps you to locate and resolve storage-related issues. If your firm uses big data, your IT infrastructure probably includes expensive storage and processing technology. SRM offers real-time, constant visibility for all layers of your storage infrastructure and supports various devices.

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SolarWinds pros and cons according to SolarWinds review

Your business cannot make it without technology because, in the present era, technology is a must for all enterprises. Networking is essential to any office-based business. Let’s look at some cons and pros when using SolarWinds integrations.


  1. It is user-friendly and scalable, with many customization options on its dashboard.
  2. The company is stable, and you will never experience any stability issues.
  3. The monitoring capabilities are at a high level.


  1. They only have slight graphics issues on their interface that won't affect any network monitoring.
  2. They have regional support but are limited to specific countries.

SolarWinds pricing

These days, IT staffs have a lot on their plates due to the complexity of networking. The correct monitoring solution, such as SolarWinds, will fix issues and reduce the burden ensuring perfect performance. SolarWinds pricing is categorized depending on business size and the complexity of the networking system. They include; team, business, professional, and enterprise pricing packages. Each price model has a free30 days trial. The team package is a starter package for small groups and costs only $19 per month. It is the best plan if your company is small and without many technicians; the program is per technician, and it supports unlimited users, 

Business is the second plan you can get for $39 per month, and it is charged per technician and supports unlimited users. It suits growing teams that are employing more than one technician. 

The Professional SolarWinds alternative is the third plan suitable for mature IT organizations. It costs $69 monthly per technician. The enterprise is the last package; at $89 monthly, you will get complete customizability. 

SolarWinds support

Finding performance problems is only half of what the network monitoring system does. The other work is alerting the users of the issues on their network. SolarWinds integrate the best email marketing tools that allow you to see the behavior patterns leading to poor email marketing campaigns. They have the best support if you want to reach out to them. For any questions on their pricing options contacting the sales team is easy. You can easily reach out to the provider's help desk by filling out a contact form on their official website, and they will answer all your questions. SolarWinds company live chart is also effective and replies in less than 4 minutes to your queries if you want quick responses.

When looking for a regional office, call the company using +1-866-530-8040, and you will be directed and assisted in getting the best network monitoring solutions. Ensure your business has zero email deliverability issues using  SolarWinds API. SolarWinds support will ensure you will never experience any spam issues on your side because the primary purpose of their tool is to warn you before anything fishy happens. You will never see spam traps or find you're your domain in blocklists because the web performance monitor automatically monitors your webpage for user experience.


It would be best to catch up with how technology evolves for your business to grow because networking is also changing with more innovative automated processes. It would be best if you had advanced solutions to keep up with this pace. IT downtime affects both big and small companies. Besides causing inconveniences, downtime is costly and may affect your business revenue in the long run. Most statistics show network-related issues are the number one cause of business downtime. Your company will escape the risk of errors and repetitive problems with the best network diagnostic tools. 

Our SolarWinds reviews will assist you in choosing the best solutions for your business, no matter the size or number of workers. With their affordable packages, you will get the best cold outreach tools to make getting prospects and engaging with your customers easier. Free up human errors and prioritize uptime using the monitoring agency's application performance monitoring solutions. You will avoid network services headaches for your team and users. You may already be aware that many business owners worry about data loss. Quickly establish automated backups of all your systems when the network monitor is installed on your network. Also, consider your budget to get the best SolarWinds pricing plan.