Dotcom-Monitor: Website Monitoring and Performance Testing

Present-day marketing is a complex and multi-layer industry. Some businesses worry about their email deliverability, content quality, and spam rates, which are vital stats. However, another critical point to consider is web performance and functionality. No matter how well-strategized your marketing campaign is, it will be of little use if your potential clients can’t exploit offered web platforms and services to the fullest. That is where Dotcom-Monitor comes into use, and a detailed Dotcom-Monitor review will help you understand the tool better.

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Dotcom-Monitor review: a brief introduction

Dotcom-Monitor company is usually described as a performance testing and web monitoring service. The service is designed to help your marketing team track the web app, service, and page stats in real time. Unlike many of the best cold outreach tools, Dotcom-Monitor is centered around user interaction with your platform. The launched algorithms drive data from real browsers so that all the gathered information is valid and up-to-date.

Primary Dotcom-Monitor features

All the best email marketing tools come with unique features to use, and Dotcom-Monitor isn’t an exception. In fact, its functions are quite unique to the industry.

Detailed reports

Instead of general reports, the Dotcom-Monitor services enable users to pick the element they want to be tracked. Such an approach ensures that you can detect downtime or a root cause in no time. Besides, the feature allows it to retrieve vital information in real-time and visualize all the received stats in the most suitable manner.

Unique alert system

Whenever web monitoring slips your mind, but an inevitable happens, the system will notify you instantly. You can set up the notifications according to your needs and preferences so that you can work on the arising issue the minute a critical alert comes up. The customization range is close to unlimited.

Dotcom-Monitor API

The tool ensures you can interact with any vital information beyond its interface. Thus, the number of Dotcom-Monitor integrations is pretty impressive. You can integrate the platform with your mobile device, desktop, Slack, or Azure to enhance the overall performance of your web service.

Script recorder

There is barely any Dotcom-Monitor alternative that would allow it to record and set parameters for apps you want to monitor without any required coding skills. Besides, when you create a script, you can upload it to the Dotcom-Monitor cloud or save it to your device. You can also play the script back before saving it and customize it in the process should the need arise.

Filter system

Despite the number of perks that the AI comes with, there is room for false alerts, and the Dotcom-Monitor company has found a way to overcome those. The sensitive system in use ensures that you can create individual filters to leave all the false alerts out.

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Pros and cons of Dotcom-Monitor

Many Dotcom-Monitor reviews skip the subject of potential service’s downsides. Yet, you should have a complete picture in front of you to decide if the tool suits your needs and expectations.


  • Acceptable price policy
  • Free Trial Available
  • Numerous monitoring functions


  • No precise price list available
  • Lacking browser compatibility
  • Stress testing errors occur

Dotcom-Monitor pricing policy

Dotcom-Monitor does not feature a one-for-all pricing plan compared to other website monitoring tools. Dotcom-Monitor cost depends on the number of tracking steps allowed for a single account and the monitoring frequency. To get precise Dotcom-Monitor pricing, you must contact the service representative to get a detailed price list. However, it is worth mentioning that the Dotcom-Monitor pricing starts at $19.99 per month.

If you are unsure whether the service is the one you need, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial version. Platform users aren’t asked to provide their card details or any other personal information to test the Dotcom-Monitor service. On top of that, you can become a company affiliate and generate income together by referring clients.

Dotcom-Monitor support policy

Dotcom-Monitor has been in the industry for almost 25 years, so its support system deserves additional attention. Aside from a live chat option that the company is proud of, you can fill out a request form and have your issue answered through email. Should you feel like you can solve the matter on your own and are in the mood to learn something new, you can browse the Knowledge Base section available on the website. No matter the preferred route, each request is reacted to immediately and professionally.

Final words

After finalizing our Dotcom-Monitor review, we can say that the service is one of the most reliable web monitoring and stress testing solutions. You can track your web service performance in real-time and notice potential issues before they harm your platform. On top of that, the price policy and free version ensure that most users can afford to exploit the tool. Lastly, a user-oriented interface and professional support policy bring the software even close to an inexperienced customer.