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No matter how great your success is, there is always a way to amplify it. 

Due to the NDA agreement, our client wished to remain anonymous and therefore will be further referred to as The Client.

Operating in 110 countries worldwide, the NDA company provides a leading no-code/low-code platform for process management and CRM to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations. Enjoying a high recognition among key industry analysts, the company works with hundreds of partners and continues developing intelligent products.

However, any successful and fast-growing company is always looking for new strategies to implement, new tactics to explore. Due to this, the company team started exploring best email deliverability practices and decided to receive additional expertise from professionals who know everything about mailboxes. That search led the NDA to Folderly. 

Breaking point 

The ultimate factors that prompted the company team to connect with Folderly were the following:

1) Email marketing boost. The company gained new clients by generating raw leads and qualifying them, turning them into MQLs. Since email marketing played an important role in that process, the team wanted to keep their mailboxes and Sender Score in the perfect state with the help of innovative practices from outreach pros. 

The amount of emails delivered directly to your recipients’ inboxes amounts to your Sender Score. If your sender reputation is high, you’ll have no issues with expanding your client database and building new connections. However, maintaining a high sender reputation is a constant work that demands full attention and advanced tools. 

2) Mailbox warmup. The team wanted to ensure that each recipient knew they were reached out by a real human being and was interested in a conversation. This goal is best achieved by a gradual and knowledgeable mailbox warmup. They wanted to receive professional tips from Folderly to make sure that their email campaigns were on the right track. 


“When Vlad, Folderly CEO, tuned in to speak with us and discuss our goals, it was a stark difference between Folderly and the rest of services we scanned through” 

Email deliverability consultation. Before starting our work, we connected with the representative of the NDA company to explore their workflow, evaluate the goals of their email marketing campaigns, select the most fitting strategies and implement them as smoothly as possible.  

  • Domain checkup. It’s a necessary stage of our deliverability audit that includes checking the following elements of domain reputation:
  • DNS settings. The DNS settings are responsible for pointing email traffic to receiving servers and email management. We looked through company’s SPF record, MX record and DMARC policy to make sure there were no issues capable of affecting the company’s domains.
  • Email content analysis. With Folderly’s mailbox audit, the client was able to check the email templates used by the company. The audit has shown that the templates corresponded with email outreach guidelines and were well-received by the email services.
  • Warmup practices. Since the NDA client uses email marketing for engaging prospects who have already been nurtured through social media campaigns, our Folderly team offered a set of strategies that would let the client maintain a high open rate and keep the mailboxes performance steady.
  • Overall checkup.  Having monitored the mailboxes with Folderly’s deliverability audits, we documented high deliverability rate and Sender score. 


“We were happy to receive some tips from Folderly. They were really easy to implement, no burden to our time and budget”

  • Increase in open rate and lead generation. Being confident about their deliverability and open rate, the team went on with their marketing campaigns, verifying high-value leads and processing them in the sales funnel.
  • New email sending practices. Since the Folderly team stayed in touch with the client 24/7, the client was supplied with the most relevant recommendations on deliverability rate management. 

Key takeaways

  • Start with checking DNS settings. Your DNS records are responsible for your emails’ journey through the complicated infrastructure that is electronic mail transmission. If something in your SPF record or MX record is not written correctly, it instantly slows your outreach down. Without your records fixed, editing templates or warming up new mailboxes would be as futile as applying band-aids to an open fracture.  Also, any change or addition to your records needs some time to settle in, so the sooner you locate an issue, the better it is for you and your email marketing. 
  • Always start with warmup. Whether it’s a new domain or a new email address, take some time to introduce it to the email services you work with. If you want your email delivered and your recipients responding, mailbox warmup can deliver you both.
  • Boost your marketing with consulting. The more you know about the technical processes behind your sales channel, the bigger is your reward. When you’re contemplating the ways of polishing your performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to experts who can give you a new perspective. 
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