Why Does Your Website Need High-Quality Hosting?

Diana Honcharenko
Oct 04, 2022
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Let's imagine a situation where, for example, you invest so much time and money to create your email newsletter but the website you lead to from the email loads very slowly or does not load at all. And certainly, no one would want this to happen. Your website is a full-fledged part of the sales funnel and don't we all just want no single user being dropped out? 

First things come first, you need to choose reliable web hosting to make your website work efficiently and smoothly. 

How Can High-quality Hosting Have A Positive Impact On Your Website? 

Hosting is a service of renting space on the web server and its capacities. Thanks to hosting, your website will be accessible 24 hours and available to all. 

Web hosting is not only a necessary element for launching any website, but it also affects several essential things that directly or indirectly influence the number of conversions. Let's take a closer look.

Availability Of Your Website

It is uptime (time of the smooth running of the system) that is responsible for the availability of your website. Some hosting companies make loud statements about 100% uptime, but this is a classic marketing trick. But in fact, the ideal uptime is between 99.9% and 99.99%.

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Website Loading Speed

In today's world, there is no room for patience.

If your website takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load or is not completely unavailable for some time, your client will go to the competitors. 

The website loading time largely depends on the server response time (Time To First Byte), for which your web hosting is responsible. The permissible TTFB value is up to 600 ms. The ideal value is up to 200 ms. But the lower this figure is, the more chances you have to get recognition from search engines and reach the top of the search results.   

You can check TTFB using the "Developer Tools" in your browser. Catch the list of hotkeys:

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers for Windows – F12
  • Google Chrome for Mac – Cmd+Opt+J
  • Safari – Cmd+Opt+C (the "Developer Menu" must be enabled beforehand)
  • Opera – Ctrl+Shift+i

Project Security

A hacked website has no chance of getting to the top of search results. Of course, the hosting company will not close all your security issues. Still, the much-needed protection against DDoS attacks and antivirus can be provided already in your hosting plan at no extra charge. As Hostpro.com does, for example. Yet another security guarantee can be daily backups.

Position In Search Results

There is a fairly high risk of getting on unscrupulous web hosting with significant downtimes, irreparable things can happen to your SEO optimization. Your search engine positions may decrease, the web pages may drop out of the search results, or the website may stop being indexed at all. 

In addition, the faster your website loads, the greater your chances of getting to the top of search results. How the hosting affects the loading speed, we have already found out earlier.

Business Reputation

Frequent and long downtimes can adversely affect not only search engine recognition, but also your reputation in front of customers. With low uptime, visitors will not be able to come to your website and find the right page to make a transaction. They may seem that your website has been hacked and feel anxious and unsafe or even think that your website has ceased to exist as a project. 

Taking too long to load web pages will likely make your website visitors irritated and dissatisfied. They will not have found what they were searching for and one day they just will give preference to competitors.

What Type Of Web Hosting Is The Right One For My Project? 

The difference in different types of web hosting is the number of resources that you are given on it, the level of protection, independence from other websites on the web server, the level of management, and the technology itself. The main varieties are shared hosting, WordPress hosting (specialized virtual), VPS (virtual dedicated server), dedicated server, and reselling hosting.

Shared Hosting 

Virtual hosting, or shared hosting, is a type of hosting in which resources are shared among all the sites on a single web server

The complexity of administration. You can monitor the number of used resources and close the basic admin tasks in the control panel, for example, cPanel. This does not require any special technical skills. 

What types of projects are most suitable for Shared Hosting? News website, a lifestyle or travel blog, a website for a restaurant or massage parlor, a business card site, or a small online store. 

Email Hosting 

Email hosting is a service provided by hosters to ensure your customers' email is up and running. And if you choose to savvy shared hosting, email hosting will be included in your plan. 

This means that your email domain will be maintained 24/7 and you will be able to manage the email addresses of the users in it. In addition, professional email hosting/shared hosting protects against spam, viruses, and other cyber threats. To overpay or not to overpay by buying email hosting/shared hosting in one plan without additional payments – that's the question.   

The complexity of administration. The same as in shared hosting – with a control panel such as cPanel or DirectAdmin.  

What types of projects are most suitable for email hosting? All projects which use emails in their communications with customers require constant availability of email service and protection from viruses and spam.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting – is, in fact, a specialized virtual hosting in which one web server hosts multiple websites on which the content management system or CMS is installed.

The complexity of administration. You can administer the site in the control panel without special technical skills. 

What types of projects are most suitable for WordPress Hosting? Websites with low and medium traffic, based on CMS (WordPress). This could be a blog, a news site, a small online store, or a business card site for a photographer, lawyer, private detective, or web designer. 


VPS (virtual private server) or VDS (virtual dedicated server) is a service where several virtual servers are placed on one physical web server. One of them is available for you to rent, and thanks to the KVM virtualization technology you always get guaranteed resources, regardless of the neighbors of the physical machine. 

The complexity of administration. You need administration skills, a hired expert, or technical support from the hoster. 

What types of projects are most suitable for VPS? Web-studio, a website where you plan to install non-standard or additional software, an online store with steadily high traffic, food delivery or taxi app, or something like that.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server – is a type of web hosting, when you are the only renter of a separate physical machine (the entire web server). It hosts only your website or websites. 

The complexity of administration. You need the skills of administration, a hired system administrator, or technical support from the hosting provider.

What types of projects are most suitable for Dedicated Server? Large-scale projects with steadily high traffic (≈ 500 000 visits/month); applications; websites offering banking, government, or postal services and requiring the highest level of security are the most targeted projects for renting a dedicated server. 

Reseller Hosting 

Reseller hosting is a type of virtual hosting where you rent the technical base from the hosting company, which you then share and resell to your customers on your behalf. It's just an excellent way to make money without a significant initial investment, isn't it?

The complexity of administration. All technical issues of your clients are taken care of hosting provider's technical support.

What types of projects are most suitable for Reseller Hosting? If you are a developer, a web designer, an SEO specialist, or a web studio owner, and you plan to resell hosting without a significant initial investment, reselling hosting is precisely what you have been looking for. 

How To Choose A Web Hosting Provider?

Choosing a hosting for your website is a crucial moment, so to choose the best home for your website among a considerable number of providers, it is necessary to draw attention to a set of certain factors. 


The low price does seem more attractive, but there is often only a figure on the page of the providers’ website behind it, and then the invasion of pitfalls begins: paid add-ons, without which the full use of web hosting is impossible, paid technical support and the difference in order and extension costs of the service.  

And the high price, of course, does not guarantee good quality web hosting, but the odds of that happening are getting bigger. Firstly, the hardware, which is responsible for the performance and loading speed of your website: we are talking about powerful web servers, and the most modern SSD and NVMe-drives are quite expensive. 

Secondly, most likely, the price of the plan will already include a lot of services that cheaper hosts offer as extras: daily backups, control panel, mail, and tech support 24/7. 


Your hosting plan should be chosen according to the number of resources you need and the amount of traffic to your website – the more it will be, the bigger plan is needed.

About 10 GB SSD drive and 300 000 inodes will be enough for a small website, don't settle for less. Nobody wants to overpay for unused resources, but you should keep in mind that sometimes your website may experience traffic spikes, such as during advertising campaigns, so a reserve of resources will insure against the unexpected collapse of the website due to overload. 

Upon request, the hosting provider's technical support will help you choose the right plan 24/7. 


The more productive the web server and the faster the drives, the better. If there are traffic spikes on your website, and its load speed is the first on your list of requirements for a hoster, choose plans on SSD or NVMe drives. 


The closer web servers are located to your target audience, the faster your website will be loaded to them.

If your goal is the European audience, choose a hosting provider with data centers in Europe, if the American – it is better to look for a hoster with data centers in the USA. 

This is the only way to avoid delays in data exchange between your website and potential visitors. 

Customer Support

Frankly speaking, this is perhaps one of the most important points, and it could even be placed a little higher. But the real value of qualified customer support usually begins to be understood after the fact. Even short-term downtimes should not be feared if you are sure the problem will be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible

Money Back Guarantee 

It doesn't matter how you found your hosting provider – you found out about it from advertising, came by the advice of a colleague or it's just well-reviewed in various forums and ratings, in any case, you should have the right to a refund if something goes wrong. 

A bona fide web hosting company will always respect your choice and guarantee your money back, usually within 30 days. 


A good hosting provider will make you and your website feel at home. Hostpro.com can become a place like this for you – this hoster will move your website as quickly and carefully as possible from your second provider and will give you a free month of using your hosting plan as a housewarming gift. All you need to do is send a request to customer support. Hostpro.com would like to inspire you by offering a delightful -20% off on your shared hosting order. Just enter the promo code F-20 at checkout. The offer is valid until September 21, 2023.

Diana Honcharenko
Diana Honcharenko
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