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Dariia Leshchenko
Aug 30, 2022
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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. All successful brands use it to grow their client base and revenue. However, although cold email campaigns are widely used across industries, not every campaign launched is successful.

You can create the perfect content for your email, but users will never going to read it. This happens because sometimes deliverability rates are lower than expected. If you're wondering how to effectively grow cold deliverability rates in real-time, then you need Folderly, which is known as one of the best email deliverability services on the market.

What Is an Email Deliverability and Why Is It Important?

Along with new channels of communication with customers emerging in the world of digital marketing, email remains the most effective way to reach your target audience.

Depending on the strategy, budget, and technical resources, brands send different types of campaigns: monthly newsletters, weekly briefings, regular promotions, etc.

The design also ranges from a simple template with basic blocks to a complex piece of art that uses the latest advances in mail design. 

But no matter how perfect your campaigns are from a visual point of view, you invest your time, effort, and money in them. So, it's very frustrating when they do not reach the addressees due to poor delivery. As a result, you don’t get leads and sales, and your audience misses out on great deals.

To address this issue and avoid similar situations in the future, you need to review your marketing strategy regularly and use Folderly. This email performance solution is based on the best delivery practices. As deliverability provides a visual representation of how many of your emails end up in your subscribers' inboxes, you certainly need this application for your further success.

Reasons Why Your Emails May End Up in Spam

The email may end up in the spam folder for the following reasons:

  • The users manually moved the mail to spam;
  • Individual subscription settings;
  • The mail provider, such as Gmail, rejected the email; or/and
  • The mail server rejected the letter.

The factors that affect deliverability can be divided into internal and external.

Internal factors are the content of the letter and the compliance of the template used with accepted standards. Internal factors include the following:

  • Email subject lines;
  • Email text (content of your email);
  • Email footer.

External factors that can affect deliverability include:

  • The reputation management of the sender;
  • Work with the base of subscribers; and/or
  • Regularity of sending emails.

Why Do You Need To Monitor Deliverability?

You need email deliverability monitoring to: 

  • Win the competition for the attention of users. Having problems with message deliverability, you may miss the chance to offer your solution to the problem. In this case, the user will use the services of competitors.
  • Verify that authentication is set correctly. If the emails reach your audience, then you have received permission from the mail providers, confirming the right to send emails.
  • Confirm the reputation of your service. An automated emailing service is an intermediary between your message and the mail provider. When you send emails, the service provides you with its SMTP server. For your emails to find recipients, they must have a reliable reputation.
  • Understand if something went wrong. Along with the technical side, deliverability is affected by the number of unsubscribers and adding your emails to spam. If the deliverability indicator drops, you should identify the reasons and then make changes to the content of emails and their frequency- improve email deliverability by pulling up other metrics.

What Is Folderly?

Folderly is an AI-based email performance platform for B2C and B2B companies looking to supercharge email marketing. Its main task is to make sure that all client emails get into the Inbox folder and turn mailing lists into an effective marketing tool.

The team deeply studied all the subtleties in marketing, so the processes got maximum efficiency. They divided the work into several main stages, which allowed the team to reach a completely new level. Leads, Cold Email Outreach, Qualification, and Appointment setting consist of additional stages:

1. Mail template writing. Competently writing a mail that will not fall into spam and attract attention is not so easy. To do this, Folderly built a whole department that not only writes the subject and body of the mail but also:

  • Delves into the anatomy of mail and a chain of letters;
  • Maximizes conversion taking into account the experience (when working with clients in different industries);
  • Takes into account the technical side of the sending process- delay, mail limits, spam filters, working CTA.

The clients work in different industries: from outsourcing to companies in the oil and energy industries, factory production, and enterprise systems. There are even those who create components for space rockets for NASA and SpaceX. This allows the team to accumulate experience in B2B lead generation, learn, and grow in almost all industries, maximizing efficiency to help scale the clients' businesses.

2. Deliverability includes sending infrastructure - domain, mailboxes, and their settings. Google forced the team to delve into the third stage in the spring of 2019 after updating the system. Then it became much more difficult to send and deliver letters. There were no tools on the market that adequately help to understand and solve a problem that suddenly arose. At this stage, the team decided to create the product.

How and When Did the Idea to Create the Product First Arise?

Folderly was created out of need. Belkins, as an appointment settings agency, had some mailboxes under its control and did massive email outreach campaigns. Everything went excellent, but then the stats dropped. After a few months, the developers fixed the problem. And during that time, they revised the process of delivering emails. After testing email deliverability, the team concluded that there is a need for a cold email outreach software product like Folderly.

How Does It Work?

As soon as you pay for the subscription, the only thing left for you to do is connect your mailbox and press the "Start Folderly" button. During the day, you will receive the first result on the current domain healths. And you will know exactly how your emails are landing in Gmail, Outlook, and other platforms. After that, Folderly will start to adapt, understand which providers need to be worked on, and will focus on them: send letters, visit, read, and reply. Such an interaction is an imitation of the full-fledged work of a person. Folderly has everything automated to improve and check Sender Score. And you, as a user, will only have to press a couple of buttons. When you upload the body of your email, Folderly highlights all the spam words it contains. Like Grammarly, but for effective mail marketing.

How Does Folderly Help Businesses Make Money from Their Emails?

What do most people think about mail marketing? They imagine they will buy a domain, pay for the mailing service, put up a subscription form, write and layout letters, send them - and everything will be perfect. But as a result, they get an open rate of 1%. So what's the problem?

Everything is focused on three fundamental parts of working with mail:

  • Where did the leads come from and how good are they;
  • What content and with what tools they are sent;
  • How the email infrastructure is configured: domains, DMARC, SPF, DKIM signatures, and so on.

Yes, email marketings needs a comprehensive approach if you want it to last.

And Folderly deals with the last part, the mail infrastructure. It processes a huge array of information: it analyzes the previous activity of the sender and the reputation of the domain and shows what needs to be changed. You need to remember that the more security and reliable domain you have, the more prospects will see your great product. 

Why Folderly Is One of the Best Email Performance Solutions for Your Mailbox?

First, let's figure out how positive email interactions work. This practice is focused on expanding your sending limits by delivering a certain number of emails and ensuring that recipients respond to them. So, if you want your new domain's reputation to increase, you must constantly send the allowed number of emails and deliver them directly to your recipients' inboxes.

Folderly allows you to outsource your prep campaigns to qualified professionals. And they will take all the necessary steps, send automated campaigns to verified contacts, and keep you updated on your domain's progress. In addition, it is easy to implement, track and use in email marketing campaigns. But how does it work and how to begin?

  1. You add your domain name or mail account to our dashboard.
  2. Our team is scheduling a suitable mailing list and starting to send emails to a list of active mail addresses. You can also provide us with your contact list.
  3. You can follow the progress and performance every day by logging into the dashboard and viewing all the latest reports.
  4. We keep in touch with you constantly, so you will be aware of your growth.

So, by using this email performance solution, Folderly clients were able to avoid the most common mail traps, reach their first campaign results faster, and find them effective and delightful. One recent example is Somnowell Marketing Agency that skyrocketed Email Deliverability Rate from 40% to 100% with Folderly.

Our recommendations on how to improve your deliverability

We have picked up 10 top tips that will help you achieve the results you want.

Setup your infrastructure

  • Checking the type of Internet protocol (IP information address).
  • Set up an authentication (SPF, DKIM).
  • Set up postmasters of the main mailers such as Google.

Work with the subscriber base

  • Conduct an audit of the existing database: cleaning inactive, erroneous addresses.
  • Use a double opt-in for new subscribers.
  • Launch positive email interaction campaigns by gradually increasing the volume of the base on which you make mailings.

Work with email content

  • Do not be afraid of replies. Add a prominent unsubscribe link to your mail template.
  • Add a request to add your address to the address book in the letter template.
  • Check email for spam triggers.
  • Create a mailing calendar and send mailings regularly.


The issues with deliverability impact a lot on your mail marketing enthusiasm. Because nobody likes when their efforts are useless. And the email deliverability platform allows you to comprehensively deal with the problems of getting letters into spam. Thanks to Folderly, the ROI of customer emails improves by 3-4x. Today, Folderly is not only the product that helps analyze emails and their infrastructure, solve problems that arise with mailboxes, and prevent emails from falling into spam. This is a whole team that helps to competently build an effective mail marketing company from A to Z.

Working with over 150 companies, Folderly team helps the clients set up campaigns to make sure that their deliverability infrastructure works correctly. In addition, the platform developed conducts email deliverability tests: check different mailboxes and domains, kick off positive email interaction campaigns, and fix spam. So, if you want to run successful email interaction campaigns without making errors, then you should try our tool.


For whom the product is intended?

The product is intended for those who send cold sales (outbound) emails & marketing (inbound) emails. And in general for those who use email as a channel for sales or marketing.

What platforms does the service work with?

The platform integrates via API and SMTP with all popular email service providers and also supports any custom providers.

Which mailbox providers are supported?

Supported email service providers: Google workspace, microsoft office 365, outlook, aws, yahoo, zoho, sendgrid, protonmail, mailgun, klaviyo, and other.

How long does it take to set up the service?

Registration and connection of mailboxes takes several minutes. If you need help from a customer success manager, then it takes approximately one hour, depending on how quickly the client goes to communication.

Is the product GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is. Learn more about it in Privacy Policy.

Can you end your subscription whenever you want?

The subscription lasts a month, so it can be canceled at any time. From the beginning of the new month Folderly will stop and the money will no longer be debited.

If there were changes in packages and pricing, then explain why?

Folderly premium pricing: When you buy a subscription, you will get a full access to all Folderly features with no limitations regarding these features.





Dariia Leshchenko
Dariia Leshchenko
Customer Success Manager
Dariia's decades in Email Deliverability and Sales have allowed her to successfully manage diverse business clients. For years now, she proves that there are no issues not to be fixed. Dariia speaks for the synergy of new-level email analysis technology and a human approach to improving email performance.

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