If you’re still considering whether or not to resort to DNS records, this post is for you. So, the short answer is “yes”. Yes, you should use DNS Checker services. In fact, everyone should. It has long become an integral part of any self-respected individual and (especially) company to use such a product. And you’re about to find out why.

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About DNS Checker

If you’re an individual or a brand trying to enhance your email deliverability, reduce the risk of malicious activity, facilitate the management of your website, organize your records, and improve overall business security, then you definitely need a DNS Checker. All DNS Checker reviews keep saying the same thing: it’s a go-to tool when it comes to cybersafety.

In a nutshell, a DNS checker is a crucial web hosting feature. The service helps administer and manage Domain Name Systems (hence the name, DNS) for specific domains or even sets of them. The platform does a bunch of things for you, including creating and changing DNS records, post-managing of DNS zones after the creation, nameservers adding or removing, administration of domain name system records, detailed analysis of your work progress, domain name-checking, DNS lookup and checking, country listings for data-based results, and many other cool things. This way, the DNS checker is a must-have for those responsible for DNS management as it facilitates your workflow to a great extent.

DNS servers do a lot of the background work. Simply put, they perform as a translation tool between humans and computers. They also deal with IP addresses. Say, you want to go on Google. What do you do? You type in “google.com”. But computers don’t perceive this information as humans do. You have to translate it into their “computer language”. This computer language is IP addresses. So what does the DNS checker do? It translates words into numbers (like “180.193”) so that the system can understand what is needed and what is going on in general. This way, it is safe to say that any decent business needs DNS servers to function successfully.

However, these are only some of the DNS checker tools. Let’s explore what else the software has in store for you.

DNS Checker features

So, the DNS Checker provides a full package of tools, divided by category. And each category has a set of awesome features. Let’s dive into detail.

  • DNS tools (solve all issues related to DNS, with the help of features like DNS domain validation, DNS lookup, DS & NS lookup, and other kinds of lookups);
  • IP tools (assist with any IP-related problems, using features like IP blacklist checker, IP geolocation, hostname resolutions, trace routes, and the “What is my IP address” feature);
  • Developer tools (include features like URL rewriting, checking broken links, generating graphs, opening multi URLs, and more);
  • Designer tools (helps with the new website aesthetics, helping integrate any color system to Pantone. It is thanks to design features that people consider DNS checker one of the best email marketing tools);
  • Webmaster tools (through analytics, help analyze a website’s performance, with features like Google ranking page checker, link analyzer, and user agent checker.);
  • Networking (features: MAC address generation and lookup, and TCP port checking);
  • Cybersecurity (with things like password generator, SSL certificate checker, and encryption systems, you’ll get a higher level of web safety);
  • Productivity tools (self-explanatory. Features include: QR scanning, checking of credit card, searching for reverse images, name checkers, and other not-really-servers-related yet crucial stuff);
  • Downloading tools (allow video hosting sites with features like Vimeo Downloader & Facebook Video Downloader).
  • Games (the lovely Minecraft color code feature).

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DNS Checker pros & cons

Now, let’s move on to the fun part. What is good and bad about the DNS lookup system?

Here are the DNS pros:

  • Speed — the tool performs quick servers checking;
  • live DNS propagation resultsDNS propagation checker gives you almost immediately, but most importantly, effective results. “Server propagation check is instantly done!” might as well be their motto;
  • management made easy — as it’s been mentioned, the checker significantly facilitates your work;
  • high security — with DNS lookup, you can be calm that your data is confidential and no one will use it to their advantage. Thus, system records aren’t to be worried about;

Now, let’s move on to the less pleasant part of the review.

These are the DNS cons:

  • Limited SEO features — to get on the list of the best cold outreach tools, the product needs more SEO tools than it has at the moment;
  • DNS Checker integrations — are there any? The official website doesn’t mention any.
  • Interface — let’s be honest, the company’s website isn’t the most user-friendly environment you’ve ever entered. It’s not exactly pleasant to the eye or easy to use. Some improvements could be made here (maybe, DNS Checker API could use some help?).
  • An all-in-one tool — after all, DNS is a full-package tool, specializing in many things. As a result, it’s pretty good for all of them but not the best for any.

Now you know it all, and it’s up to you whether or not to purchase their products.

DNS Checker pricing

Normally, the cost for similar products is pretty high. However, DNS Checker’s official website doesn’t seem to have a pricing page. You might as well suppose it’s free and try to use their online (possibly free or demo versions of) products or contact them directly and ask for an individual quote. By the way, let’s discuss that.

DNS Checker support

When it comes to customer support, the situation is much better. After all, you can contact the support team by going to the “Contact us” page on their website (lower right bottom corner). There, you can type your name, email address, and the message you want to convey, and the reps will soon get in touch with you.


This part is quite controversial. Are there any DNS Checker alternatives on the market? Yes. Are they analogous to it? No. They’re not as versatile. 

But for what it’s worse, dnschecker.org is truly safe, so you can trust it with your data (like a domain name). Plus, it’s quite useful as it allows you to check your changes every once in a while and, thus, make sure they follow all necessary standards. Email and Domains Blacklist Checkers are important to ensure your emails don’t go into spam folders. So, to use this tool, just enter your domain URL and click “enter”. You’ll only have to wait a couple of minutes for results. What are you waiting for? Try it out!