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Vladislav Podolyako
Sep 07, 2022
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Setting up email marketing in a company is only half the battle and definitely is not enough. It must continue to solve the problems: make a profit and retain customers. If one of the tasks is not performed, it is necessary to find and solve the problem in time to avoid damage.

Sometimes it is good to look at email deliverability from a different angle, or better ask someone else to do it. Because even a professional is not resistant to mistakes. It is when an email deliverability audit comes in a hand. It will help you find delivery failures and come up with an appropriate solution.

What is an email deliverability audit?

An email deliverability audit is a document with a detailed check of all email communications. This check of all email communications in the company includes various stages: starting from database collection and domain settings and ending with the appearance of mailing lists. The check of email deliverability will help you:

  • improve email marketing campaigns and make better use of tools for further development;
  • improve email deliverability;
  • increase open rates and click-through rates;
  • increase the base of contacts faster;
  • reduce the number of errors and complaints.

So what are the elements that affect deliverability, we advise you to analyze them.

  1. Checking the technical settings of the domain: SPF, DKIM, DMARC.
  2. Analysis of deliverability and sender reputation.
  3. Checking email HTML modules.
  4. Design and content.
  5. Map of email distributions.
  6. Subscriber base.
  7. Key performance indicators.
  8. Analysis of lead generation points.

This general list of recommendations as a result of the audit is not just work on the bugs, but also a work plan for the future. That's why you definitely need it if you want your business to work and, most importantly, bring results and profit. Folderly specialists will help you with this.

How to check email deliverability by yourself?

Above, we have listed the important elements to consider in an audit. Let's now look at each of them separately.

  1. View all email threads, sending conditions, segmentation, personalization, and analytics. Then it will be possible to track from which letters the response is higher, on which page, and when it is better to show pop-ups to get more leads.
  2. Check what subscription forms are on the site, when they appear, what appeals they contain, and whether they work in principle. Look in the analytics for a report on pageview depth, bounces, and average time on the site and its pages.
  3. Check the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records- without them, the email is unlikely to be delivered to users. And also check if your domain is on the blacklist.
  4. See how often users open emails on portable devices. Check if mailing lists adapt to different smartphones and screens.
  5. Analyze the scheme of your mailings: welcome or onboarding series, regular mailings, triggers… All this should be presented, but without spamming. All the necessary letters should come to subscribers at the right time.
  6. Check email designs.
  7. Check the text of letters: they should be easy to understand. Break them into paragraphs, reduce the amount of text or individual sentences, and correct errors.
  8. Keep track of statistics and key indicators: open rate, click-through rate, complaints, and unsubscribes. Also, check conversions and UTM tags.

Obviously, this process is quite complex and will take a lot of time and effort. And a simple beginner will not cope with this at all. That is why it is important to turn to experts who greatly simplify this overwhelming task.

How to understand that you need an audit?

If you noticed these ten signs, then you certainly need an audit.

  1. You don't know your inbox placement rate.
  2. Your messages are not delivered to the customers and prospects.
  3. Your campaigns have high bounce rates.
  4. You have just started using a new sending domain name for email or plan to do this.
  5. You feel that email is not being opened or recipients not getting it.
  6. You have recently changed ESP or acquired a new one.
  7. Your IP or domain is in a blocklist.
  8. You have noticed many bounced or non-delivered emails.
  9. It takes a long time to deliver your email.
  10. You have never conducted an audit.

Deliverability check with Folderly

Folderly will provide you with perfect mailbox performance that will empower your company. Get full research and identify all email deliverability problems to fix. Don't let these issues affect your strategic goals. The audit will help you take care of blacklisting and domain health and find the best solution for you and your business.

The check of email deliverability is aimed at:

  • Providing a complex domain health analysis of your domains and mailboxes.
  • Improving email authentication.
  • Controlling all deliverability factors (monitoring your sender behavior, checking your content for the presence of email trigger words, and running blacklist scans).
  • Developing a long last strategy.

What will you get from the Folderly audit?

  1. Overall health scoring. Our team of professionals checks your domains, the performance of mailboxes, and health scores in depth.
  2. Full analysis of domain and mailboxes. This includes Whois, domain health reporting, email infrastructure, mailbox analysis (email placement, email security level), IP overview, DNS records (SPF, DMARC, DKIM, BIMI), detailed summary, and blacklist scanning.
  3. Long-term advice. You will get access to specific steps for each problem to fix. As a result, you will get the highest email performance.

We also provide you with:

  • in-depth strategy;
  • functioning email infrastructure;
  • high sender score of each domain and mailbox;
  • improved campaign performance;
  • specialized recommendations;
  • long-term planning.

Individual approach to each case

Our team is super responsible. We work on each case with a point-to-point approach, so you will not regret your choice and will be satisfied with the final result.

Here are a few more reasons why you should partner with us:

  • You will learn best practices.
  • We guarantee the result.
  • We have years of experience.

As a result of your cooperation with our team, you will receive a document with identified errors and recommendations on how to improve deliverability and email strategy. All that remains for you to take into account all the recommendations compiled by our professionals.

How long does an email deliverability audit take?

The audit will become an easy task for you only if you are aware of where and what to look for. However, facing some kind of issues, this process may take longer than you expected at the beginning. Depending on how big your company is, the audit can be carried out not in a week or two. However, fixing bugs and following new best practices can take longer.

While the email deliverability test usually takes five minutes maximum. By the way, the good score for the email deliverability test is 9-8. The mails that have 5 after going throw deliverability email tests shouldn't be sent.

For example, sales teams will deal with this task much faster than those teams who have more members. This happens because the general scale to cover is smaller. But if we talk about a global corporation, then every member must follow the best practices.

How often should you audit deliverability?

Auditing your email marketing needs to be done in a regulatory manner. This will allow you to identify the most typical errors and deal with them in time. In turn, this will make your emails more readable. As a result, you will be able to identify back-ups in your mailing lists that will need to be corrected or prevented from occurring in the future. You will not only identify the main threats to your business but also get ready-made techniques and tools to improve email deliverability. In addition, this will give you a general understanding of your target audience and how you can bring them to the target conversion and turn them into regular customers.


Emails have established themselves as an effective tool for Internet marketing. And for an adequate assessment of the effectiveness of this tool, a step-by-step regular audit is necessary. This includes analysis of email open rates, layout correctness in various email services, subscribers' interest in the content of emails, and the growth of their base. All these factors are important aspects in development, so quality email deliverability auditing matters. Folderly will help you not to make deliverability rates down.

Vladislav Podolyako
Vladislav Podolyako
Founder & CEO
Vlad’s decades of entrepreneurial wisdom and business building experience have allowed him to successfully mentor a diverse group of business owners, entrepreneurs in growing their companies. A recognized expert in the areas of transforming organizational culture and leadership development, B2B Sales, Marketing, spent more than 10 years building technology products, with a background in communication networks and electronic device engineering.

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