How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Lead Database?

Vladislav Podolyako
Jun 15, 2022
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“What did you do today? Spending 30 minutes posting on LinkedIn and curating a contact list on Sales Navigator? That could have been a time you spent cold calling and cold emailing.” Ever been a witness to similar conversations between reps and upper management? Unfortunately, there are still people in sales who underestimate the power of social platforms, and LinkedIn in particular, for sales development.

When growing your email lists, consider LinkedIn as one of the primary lead prospecting sources and prepare for the long game. You need to learn on your own or teach your sales reps that spending time daily on LinkedIn is part of long-game activities that will eventually bring you a steady flow of email leads.   

Any executive in charge of a sales team should set up their reps for success on LinkedIn among other social media platforms. ‘Setting up for success’ doesn’t mean just reciting a script and sending out templated emails to the email list you provide them with. No, you should help your reps develop that mentality that understands that a LinkedIn marketing strategy is multifaceted and requires constant attention.

With this in mind, it’s important to identify the best practices of how to use LinkedIn for email marketing, including ways to generate leads, grow your email lists, and automate workflows.

How to use LinkedIn to grow your email marketing list

What do you think reps need to make use of Linkedin lead generation strategy? The most obvious answer is to review the functionality of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It’s a wise move, but it’s not enough. Your reps need comprehensive training about how one can use LinkedIn to grow your email marketing lists and nurture targeted leads. And there are so many things leaders should be coaching reps on.  

Grow your following

Anyone on the sales team needs to have the following on LinkedIn. If you are the one who has 30 followers on your LinkedIn account, it’s time to change your approach to the important social media platforms. Get each rep on your team to set the goal of 3K first-degree connections. Once you reach it, move on to the goal of 5k, 10k, 15k, etc.

No one can reach 3k connections in a week. But it’s possible in small amounts. Can you get people to send 15 personalized invites to prospects each day? That’s 400+ per month. When they get the knack for it, they will start doing more.

Keep in mind that your valuable connections are not limited to potential customers who will do business with you. Connecting with industry professionals and leaders will help you stay in touch with innovative thinking and keep learning. Another point, connecting with others in your industry will help produce relevant content. 

Understand the concept of personal branding

What do we all need to understand? You can’t get your sales team to attend a webinar on the benefits of having your personal brand and expect them to go and immediately create it. At that, the value of having a personal brand is enormous.

You develop your personal brand by setting aside a portion of your day to work on it. You learn how to use LinkedIn correctly to represent yourself and your company’s brand. You find best practices on how to leverage your personal brand for success.

You build your brand by posting relevant information, responding to posts, and engaging in timely discussions. You can eventually become a voice in your industry on LinkedIn. Then, you monetize your personal brand into LinkedIn sales for your company.

If you’re new to all this LinkedIn sprucing up, keep in mind that you add some flair to your LinkedIn profile for your personal brand. It means you put up a profile picture, come up with an engaging bio, and add your articles, links, and achievements, incorporating relevant keywords.

At the same time, a free company LinkedIn page is one of the LinkedIn marketing solutions. If it is a marketing team taking care of the company’s LinkedIn account, then it’s their responsibility. However, if no one has done it yet, be in charge of shaping the target audience’s idea of what your business is and what strengths and USP it has.

Fill your LinkedIn page with the right content

No effective LinkedIn marketing strategy is possible without great content. Your LinkedIn network is professional, you expect it to respond positively to expert materials and evidence-based research, and it does. Sometimes. After all, LinkedIn is a social platform frequented by people who are running low on time and attention span. 

Does it mean that you’re expected to post memes and funny cat videos? Not at all. But you need to factor it in when contemplating formats and length.

1 Stat

Also, make sure you figure out what hashtags work for your industry and product. And remember to add CTAs to your posts.

Be active on LinkedIn

Your efforts will bring you fewer results if you fail to be consistent in your LinkedIn strategies. The LinkedIn algorithms favor frequent posting and interaction with other users in comments and LinkedIn groups. If you use digital marketing tools, make sure your posting schedules are natural and don’t schedule your posts for the same time day after day.

Here are some tips for building your online presence:

  • send and accept connection requests daily
  • be regular when you post content (at least one post per week, better still post daily)
  • leave comments on industry leaders’ posts and engage in online discussion 
  • join industry-related relevant LinkedIn groups to expand the circle of your connections
  • make an emphasis on relevancy rather than recency or frequency

Generate quality leads to grow your email list with LinkedIn

Sending out connection request messages is Step One of growing your email marketing list. Do your best to make the most of it. You don’t need to be exceptionally creative to make a great first impression. Just keep in mind the person’s specific interests. Even though we’re on a professional network, our primary interest is us – our job, our pain points, and ways to make our life easier.

Here are some tips to generate quality email leads when you connect with professionals.

  • Remember about double opt-in. Nothing makes your email marketing strategies more effective than double opt-ins. In practice, it means that you should shun scraping email addresses on LinkedIn and adding them to your email marketing lists. Don’t assume that a connection request acceptance is a sign of permission to send marketing emails; ask them directly for permission.
  • Show that you know them. You don’t need to dig deep—just enough to make your connection interested in keeping on talking to you. When first reaching out, it’s not yet time for sales messages. Look through their recent LinkedIn activity and write something to the effect:

2 Message

  • Customize your LinkedIn messages. Once you know the connections’ pain points and challenges, you can tailor your offering as a solution to their requirements.

Hire a LinkedIn coach

Enrolling your reps in some kind of LinkedIn training makes a lot of sense but it sometimes takes convincing. Some sales professionals still see social platforms as entertainment rather than an email marketing list in the making. However, if you show them the type of sales results you can generate just by posting regularly and reaching out to at least 15 valuable leads, they’ll want to learn all the necessary LinkedIn tricks.

The sales opportunities this platform presents are enormous. If someone on your team still questions this premise, here are your arguments.

  • See LinkedIn as a strategic sales tool. When sales or other professionals equate LinkedIn to Instagram or Facebook, the problem is they know that many people spend time on social media, playing around, but they don’t see an example of people who make money there. So only their lack of knowledge prevents them from selling on LinkedIn.
  • Free services can be effective. Although there are paid LinkedIn marketing services, the platform offers a lot for free. However, the public often equates free to easy-to-use, thinking that if you can grow your email list on LinkedIn for free, you’ll somehow figure it out. The truth is that just “clicking buttons” will take more time from you and will eventually frustrate you if you can’t get impressive results soon. Meanwhile, a LinkedIn coach can teach your team how to use LinkedIn to achieve their prospecting and sales goals.
  • Seek job-centric LinkedIn training. You will get less impressive results if you just administer blanket training to the whole sales crew without managing the content. Each of your sales team members probably has some social media-related skills and is interested in some subjects more than others. For example, you can pick a particular topic, have a Q&A, and then create a procedure for the team to keep up with their training.   

Remember about LinkedIn marketing solutions

Anyway, LinkedIn doesn’t leave you hanging and offers a selection of tools to grow.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can reach out to non-connection as you get access to email leads and other lead data. Integrate Sales Nav with your CRM and use LinkedIn advanced filtering options by job titles, company size, keywords, and locations.  

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn has two options for paid ads: Message Ads and targeted ads.

  • Message Ads. You can scale your ads to thousands by setting up a targeted audience and sending out your ads. A catch is that the responses are not email leads yet, as they can’t message you back. Each ad has a CTA to drive traffic to your website or landing pages. Message Ads have a decent open rate from 50% to 70%. 
  • Targeted ads. Use targeted ads to promote visual content. It’s more efficient and cost-effective than Message Ads. You just need to create a targeted audience, send out an ad, and direct it to a lead magnet. That’s your email marketing list right there, and you will get filled-in forms with email addresses.

Where else can you find email leads for your email marketing list?

We already mentioned that it is critical to add CTAs to your content on LinkedIn. And where do the CTAs take your audience to? Sometimes the CTAs offer to download a PDF file or a checklist in exchange for lead data (remember, you need to build up your email marketing list). At other times, the CTAs guide your leads to the company’s website and landing pages to convert.

Here are tips to optimize your lead magnets.

  • Ensure the sign-up forms are simple
  • Add just one or two CTAs in a bright color and precise wording
  • Ensure the website’s loading speed is optimal and doesn’t take too long
  • Integrate an email verification tool to prevent misspellings and typos in your email marketing list

Use automation tools to build email marketing lists

Sales hardly can spend all their working hours filling up their email marketing lists. Yet they need fresh prospeects and need them quickly. Automation tools can help you, even when LinkedIn doesn’t authorize third-party tools on the platform.

How can you automate your email marketing list building?  

  • Use an ICP. Your prospecting efforts will be meaningless if you fail to tailor all contact leads to your Ideal Customer Profile. Filter your lead search on LinkedIn by company size, location, and other criteria.
  • Create an account list. Use your Sales Navigation account to create an email marketing list or an account list. When you visit new pages, save every lead that fits your ICP as this will eventually be your email marketing list.
  • Use an email finder tool. Most LinkedIn email finders go as a Chrome extension. You can activate it from the Chrome toolbar and see it work.
  • Save the list. Once the tool finds email leads, move them to an email marketing list and save it. You have basic lead data, such as first and last name, job title, email address, company name and industry, company size, location, and LinkedIn profile URL.
  • Integrate a new email marketing list with your CRM. Now you can run an email campaign using your CRM, Outreach extension, or email marketing automation tool. This will help you maintain a strong LinkedIn presence.

Here are the top nine LinkedIn automation tools.


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The provider of prospecting services has email search from LinkedIn among its core features.  Advanced search allows over 15 data points such as job title, company name, corporate emails, location, etc. Search over social media includes LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Xing, Angellist, etc. Quick data export to CSV or transfer to HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, FreshSales, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Zapier, etc. Paid plans range from $49/m (1,000 credits) to $499/m (15,000 credits).


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Use ContactOut for prospecting and email search on LinkedIn and elsewhere. Get 100 credits for free or start at $49/m (100 contacts and access to 50% of the database).  


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The tool allows sales professionals to scrape email addresses and mobile numbers from their LinkedIn accounts as a Chrome extension. An Icebreakers feature suggests how to start meaningful conversations with leads. Try a 90-day free trial plan (10 credits/m) and then choose between two payment options: $55/m billed monthly (90 credits/month) or $39/m billed annually (1080 credits/year).

Знімок Екрана 2022 06 15 О 11.28.11, a free Chrome extension, integrates into your browser and with social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and makes email marketing lists from your mutual connections and friends.


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FindThatLead, one of the best Chrome extensions for B2B prospecting, helps sales professionals find and verify emails from social media platforms. In addition to email scaping and email marketing list building, the tool can also help you automate email drip campaigns and send bulk emails. Try the tool for free (50 credits for the first month) and then pay $49/m (5,000 credits, one user, two campaign accounts, and up to 400 daily emails) or more.


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GetProspect is a Linkedin email finder to get verified email addresses in bulk. The tool verifies emails, expands databases, and enriches data. Up to 100 discovered emails are available for free. 1,000 emails cost $49.


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Hiretual, a Chrome extension, is an HR tool that finds personal contact details and corporate emails on social platforms and across the web. An AI sourcing assistant will search contacts by criteria and put up an email marketing list for you. A free version includes 15 credits/m, and paid plans start at $59/m.


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This email finder is a Chrome extension and plugin that easily integrates with LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce. With Contacts API, Lusha can find arguably almost anyone’s email address and contact numbers. 5 credits/m are available for free, and 1440 annual email credits cost $75/m.


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Slik, a Chrome extension, does prospecting on LinkedIn and gathers real-time custom data. The tool finds leads’ addresses on LinkedIn, builds email marketing lists, and exports data to your email marketing automation tool. Also, Slik automates some aspects of your email outreach and data collection. The basic plan will cost you nothing (20 email credits), and paid plans start at $49/m (750 email credits).

Is email marketing relevant?

Despite an explosion in social media platforms and digital marketing tools, email marketing remains relevant.

3 Quote

With nearly 95% of consumers checking their emails every day, you cannot underestimate the potential of email marketing for your brand message. Emails are not just sales messages, and you can add relevant links or a video of yourself saying hello and offering a tailored piece of information. All that nurtures deeper rapport with prospects via email.

If you routinely have email campaigns as part of your marketing strategy, you need to replenish your email marketing list with fresh leads. And the best place to do that is through your LinkedIn network.

Generate quality email leads with complex LinkedIn marketing solutions

Is LinkedIn good for generating leads? This platform is a gigantic contact database. However, you should prepare yourself for the long haul. Learning how to use LinkedIn to grow your email marketing list takes time and a lot of effort. From a well-built personal brand and carefully curated content to automation tools and paid LinkedIn marketing services, the platform requires a lot of input but will give back loads in return. Whatever your current prospecting tactics are, include LinkedIn in your strategic prospecting/buyer engagement process that drives measurable results that can be tracked.

Vladislav Podolyako
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