It is incredible how much of a difference working with a qualified DNS provider can make regarding your browsing experience and connection speed. Yet, with all the email deliverability issues, potential spam traps, and blacklists, it is easy to let the notion of adequately managed DNS domains skip your mind.

In case you have a vague idea of what DNS is and why it matters, it is enough to mention that Domain Name System connects your Internet inquiry with the matching website. To put it simply, DNS is a peculiar network protocol designed to quickly and safely direct you to the URL source you are interested in.

Given the utmost importance of the process, various vendors claim to present the best DNS services. However, not always the mentioned offers are worth the attention. So, today we will try to figure out what makes the popular Cloudflare DNS service unique and why you may want to consider investing in it.

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What is Cloudflare's DNS service?

To decide whether you may want to seek a Cloudflare DNS alternative, you should know what the given service can offer. Countless sources claim that Cloudflare runs one of the most impressive DNS networks on the planet. However, if you are new to the sphere, the affirmation will tell you little about the DNS provider. Thus, we will dig a little deeper to bring the matter closer to you.

One of the primary things to remember about the DNS is that it is fast and secure. With Cloudflare, you will never face DNS propagation delays, which is a good thing. Aside from that, the mentioned DNS resolver hasn't been spotted sharing user data with different third-party vendors and advertisers. Should you be wondering what a resolver is, you can imagine it as a specialized server that 'translates' various IP addresses to domain names so that you gain access to different sites and platforms in the quickest and most protected way.

Those of you who have been in the industry for a while are surely aware that an Internet Service Provider can serve as a resolver too. So, why should you choose Cloudflare instead? The answer lies above – none of the known ISPs can match Cloudflare's security standards and enhanced performance.

Unique Cloudflare DNS services

Whether these are the best cold outreach tools you are brooding upon or any other additional service to implement into the workflow, you must ensure that the presented features cover your basic needs and that there is something more in store. Let's discuss the special functions of the Cloudflare service that will help you grow your safe and secure online presence.

Enhanced DDoS mitigation

The results of different DDoS attacks can be pretty unpredictable, yet they are never pleasant to deal with. According to the stats that the Cloudflare team provides, the network capacity they provide is over 20 times bigger when compared to the most prominent attack detected so far. Once you sign for Cloudflare DNS, you will receive enhanced DDoS mitigation so that you can save your company the expenses and stress of dealing with one of the harmful DDoS attacks others may face.

Effortless DNSSEC

In case you don't know, there are also on-path attacks that can alter and spoof DNS records. Cloudflare content delivery network ensures that your DNS lookup process is well-protected against those as well. The proper implementation of DNSSEC provides another level of security. Moreover, you don't have to be an expert in the area to succeed in the process. It takes as much as a single click to turn the protection on.

Straightforward configuration

Dealing with DNS entries may require a fair share of experience in the industry. Yet, the Cloudflare DNS API and the system interface are utterly user-friendly and simplified, so anyone with little to no experience in the field can succeed with effective configuration. Besides, after everything is activated, the proper automation of the process ensures that no additional meddling is necessary. Should you face any difficulties, you can always reach out to the support desk and have any issue solved in a matter of minutes.

Improved load balancing

To receive genuine traffic, a business has to ensure that the application in use is always available. However, it happens so that sometimes unhealthy server pools disrupt the flow. That is where the load balancing that Cloudflare provides comes into use. Both local and global balancing ensures that your traffic is distributed via the best and the most responsive server pools.

In-depth analytics

It is not enough to configure the DNS traffic and wait for it to provide the best results. You should be ready to constantly monitor it to detect potential risks and fix them in time. The Cloudflare dashboard grants uninterrupted access to all the stats on DNS queries. Various filters are available to make the process even simpler and more detailed.

Email security DNS

Like all the best email marketing tools, the Cloudflare network has to protect your domain from all potential frauds. To stop intruders from sending malware and adult content on your behalf, the service offers a unique Email Security Wizard to deal with such malicious actors. Once an issue that concerns email insecurity or improper configuration arises, the system will notify you immediately.


Another worthy feature of Cloudflare's service would be the Web Application Firewall (WAF). The main aim of the firewall is to detect and block all sorts of application-related weak spots.

Cloudflare DNS integrations

Lastly, if you are not ready to bid your farewells with another DNS service in use, Cloudflare gives you a chance to combine the two. A unique level of integration ensures that you can exploit either DNS provider as a secondary or primary service. Such an approach helps to double if not triple your security and work in the most comfortable environment.

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Basic pros and cons of Cloudflare DNS service

Some Cloudflare DNS reviews decide to skip on potential downsides of the vendor for the sake of its outstanding features. However, it is critical to be aware of all the existing downsides to finalize your decision on further cooperation with the platform.


  • Unparalleled DDoS attack protection.
  • Limitless CDN provided.
  • Proper access to cache management.


  • Lengthy installation process.
  • Overcluttered dashboard.
  • Missing auto-scale image serving.

Cloudflare DNS pricing policy

Among all similar services, Cloudflare stands out not only due to its peculiar functions and features but also because of the price policy. The vendor presents four different membership types. They are the following:

  • Free plan;
  • Pro plan;
  • Business plan;
  • Enterprise plan.

Free version

One of the most peculiar membership types offered is the free one. While it is natural to assume that it should be the most limited option of all, the reality isn't that simple. The truth is that the free plan includes an unlimited number of domains allowed. Thus, you can add as many sites as you wish. At the same time, all the following tiers offer a single domain and unlimited subdomains. All because the pre-paid subscription types cover other essential service features that the free one lacks. You can find the detailed plan comparison provided on the official Cloudflare website. Yet, if it is a small project or a hobby, the plan is more than enough.

Pro plan

Should you decide to launch a professional site that isn't business-critical, the second type of Cloudflare subscription would come into use. It costs $20 a month and covers a plethora of valuable features.

Business plan

Those who run a small online business may find that the Business plan is precisely what is needed. The membership costs $200 and includes all the features from the previous plans and a wide variety of perks on top.

Enterprise plan

The last pre-paid subscription type that Cloudflare presents is designed to suit the requirements of critical business apps that drive the company or enterprise. The precise cost of the membership isn't stated on the service's website, since you will have to work on a personal plan that covers your requirements.

Cloudflare DNS support system

The support system of the service is as impressive as their promised load time, topped with all the other outstanding features. However, some support options are available depending on your subscription type.

Free users can browse through the impressive blog section of the service, interact with other users on the forum, or submit a written inquiry through the Contact form. Based on the client feedback, the answer will be received within the next 24 hours.

At the same time, pre-paid clients will be offered to communicate with the support desk rep through email, online chat, or phone. The latter two communication types are reserved for Business and Enterprise users only.


Cloudflare DNS service is one of the market's fastest and most secure DNS providers. The network is designed to ensure that any type of website or platform you bring online is private, safe, and reliable. Aside from that, the system works as a dedicated domain registrar and static content source. Cloudflare DNS ensures proper query name minimization to eliminate privacy leakage and related breaches.

While the system presents different pre-paid subscription types, it features a worthy free plan that can help a startup reach the business level in no time. Such handy features as DDoS mitigation, CNAME record support, DNS resolution, and enhanced load balancing topped with detailed analytics ensure that Cloudflare stands out from the competition.