MxToolbox: MX Lookup Tool

Nowadays, all businesses depend on emails to effectively communicate with customers, therefore it’s essential to know if your emails are being delivered without encountering blacklisting issues. From managing email configurations to giving you DNS records and insights, the MxToolbox service is your expert in email deliverability. Numerous network infrastructure faults can be identified and fixed with the program, which millions of email marketing professionals utilize. It is a cutting-edge, all-in-one diagnostic tool with exceptional real-life skills to pinpoint problems. Additionally, this software removes all the challenges of running a mail server. The mail flow monitor diagnoses email deliverability issues before they explode.

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About MxToolbox

Free DNS, email, and blacklist tools, as well as paid monitoring solutions, are all offered by MxToolbox. Putting this tool into use will maintain your business productivity at peak levels and reduce many email marketing tasks making your employees productive. MxToolbox will inform your business where your email campaigns are landing. The lookup tool will show whether your emails are landing in junk, inbox, or spam folders.

Your sender’s Geolocation and their blacklist's reputation are other information provided by this tool. Scammers using your business name to send emails are shown on your dashboard. The tool will provide information on who is sending emails claiming to be from your domain in real-time.

MxToolbox shows how your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is performing. The maintenance you are supposed to put in place to improve email deliverability is also provided for you by the integrations. The tools monitoring solution shows your recipient’s complaints. Recipients usually send their complaints to their inbox provider; hence using the tool will provide every detail. 

Monitoring the domain's health is one of the unique tools you will find in this package. Apart from executing network performance issues, the tool ensures your systems are performing optimally by doing important domain and email tests that are sent as reports showing the areas that require urgent solutions. Another critical task that MxToolbox integrations do is to monitor your website performance in real time and alert you in case of any costly outages.

MxToolbox is suitable for small, medium, and big businesses because the company is the leading provider of paid and free lookup tools. If you have more unique needs for your business, opt for the MxToolbox delivery center plans that are usually paid for. You will get many benefits, including investigating domain names and MX records. You can also manage and measure the performance of DMARC and SPF configurations, which is key to getting email delivery insights.

Your customers are sending complaints to inbox providers like Google and Yahoo, which often includes full inboxes, and emails reported as spam or dead inboxes. A new function in the MxToolbox delivery center integrates complaints and makes them visible to you. This complaint makes it difficult for your messages to reach your customers, thus affecting your email deliverability. The tool will list failed emails and the ones that have unsubscribed from your email campaigns. You can remove them from your email marketing lists and improve your brand's reputation.

MxToolbox features

MxToolbox is highly acclaimed because of these features; DNS monitoring, mail flow monitoring, domain health monitoring, HTTP website monitoring, and blacklist monitoring.

1. DNS monitoring

DNS changes can significantly impact your organization; hence, monitoring your DNS records is crucial.MxToolbox services use MxRecords diagnosis to ensure everything is in order in case you launch your website. This will allow you to detect all DNS issues on your domain and email server systems. The tool will send notifications in real-time if there is DNS hijacking or changes.

2. Mail Flow Monitoring

Emails are essential when it comes to marketing. Encountering delays, even the short ones, will significantly cost your business. You won't likely encounter problems running an email server if you have this equipment at your disposal because the tool will implement the best cold outreach tools. The mail flow monitor will test your email server and identify issues using a simple mail transfer protocol before they cause damage to your servers. In case of any delays, the tool will alert you.

3. Domain Health Monitoring

When it comes to the health of your domain, MxToolbox performs many network performance tests, domain checks, and email tests to ensure sure the system is operating at its peak performance. A monitor is a comprehensive tool for keeping track of the health of your entire domain. The results are usually sent to network administrators in reports indicating areas requiring urgent solutions.

4. HTTP Website Monitoring

In case of potential outages in your business site, this website monitoring tool set will alert you, thus preventing any unnecessary time-consuming costs.

5. Blacklist Monitoring

Email blacklists are a typical method of minimizing spam. The tool will monitor blacklists, and in case of any potential deliverability issues, you will be alerted. The company uses MxToolbox API integrations to perform these actions. The tool prevents malware and unwanted visits to your domain.

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MxToolbox pros and cons

The functionality and support of MXToolbox meet many businesses' needs. No matter how email marketing tools execute many tasks, there are also some drawbacks they come along with. Let us discuss some of the critical pros and cons of using MxToolbox.


  1. The tool has useful dashboards that show overall reporting, which makes it a must for email marketers. 
  2. MxToolbox has the most effortless setup that doesn’t require downloading files to install.


  1. For enterprise-level clients with multiple brands to manage, MxToolbox is expensive to manage because you will require several domains.
  2. The free package is limited to fewer features that only small businesses can use, not big brands.

MxToolbox pricing

The company has three pricing plans. They include:

Free Plan

MxToolbox free version has limited features. Using a free plan means you will get only 2 blacklist monitors. The blacklist checks run after every 7 days.

Delivery Center

The price is $129, and you will get 64 blacklist monitors and 5 delivery center domains. The blacklist checks run every 1 hour with more than 100 blacklists to confirm good domain health. The plan will allow you to get all the reports, alerts, email delivery performance reports, and DMARC protection.

Delivery Center Plus

The pricing plan is the last one with all the features any email marketer needs. At only $399, you will get real-time blacklist checks and monitor 256 blacklists. You will also get 5 delivery sender domains with more than 100 blacklists which you can check. With this plan, you will get SPF flattening and DMARC protection.

MxToolbox support

Having been in the email market for around 2 decades, the MxToolbox has dramatically advanced its email delivery tools. They also have a support team that is usually dedicated and responds to their client's query shortly after you contact them; you can either send a message or call them. You can send a message to them by filling out a short contact form indicating your company name, domain name, email address, and query. 

If you have issues or want to know more about the services and different plans they offer, you can read the frequently asked questions on their website. To learn more concerning MxToolbox support and the safety of your data or their privacy, send an email here.

In case you are looking for further clarification or want to learn more about the MxToolbox delivery center plan you want to purchase, you can also reach the company’s customer service team via telephone at (866)-698-6652.


MxToolbox provides free blacklist and email tools, including DNS tools. According to our MxToolbox reviews, you will use the delivery center platform to understand if emails are sent from your domain and identify potential deliverability issues.

The tool helps in both blacklisting and whitelisting IP addresses. MxToolbox blacklisting allows you to block access to any malicious or suspicious entities, while the whitelist allows only approved entities that you trust to access your domain. You can whitelist IP addresses by creating a list of only entities you want and blocking everything else. With a delivery center plan of $129 per month, you can make this possible and avoid spam attempts on your high-volume email server campaigns. The MxToolbox alternative is Sendinblue. With the integration of the best email marketing tools, your email marketing success is inevitable.