PRTG Network Monitor: Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring is vital to identify and prevent network performance issues. They promote using email deliverability tools to boost your email performance; you also need an effective network monitor to keep tabs on your network performance.

The PRTG Network Monitor is a well-known powerhouse in the network monitoring scene. It runs network infrastructures, devices, and business-oriented systems' monitoring needs of IT administrators worldwide. Every PRTG Network Monitor review online points to the irreplaceable integrations the agency introduces into your ecosystem. 

The network monitor has excellent aspects and device support for IT professionals to take advantage of. Besides, it is user-friendly, earning a spot as one of the ideal network monitors. Clients indicate the need for training before incorporating the tool for flawless operations when the company picks up the pace with high customer traffic.  

Herein is a PRTG Network Monitor Review discussion that discusses different service elements that assure optimal business returns.

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About PRTG Network Monitor company

PRTG Network Monitor Company increases your network efficiency because it helps you monitor resource consumption and bandwidth. It facilitates the smooth running of your computer systems because you solve network problems before they result in outages. You can install the partner's tools on-premise, where your personnel are in charge of their operations. 

With this network monitor, you can quickly check your entire network's status. The tool notifies you immediately if your device's status changes or a malfunction occurs. The timely notification helps you take immediate action before you experience losses.

You can use PRTG to monitor network traffic. The monitor shows you the connections, data types, or applications that strain your network. It triggers an alarm when the network experiences overloads or disruptions.

The PRTG network monitor service is ideal for individuals or businesses that want to avoid losses due to sudden system failures. It is also suitable for cost reduction because those who use it buy hardware and bandwidth according to the actual load.

Besides, PRTG is suitable for those who want to avoid bandwidth problems and server performance issues. Businesses will improve their service quality by proactively dealing with network performance issues. Even their marketing efforts are likely to pay off, thanks to a disruption-free network with the best cold outreach tools.

PRTG Network Monitor features

The monitor has the following features:

  1. Maps and dashboards
  2. Distributed monitoring
  3. Multi-user APIs
  4. Reporting
  5. Auto network discovery 
  6. Failover cluster
  7. Security elements

Maps and dashboards 

The real-time maps have live status information to help you visualize your network and manage functions with hands-on strategies. The mapping provisions allow you to monitor the growth and reach of network facilities as the traffic steadily expands. The PRTG Network Monitor API dashboards are necessary for managing function sharing and collaboration between the departments involved. Live feed enables clear communication of new objectives according to data movements compared to business projections at the initiation. 

Distributed monitoring 

Networks require constant inspection and scheduled maintenance efforts to keep things in optimal working mode. The resources from your partner allow flexibility in keeping an eye on other tools in your ecosystem by using suitable automation protocols. The PRTG Network Monitor allows you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure in a single pane of glass and across distributed locations.

Multiple user interfaces 

The web interface, Android/iOS apps, and the PRTG desktop application allow you to monitor your network from any remote location. There are equally user-friendly interfaces for users to access the business environment where they can access your goods and services. 

Customizable reporting 

The monitor gives you customizable reports so you can inform others reliably and efficiently to solve network problems before they worsen. This feature allows you to receive alerts when there are unusual metrics and issues on your network. The PRTG Network Monitor integrations have a data-processing algorithm that compares market conditions and movement metrics. They release regular useful insights that inform company policy-making decisions by the board. 

Automatic network discovery 

This feature intelligently discovers all devices in your network and creates appropriate sets of sensors. You can then dedicate each located network to perform particular marketing functions that will contribute to business profitability in the future.

Failover cluster 

Every PRTG Network Monitor installation has built-in cluster functionality. One failover node is free for safe monitoring without fail. The Central Management Console (CMC) monitors all applications, systems, devices, and traffic in your network infrastructure in a single glass pane. 


PRTG Network Monitor has security integrations like SSL encryption and password logins on user accounts to safeguard the security of your network monitoring. It also logs out users that were inactive for a certain period. The tools maintain your end of the user policy agreement where you pledge to protect user data against malicious entities.  

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PRTG Network Monitor pros and cons from PRTG Network Review pages

From the various PRTG Network Monitor reviews, the following advantages stand out:


  1. It is a user-friendly tool to use in any network infrastructure.
  2. It provides real-time information about the health of your network. 
  3. It has good customer support for clients. 

But it isn't without challenges like:


  1. It uses sensor-based licensing, which could be costly. 
  2. It could be not very easy for some users to set up custom monitoring in the initial stages. 

The few negatives about the tool are likely to inform the decision to try other PRTG Network Monitor alternative options on the market. 

PRTG Network Monitor pricing

PRTG Network Monitor cost starts from $1,799 per server per license. It allows you to monitor up to 500 aspects of your network devices, which is about 50 devices.

Another pricing package is the PRTG 1000, which costs $3,399 per server per license. This package allows you to monitor up to 1,000 network device aspects, which translates to about 100 devices.

The PRTG 2500 costs $6,899 per server per license. This package caters to monitoring up to 2500 aspects of your network devices, which could be about 250 devices.

Also, a PRTG 5000 pricing package costs $11 99 per server per license. This package allows you to monitor up to 5,000 aspects of the devices in your network. It translates to about 500 devices.

The PRTG Network Monitor pricing category is the most expensive plan, which costs $15,999 per server per license. The network monitors about 10,000 aspects of your network devices, which is about 1,000 devices.

All PRTG Network Monitors are valid indefinitely. But it would be best if you renewed maintenance plans to continue accessing technical support and product updates.

PRTG Network Monitor support

The agency has a PRTG Network Monitor support team handling all client concerns after installing the relevant monitoring software capabilities. Your assistance depends on whether the resources are in your business vicinity or hosted by the service provider. It would help if you got to contact the customer care desk via phone number +4991193775-0. The assistant on the other end will be willing to patiently explain the detail of your operational challenge and the best solution. 

Additionally, you can use the website page to fill in a form asking questions about pricing, upgrades, new licenses, and maintenance. They usually respond within one business day (Monday to Friday). The team will go to all lengths to exhaust the detail of all your network's shortcomings to ensure you are back on track to meet marketing goals. The live chat feature enables instant responses for small concerns requiring straightforward solutions. 

Finally, the PRTG Network Monitor services are available via email communication between the IT experts on both ends. Your team can compile all the problems witnessed in the installed platform before emailing via official email to get potential steps to streamline operations. Social media help via FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn is also a viable option.   


The Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is essential to employ and avoid network performance issues. It notifies you when a network malfunction occurs or your device status changes. With the ease of checking your network status, you can prevent system outages in time, all thanks to the PRTG Network Monitoring tool. Hence, a stable network facilitates the ease of using the best email marketing tools to market your business to success. 

Customers appreciate the flexibility and affordability of the PRTG Network Monitor pricing options incurred to enjoy the tools. You can download the network monitor for free and enjoy unlimited use of its tools for 30 days. The software reverts to the freeware edition if you don't upgrade to a paid license after 30 days.

The PRTG Network Monitor keeps tabs on your network and alerts you of any changes or malfunctions that could bring the system down. It helps you detect system failures to rectify them before they worsen. Hence, it safeguards your business' service delivery because you are less likely to experience network outages.