Grow Your Passive Income with 19 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

Vladislav Podolyako
Mar 21, 2022
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Considerable passive income is something that no online business owner would say no to. Thus, the pool of affiliate programs keeps growing. The notion of affiliate marketing means that your brand or company, even a simple website, is involved in the third-party promotion. You can make money from each sale as a respected affiliate marketer through successful referrals. Most online businesses offer dedicated affiliate programs that cover a great variety of niches and fields, plus their numbers keep growing by the day. Let alone the fact that peculiar networks exist, think about CJ affiliate network as a known example.

With all this potentially profitable in mind, you may be willing to discover the list of the best SaaS affiliate programs and how they work. So, our industry experts have composed a comprehensive list of the best affiliate programs for you to consider.

What are SaaS affiliate programs?

First things first, you need to be fully aware of what SaaS affiliate programs stand for. The abbreviation of SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Surely, the definition isn't the simplest to grasp. Yet, it is not the most complex there is. Any type of software that you can use to manage social media platforms, control your business online or communicate with remote team members suits the description. To add more clarity to the matter, it is safe to say that SaaS products are designed to make online business management as simple and pleasant as possible.

The main aim of a SaaS affiliate program is to provide a type of reward in return for improved company traffic. It is possible to state that affiliate marketing is one of the most effective types of digital marketing in the industry. Affiliate marketers are a vital link between the potential user base and the online business.

Main reasons to consider participating in an affiliate program

There is a fair share of a bad rep when it comes to some affiliate programs since not all the vendors are equally trustworthy. However, in general, the sphere of affiliate marketing is more than promising. Affiliate partners have the freedom of choice. You can choose the niche that corresponds with your views and preferences to promote it.

One of the main advantages of SaaS affiliate marketing is that you can establish a growing passive income and long cooperation. All due to the fact that software offers are rarely presented as single-time investments. So, to sum up, you can reap the benefits of a successful affiliate program long after you are done advertising it.

What to look for in a great affiliate program?

No matter how rapidly growing the affiliate marketing business is, you need to pay a fair share of thought and consideration before committing to a chosen affiliate marketing program. There is a list of points to evaluate before you decide to become affiliate partners with any online business. They are the following:

  • Technical matters
  • Commission rate
  • Cookie lifespan
  • Brand awareness
  • Vendor reputation

Now, let's discuss these digital marketing components of an affiliate program in detail.

Technical matters

Before you join a popular affiliate program, keep an open eye for the technical side of the project. The more technologically enhanced the program is, the more successful referrals will be, so you will make more money online. To give you a push in the right direction, our experts point out the following software solutions that an affiliate program should feature:

Deeplinking – these days, links to landing pages are not enough to promise outstanding passive income. If the affiliate program offers a link to any website page, it is already a tad better than those who can't show off the perk.

No-cookie tracking – if a given affiliate marketing business enables script tracking instead of cookies to define the platform visits, it is already better and more submerged in the industry than the others. You should prefer such affiliate programs to all the rest.

Postback tracking – another way of tracking that stores all the client information to the server that the advertiser exploits.

Product feed – once you join the referral program, you may be vaguely aware of what the brand promotes. If you have access to an informative and detailed list of all the products on offer, you will promote the goods twice as effectively. More conversions will occur as a sequence, and more paying customers will be involved in the service.

Commission rates

Any dedicated affiliate manager will tell you that the higher the commission rate, the better. Yet, you should realize that various vendors offer different rates, and you should rarely start with anything lower than 15%. However, it is advised to use the commission rate perspective as a corporate component of the whole affiliate program.

Cookie lifespan

In case you don't know, cookies are those tiny bits of information that are stored on your device after you visit a website. The main aim of those is to enable online businesses to monitor the actions that their visitors take. Cookie lifespan is often predicted by the vendor.

It may seem that the point has little to do with you as a potential affiliate manager. However, you should think about it this way. If a cookie lifespan is 30 days, a paying customer who commits to purchase on a day 31 won't bring you any income. Considering the fact that people rarely make a purchase the first time they enter the site, the more extended the lifespan is, the higher are your chances of financial stability.

Brand awareness

Those of you who are considering becoming successful affiliate marketers should realize that a lot depends upon the brand that you are about to represent. It is true, the more well-recognized the company is – the more paying customers there are. Yet, there are cases when a new miracle hits the horizon, and a vendor without a larger consumer base gets ahead of the competition. It takes some time and consideration as to which option to choose as the best potential affiliate program.

Here's the list of tips that may point you in the right direction:

  • Customer and revenue scales – consider the number of paying clients, yearly revenue, and local or global grasp. The better and higher are the stats, the more successful the referral link you can spread.
  • User feedback – no matter how obvious it may sound, some affiliate marketers pay little attention to what the consumer base has to say. No matter the quality of marketing materials, no affiliate link will generate income without a dedicated user base to support it.
  • Online presenceexpert social media management is one of the vital pillars of every digital marketing campaign. The more recognizable the vendor is online, the better. Besides, based on client response online, you can judge the user involvement with the brand, and thus, you can approximately calculate your monthly payment.

Vendor reputation

Evaluating what an affiliate program offers, it may feel utterly alluring and worth all the effort of the digital marketing tools you have at hand. However, you shouldn't be deceived by empty promises. You need to go a little further and read all the terms and conditions carefully. If there is something you don't understand – you should clear things out with the merchant. If the merchant refuses to clarify the affiliate terms or conditions, you should think twice since it may not be as reputable a brand as you have hoped for.

Top SaaS affiliate programs to choose from in 2022

Now when you know what affiliate marketing stands for and how you can pick the most reliable affiliate program, it takes a reliable list at hand to decide which direction to move in. today, we will discuss top SaaS affiliate programs centered on various fields and industries so that you can find the vendor you would truly want to support and make some money online in the meantime!

1. Folderly

We start our list with one of the best SaaS companies specializing in email deliverability, spam testing, and other crucial factors when it comes to the field of successful email marketing. Over the years on the market, the vendor has gained immense popularity, and now it is time to share the benefits through a well-planned referral program.

Folderly affiliate marketing offer is a new addition to the services they present. Taking that into consideration, the brand welcomes everyone willing to participate in the program. You can make money via referrals that direct potential clients to the service. A Folderly affiliate link can be shared via blog posts, webinars, and email marketing.


When compared to other SaaS affiliate programs, cooperation with Folderly is beneficial due to the following point:

  • Effortless program registration
  • No restriction as to who can become an affiliate marketing partner
  • The service on offer has gained a positive reputation globally
  • The recurring monthly payment for every successful referral
  • 24/7 support desk available

Commission: 15% for every successful referral link

Since the Folderly SaaS affiliate program has only started, the possibility of new advantages being added is grand.

2. Wix

Should you lack any marketing materials on what the Wix brand stands for, it is safe to say that it is one of the greatest SaaS companies that allow users from all over the globe to create appealing websites, modern landing pages and inspire a constant stream of customers.

What the Wix affiliate program offers is a complete set of digital marketing tools to promote the service and make money from it. The primary condition to make a $100+ on every paying customer is to ensure that your affiliate link user purchases the platform's paid plans.

Aside from that, the vendor imposes no limit on referrals you can generate. The more – the better, and the result is mutually beneficial. Some users may spot a minimal affiliate marketing downside when it comes to tight cooperation with the platform. The fact is that cookies' lifespan is only 30-day long. Aside from that, you can't cash out a monthly payment that is lower than $300. Yet, if you know what you are doing, the two mentioned points are only slim inconveniences.


  • A well-known brand
  • Enhanced list of useful features
  • Unlimited number of referrals
  • High commission payout

Commission: $100+ for each conversion

3. Figma

It is hard to imagine an online business without a well-programmed and skillfully implemented design to it. After all, landing pages are what either catches the eye or kills the desire to interact with the platform in general. Figma is one of the companies that want to make interface design accessible for all. As their efforts bring in a positive result, the brand has chosen to implement a great affiliate program in the process.

As a Figma partner, you can expect to make as much as 30% of each sale that takes place. You can connect any platform you have at your disposal, be it our own site, YouTube channel, or blog dedicated to the sphere of design. Once you do so and a user follows your affiliate link to complete a purchase, you will be added 30% of the ordered services to your account. You can withdraw your fund at any time you see fit since there is no minimum payment threshold.


  • Monthly payouts
  • No payout limits
  • Instant sale notification
  • Growing customer base

Commission: 30% on every sale

4. SEMrush

Effective digital marketing tools are all the rage at the moment. It seems that SEMrush is one of the vendors that specialize in the best range of SEO tools valuable marketing materials and is a true guru of online advertising. People from all over the globe are using the offered services, and names like Apple, Nike, and Tesla are on the list. Considering the background, the affiliate marketing offer from the company is more than generous.

One of the crucial points to realize about SEMrush is that its services are of the highest quality, yet they are also pretty expensive. So, every successful referral that ends up in a purchased subscription will bring in around $200 of revenue. Aside from that, you can get paid for leads and sign-ups. Every new lead can bring you $10 additionally, and each user registration through your affiliate link will add another $0.01 to your account. Another significant benefit of cooperating with SEMrush is the 120-day cookie lifespan.


  • Global and rapidly growing user base
  • Extended cookie lifespan
  • Multilingual marketing available
  • Well-known company names are on the client list

Commission: within $200 range

5. GoDaddy

Even a person who has little to do with website creation or affiliate marketing knows something about GoDaddy. The chances of coming across the company's ads are even higher. Being a well-known web hosting brand and domain registrar, the brand spends a fair share of money on its marketing campaign, and it seems to pay off greatly.

Should you decide to become a SaaS affiliate focused on website development, working with GoDaddy is one of the most incredible opportunities you can hope for. First things first, the company is willing to welcome any affiliate manager interested in promoting the services. It may seem that the commission that the brand offers is lower than average – within 10%-15% range – yet the product versatility and enhanced requirement of those ensures that you can turn a nice penny from advertising the company. Aside from that, the cookie period is 45 days, which is a lot longer than some brands can afford to offer.


  • Responsive support desk
  • Deep linking allowed
  • Extended cookie lifespan
  • Free promotional means available

Commission: 10%-15% of a purchase

6. FreshBooks

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that it covers most spheres. For instance, FreshBooks is an accounting sort of solution that small businesses find incredibly useful. Providing immediate and useful solutions when it comes to keeping the finances in check, the brand has acquired quite a user base. Still, there are no limits in sight, especially with such a flow of SaaS affiliate partners.

When it comes to the FreshBooks affiliate program, it is quite basic in its core, but there is a small subdivision to the means you can earn via a referral link. If someone signs up for a free trial using your referral, you will get as much as $10 granted to your account. However, should a membership purchase follow – you will get $200 on top. As you can see, the FreshBooks affiliate program is surely worthy of your attention. Throw in the fact that the cookies last as many as 120 days, which is about four months of potential income.


  • Required product niche
  • Lasting cookie lifespan
  • Divided affiliate income system

Commission: $10-$200 per referral

7. HubSpot

Those of you who are at least slightly connected to the field of marketing have already heard about HubSpot. The main aim of the platform is to help people expand their marketing horizons and promote their sales. HubSpot team teaches people how to work on productive strategies, generate leads, and promote their services in the best way possible. Even though the client base is constantly growing, the HubSpot affiliate program has been launched.

One of the main benefits of the HubSpot affiliate program is the fact that almost anyone can become an affiliate marketer. As many as 95% of all applications are approved so that you can promote the SaaS affiliate vendor through your blog, website, or any other type of platform that you have access to.

Another peculiarity about the given SaaS affiliate program is the fact that you can choose the type of commission you are willing to get. The range varies within the 15%-100% range. If you pick the former, you can expect to get a recurring rate within 1 year. The latter option ensures that you get a one-time payment in the form of 100% for the first month's income. Lastly, you can start cashing the income out when you hit the 10-dollar mark.


  • Extended cookie lifespan
  • Low payout rate
  • Impressive user base

Commission: 15%-100%

8. Thinkific

Sharing is caring, and we all know that. However, at times it seems like it would be a great idea to create a platform that offers different people to create, sell and promote industries they are great at through various courses. Well, that is a precise description of Thinkific. The all-in-one service enables people to work on their brands and generate income. Besides, you can also promote the service via email marketing, blogs, video content, and whatnot.

If you decide to start your affiliate marketing with the given brand, you should realize the following. Thinkific is one of the most generous website affiliate programs there are. Not only can you count on a 30% commission, but it will also be a recurring option as many times as the user decides to renew the subscription once acquired through your assistance. Considering that the membership prices range from $40-$400 per month, it is a great deal to become a part of. Keep in mind that the cookie lifespan is 90 days.


  • Recurring payouts
  • Growing user base
  • Extended cookie life

Commission: 30% recurring commission

9. Coursera

One of the largest educational platforms is what Coursera stands for. The chances are that you may have already used the source or at least heard about it, since the range of niches it covers is nothing but impressive. These days, the vendor has decided to join the ranks of affiliate marketing, and you should definitely know what's in store for you as an interested partner.

It may seem that an educational platform has little to offer for an income-seeking person. However, what the given affiliate program offers may pleasantly surprise you. The commission rate ranges between 10%-45% on every purchase made via your affiliate links. A peculiar difference that the SaaS affiliate program features is the fact that you can profit even from the existing Coursera users. On a slightly less positive side – the cookie lifespan is only 30 days.


  • Impressive range of services on offer
  • The ever-growing global user base
  • Existing users' purchases count

Commission: 10%-45%

10. Shopify

Shopify is one of the online eCom platforms that help businesses all over the globe thrive and deliver their goods to those interested with as little fuss involved as possible. Unlike related shopping vendors, Shopify gives the users a chance to create a virtual store of their dreams without much time and effort involved. The perk is highly valued and drives the client involvement up. 

Not all eCommerce affiliate programs are equally beneficial when it comes to a potential marketer. However, the chances are that Shopify SaaS affiliate will interest you. The 200% commission isn't that easy to let go of, is it? The offer concerns affiliate marketing referrals that result in a new merchant added to the base. Also, there is a considerable reward for a referral which creates a Shopify Plus account - $2000. People involved in the marketing sphere may benefit from the mentioned program. The cookies last only 30 days to give all the partners a chance to achieve affiliate marketing success.


  • Generous commission
  • Bonus strategy implemented
  • Global user base

Commission: 200%

11. Amazon

There is barely anyone who hasn't heard about such a well-recognized brand as Amazon. The global e-commerce platform assists small and large businesses connect with those customers in need of the products and services on offer. Aside from that, the well-known brand allows third parties to make a pretty penny of the marketing efforts.

The moment you notice the commission rate that the platform offers, you may consider cooperating with another SaaS affiliate. Surely, the commission of 1%-10% seems like not that much of a big deal. However, you should consider the customer flow that can use your referrals and make a purchase within a day. These can be thousands of people, especially if your blog or dedicated website has a fair share of daily traffic itself. The same concerns the cookie's lifespan – while it is so far the shortest, only 24 hours, the number of purchases made over the mentioned period will surely make up for it.


  • Global eCom platform
  • Unlimited range of offers
  • Enhanced conversion rate

Commission: 1%-10% per purchase

12. GetResponse

Email marketing has proved to be one of the most productive ways to convert leads and increase the user base, no matter the field that your business belongs to. GetResponse is one of those platforms specializing in effective email marketing, website building, and lead generation. However, aside from productive marketing campaigns and attention-drawing landing pages, GetResponse has an appealing affiliate marketing program.

What makes this SaaS affiliate different is the bounty program. You can either claim a one-time 100% commission for each referral or stick to a recurring program and gain 33% for every referred sale. Among the advantages that the service program presents are the monthly payouts, but the fair minimum is $50. You can't cash out anything less than the mentioned sum. At the same time, the cookie duration can't be neglected. A 120-day period is something that only confident brands offer. Finally, it is safe to say that anyone can become GetResponse's affiliate partner.


  • Impressive cookie duration
  • Grand variety of marketing solutions
  • Affiliate support available

Commission: 33%-100%

13. MailChimp

Among the fiercest inconveniences of email marketing is the fact that you can't track the progress of your campaign without the proper tools at hand. MailChimp is precisely the brand that allows you to monitor the success of each marketing campaign along with a fair share of solutions that can assist you in tuning up any strategy to the point of perfection.

When it comes to the perks that the MailChimp affiliate program offers, it may be a little different from what you may have expected. The fact is that the brand is interested in further cooperation with its affiliates. Thus, real-life partners are what they aim at when offering the SaaS affiliate program. Upon launching the affiliate campaign, you will be given $30 in credits, a peculiar affiliate currency. The same goes for the referrals you convert. Later, the credits can be used to pay for MailChimp's service plans. The cookie duration is neither average nor super-extended – the brand offers 60 days of cookie lifespan.


  • User-friendly referral system
  • Direct partnership opportunity
  • Good cookie lifespan

Commission: $30 in credits

14. Weebly

It is amazing how many sales effective landing pages can help generate. Weebly's developers seem to have had that in mind when working on the eCom platform you can access now. The platform will provide you will all the means and tools necessary for establishing a functioning business online. You can sell your goods and deliver them to your audience effectively with the mentioned platform. Besides, you can also reap the benefits of popular affiliate marketing together with the brand.

The company offers a SaaS affiliate partnership program through ShareASale – a third-party affiliate vendor. However, that does not affect the perks on offer in no way except for a little extra time spent on the registration. You can count on a 30% commission for every new customer you bring into the pool of Weebly's sellers. Besides, the lasting longevity of their cookies makes the revenue even more substantial. The cookies last as many as 120 days. Yet, you can't cash out sums lower than $50, though it may be a mild inconvenience.


  • Versatile payout means
  • Longer cookie duration
  • Global user base

Commission: 30% on successful referrals

15. ClickFunnels

The marketing industry is developing at the speed of light. These days, you can find a vendor that can assist you at every step of working on your marketing business. ClickFunnels is precisely what the name stands for. The company has been designed to help you find more quality leads and potential customers effectively, no matter the type of selling niche you occupy. While it may seem like a vendor that needs no affiliate marketing to attract more customers, it needs the word to be spread about its services, which is what the SaaS affiliate program is for.

The program that ClickFunnels offer is quite peculiar since you will grow the income as you start growing the referral base. Every new affiliate marketer will get a 20% recurring commission. The moment you get the level of $1000 commission a month, your affiliate commissions will hit the 30% tier. Also, when you gather as many as 40 paying customers for ClickFunnels, you will be earning as much as 40% recurring commission. However, the cookie lifespan is only a month long.


  • Motivating commission level-up
  • Productive corporate policy
  • Promotions included

Commission: 20%-40% recurring commission

16. SiteGround

A responsive website is a part of your successful sales campaign. However, you shouldn't forget about the security of both your online business and your users. SiteGround is one of the most trustworthy hosting platforms that WordPress site owners approve. You can build the entire site, transfer it and make money from it together with the SiteGround. Plus, there is a rich SaaS affiliate program to participate in.

When compared to other affiliate marketing offers, SIteGround gives you a chance to make a definite amount of money based on how many customers you convert. For instance:

  • 1-5 sales a month will bring you $50 of income
  • 6-10 sales a month will bring you approximately $70 of income
  • 11-21 sales a month will get you roughly $100 of income

Anything higher than 21 sales a month will ask for custom commission fees. You should consult the company's support to gain more information.

With a 600K affiliate partner base, SiteGround offers weekly payouts, and that is a perk that brands rarely present. Besides, the cookie lifespan is 60 days.


  • Extended cookie duration
  • Weekly payouts possible
  • Growing commission

Commission: $50+

17. Adobe

The chances that you haven't used Adobe's services at least once in a lifetime are slim. The suite has been designed to help people work with video and photo products to enhance their altogether quality and effectiveness. Printed layouts, edited images, managed PDFs, and team collaboration via different apps are precisely what the service covers. If that hasn't been fruitful enough, Adobe chose to launch an affiliate marketing campaign, and it turned out to be quite a success too.

A high conversion scale is what the service has treated its affiliates with in the first place. Should you refer a customer who buys a pre-paid membership or pan, you can count on an 85% commission that covers the first month of correspondingly monthly or yearly subscription. Those who purchase a yearly plan straight away will give you as much as 8.33% for the first year. There are also different variations of affiliate offers available for Adobe Stock and Adobe Document Cloud precisely. The service features helpful affiliate FAQs to refer to if you wish to learn more about the subject.


  • Global brand recognition
  • Extraordinary commission rate
  • Daily income reports

Commission: 85%

18. LiveAgent

Many first-time business owners assume that marketing is all about sales and revenue growth. However, the customer relation field is equally essential, if not more. These days, it is almost impossible to communicate with your dedicated and potential user base without a handy tool or app at hand. LiveAgent is precisely the help desk software that supports different channels. With such a tool at hand, you can successfully manage all your customer inquiries within a single interface.

However, that is not all that the brand offers. There is also a beneficial affiliate program to make use of. The first bonus you get is a $5 welcome fee that you get upon joining the program. After that, the recurring commission for each customer in the amount of 20% takes place. Keep in mind that the cookie lifespan is 90 days. Yet, there are a bunch of restrictions to be aware of, too. The minimum payout is $250, and you can't cash the commission out until you have two separate referrals on your account.


  • Recurring commission structure
  • Extended cookie lifespan
  • Sign-up bonus available

Commission: 20%

19. Microsoft Teams

Another well-known giant on the market would be Microsoft. The recent addition to the range of tools that the suite offers includes a business corporate conferencing tool. The handiness of the service can't be underestimated. However, aside from all the valuable functions that tag along, the service has an affiliate program on offer too.

The Team's affiliate offer is directly linked to Microsoft 365 business edition. To reap the benefits of the program, you need to generate new sales. The customers who follow your affiliate links are bound to opt for a subscription for you to get the offered revenue. There is a peculiar way of how the Microsoft Team commissions are calculated – they are based on the number of seats that a user buys. With the Basic plan, you can count on $6 per seat, but with the Premium subscription, it gets as high as $20 for a seat. The cookie duration is only 30 days long, though.


  • Global brand
  • Tiered commission
  • No minimal sales
  • Commission: $-6-$20

Final words

As you can see, affiliate marketing is all about doing something you can do best and reaping benefits from it through third-party involvement. Even global corporations need good press and a growing user base, so they are willing to pay a pretty penny to get to the point. With this recent list of the best SaaS affiliate programs, you can increase your passive income significantly. All it takes is to cover the niche that you feel strongly connected to and interested in! Should you feel drawn to the affiliate offer that Folderly presents – feel free to contact us at any time!

Vladislav Podolyako
Vladislav Podolyako
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Vlad’s decades of entrepreneurial wisdom and business building experience have allowed him to successfully mentor a diverse group of business owners, entrepreneurs in growing their companies. A recognized expert in the areas of transforming organizational culture and leadership development, B2B Sales, Marketing, spent more than 10 years building technology products, with a background in communication networks and electronic device engineering.

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