The Ultimate Collection of Email Marketing Trends for 2022

Vladislav Podolyako
Aug 18, 2022
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Our business practices and client communications are always evolving. In-person meetings in the workplace were preferable ten years ago; today, even severe concerns may be readily handled over Zoom. People are selecting digital more and more. It does not, however, imply that your conventional company will disappear. An ever-changing world can be adapted to by anyone, and this is what this piece is for. Keep reading to learn about the key email marketing trends for 2022.

Why care about email marketing trends?

Before we get into the topic, here is some amazing news ✨ for you: tried-and-true methods of reaching clients are still effective. Email marketing is still relevant and efficient. Moreover, email marketing is the most successful, easily adaptable, and economical digital marketing tactic. 

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The year 2021, according to Litmus, was a year when everyone used email, and 2022 won't be any different. It is clear that email marketing has become more valuable. It is one of the most reliable forms of communication. Everyone will take advantage of it to market their goods, stand up for their brands, interact with their target audience, and make money. And now is the perfect moment to concentrate on your email marketing initiatives and plans. 

Now let’s talk about email marketing trends for 2022 in detail. Shall we?

What are the top email marketing trends for 2022?

🦠 The coronavirus epidemic shook the world in 2019 and impacted countless businesses all over the world. One of the difficult truths that humanity has had to learn is that you cannot always predict what will happen tomorrow. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies adjusted their marketing plans to interact with clients online. The ability of numerous businesses to surprisingly increase their ROI through the use of email marketing surprised marketers. 

Let's take a look at the email marketing trends for 2022 with that in mind.


Personalization has been discussed extensively. Nevertheless, whether you like it or not, customization is essential for success. Without a doubt, it will be vital the following year as it was last year–it’s just statistics. Any email marketing campaign's ultimate objective is to increase sales. In the past few years, marketers have come to the conclusion that completely personalizing users’ experiences is one of the greatest methods to achieve this. 

One of the top email marketers, Adam Q. Holden-Bache, predicts that in ten years, the email will be totally automated, with 100% tailored communications being run by artificial intelligence πŸ€–. Yes, we are progressing toward a hyper-personalized experience, even if we’re doing it slowly. Even while AI-based methods may not be a super viable option today, manual personalization can still produce some truly astounding results. For example, you may quickly respond to client needs and produce a newsletter which is a natural consequence of the behavior, past purchases, background, tastes, and interests of your subscribers by using statistics offered by your ESP. Simple as that: email automation is our future.

If you still don’t believe in the power of personalization, listen to this: the National Client Email Report shows that targeted emails yield 58 % of all income, whereas personalized communications have an ROI of 122%. These figures can assist in selling your product in 2022 when the competition will be fierce. 

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Nonetheless, personalization isn’t as simple as it may seem at a first glance. It’s certainly not enough to solely use the client's name in the copy and subject lines. We mean, yes, subject lines are quite effective, but it simply takes more than that. πŸ‘‰ So here are the main pillars of effective personalization:

  • performing proper segmentation;
  • adjusting send times to the users’ previous open patterns; 
  • using dynamic content tailored to the recipient you are sending to;
  • email frequency and engagement levels matching;
  • building a connection with your brand;
  • making customized destinations.

Putting your customers first and considering their problems is an email marketing strategy that will never fail you. Many brands profit from it, utilizing it in all sorts of email campaigns. But it’s not enough to solely write subject lines that are customized. The core of any cart abandonment newsletter is hyper-personalized automated advertising. It is a tried-and-true method of winning back lost clients and encouraging them to complete the purchase. 

With cart abandonment emails, in particular, it is highly crucial how you position yourself. If you make your email sound like another cart abandonment email, it’s a bit too pathetic and maybe even annoying. However, if your message sounds more like a reminder, it’ll bring you the desired results. 

The distinction between a “reminder” email and an annoying abandonment email is really in the little things. In the first one, these could be a straight link to the checkout, a list of items left in the cart, cross-selling, and the client’s name. Such messages engage customers personally, add value, do them a favor, and establish a personal connection. Such personalization aids in recouping lost money and gaining back subscribers.

Customer appreciation emails

Customer appreciation is a very underestimated yet fruitful email marketing trend. A great example is birthday emails πŸŽ‚, which can generate over 342 % more income than a typical promotional email.

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In other words, customer appreciation emails are extremely popular and play a significant impact on a company's ability to make money.

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Customers will demand a terrific amount of empathy from your brand in 2022. The requirement to put the client at the center of your strategy on all levels has increased as a result of COVID-19, and this trend is still relevant.

It turns out that customer appreciation emails that provide you a fantastic opportunity to commend potential customers, offer assistance, and forge a crucial emotional connection are more effective and demanded. They will support your brand in fostering the relationship, creating a sense of trust, encouraging loyalty, and raising engagement. πŸ™Œ The fantastic news is that customer appreciation emails currently exist in a variety of formats, giving you numerous options to connect with your audience, including

  • birthday congratulations emails — it never hurts to congratulate your customers on their birthday, right? Plus, it’s not very hard for you to add the date to your calendar, making them happier and being printed in their memory as a thoughtful brand;
  • anniversary emails — the same works for your customers’ anniversaries. Send them a couple of nice words and they’ll remember you for a lifetime;  
  • emails with unique and exclusive offers — this kind of email make customers feel special and a part of a small community (which we all like);
  • milestone emails — say, your clients have reached another goal, like getting a certain number of bonuses or completing a set of purchases. Why not remind them of this fact?
  • limited-access emails — we mean the early access option: let your customers into a new product before anyone else gets a chance to even peek at it. Making your users feel special goes a long way;
  • emails of engagement — are self-explanatory, isn’t it? 
  • “thank you” letters — emails in which you thank your clients for something: staying with them for a year/two years/a decade; referring your brand to their friends or family; you name it.

And there’s more! As harsh times demand drastic measures, the epidemic has forced brands to develop innovative solutions. As a result, well-known brands have already developed additional forms of client appreciation emails. 

Consider an email from McDonald's, for instance, whose crew utilizes Covid as justification to send additional brand emails throughout the year. This customer gratitude email to health professionals and frontline staff around the country is a real work of art. While thanking NHS employees, it also promotes their free lunches. 

Philanthropy works its magic: subscribers are immediately won over by this email marketing strategy.

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Everyone anticipates brands to be more socially conscious in 2022, and this kind of newsletter certainly fits the bill. It builds trust and benefits the brand further. Additionally, it offers sharing options that allow such email campaigns to profit from word-of-mouth marketing, which as we all know has the potential to produce exceptional results. 

A good example is an email from Harry’s–the top business in the beauty and personal care sector. Their messages are directed at the community and subscribers, showing consideration by including a thank-you card and a discount. In addition, it is written in a plain-text email format, which gives it a customized and personal feel. The letter offers the subscriber real value and stands by them in trying times. In addition to strengthening client relationships, this tactic helps the company gain bonus points. 

The goal of the customer appreciation email is not just to show your appreciation to devoted customers and blanket them in charm and love. They are a crucial aspect of customer engagement and retention, which is seen from the perspective of email marketing as a stage in the customer lifecycle. As we've already mentioned, putting your customers first will help you run your firm triumphantly in 2022 πŸ’ͺ. What is more, it will guarantee the success of any endeavor and create a favorable perception of your brand. If we were, to sum up, the purpose of customer gratitude letters in one sentence, it’d be: “They make any customer journey so much more pleasant.”

Mobile Journey

Users are less inclined to stick with a company by 52% if they have a bad mobile experience.

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You are mistaken if you believe that experience in email design is of low importance. The mobile experience is becoming more and more important in every area, particularly when extended approaches and innovative solutions gain influence. 

Mobile browsing has exceeded desktop browsing by roughly 20%, according to Wolfgang Digital's KPI Report. Quite outstanding, isn't it?

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In addition, mobile phones πŸ“± have greater open rates than desktops or tablets, according to Litmus. Therefore, it is crucial to improve the mobile experience even though 56% of respondents said they prefer to complete their purchases on a desktop. 

Additionally, 2020 gave us many physical limits and limitations (for example, thanks to tracking pixels, open rates aren’t as reliable as they used to be even a couple of years ago). Due to this, audience segments can’t be properly created if you based them on your open rates. This way, you do not want to create additional hurdles. Consequently, the mobile experience ought to be faultless. 

Consider emails from HomeAway. There are numerous informational pieces in their newsletters. Traditional hero space, two-column design, promo section, header, and flexible footer are all present. But more importantly, everything looks excellent on all devices thanks to a flexible and fully responsive layout, so all customers can enjoy this email.

What can you do to improve the mobile experience?

It's not simple to optimize for mobile. Many design and coding tasks must be completed. Creating flawless email design becomes a major problem when you take into account the variance in how emails appear across email clients. As a result, it should come as no surprise that, per Litmus data, the majority of brands need one to two weeks to produce a quality email newsletter. Just think of the time and money wasted during this time. 

Marketing automation

🧩 Use tools designed for the task to look through. Email marketing is heavily influenced by marketing automation. Recent research indicates that more than 40% of businesses believe their email marketing departments lack the resources they need, and only 12% of those businesses intend to hire more full-time email employees. As a result, you simply have no chance of competing if you don't have a reliable tool in your toolbox that will do all the laborious lifting for you.

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There are many options available when it comes to marketing automation. For instance, the Postcards tool prioritizes mobile experiences and offers the most responsive performance among its alternatives. In addition to providing a strong framework for creating fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and retina-ready email templates, it also has a wealth of other useful features like version history, a modular system, one-click export to favorite ESPs, and cloud image hosting that will help your business stay ahead of the competition in the coming year even without a full-time email designer.

Dark mode

It's critical to keep in mind current email marketing trends in 2022 when it comes to mastering mobile SEO. Dark mode will be in high demand this year, just like it was in 2021. 36 percent of Apple iPhone users read electronic letters in dark mode, according to Litmus statistics. Yup, the light mode isn’t the headliner anymore.

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The pandemic was the spark for this. Lockdowns as well as other physical limitations that encouraged individuals to spend more time online only accelerated this trend. There is some eye irritation πŸ‘€ while spending more time in the virtual world than in the real one. Eye fatigue is lessened in low light thanks to dark mode. As a result, it is becoming considerably more well-known these days.

See which well-known brands' email design teams have successfully incorporated this pattern into their email layouts. For example, Adobe, with their Black Friday campaign. It gives you a fantastic reading experience. Additionally, it conveys the event's atmosphere, puts everyone in a good mood, and updates the email's appearance. Additionally, it is completely optimized and produces good results on screens of all sizes. Brilliant.

The second one is an Uber newsletter. Uber's newsletter smoothly accommodates all the content and offers a superb reading experience by utilizing cards and dark mode. Additionally, it blends well with the blue accent color. The email design is based on a versatile 2-column style that is simple to change into one with plenty of whitespaces, making it appear fantastic on both big and small devices. This way, small screen readers feel comfortable. Uber prioritizes smartphone compatibility and the latest email marketing trends, speaking the same language as its audience and creating a welcoming environment where customers are more susceptible to sales tactics.

Interactive email experiences for your users

It is crucial to understand that 68 % of consumers have raised the bar for brands' digital skills.

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The days of tedious sales pitches are long gone. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to substitute something useful from the digital world for the physical experience of buying. Users demand to be treated like contacts who throughout their life cycle should receive nothing less than exceptional customer service. Therefore, user-friendly email designs that completely compensate for this deficiency are growing in favor. 

The good news πŸ‘ is that you have several excellent choices, including 

  • GIFs with animation and dynamic effects;
  • Interactive components;
  • Gamified experiences;
  • AMP.

Each choice has advantages. For instance, animated gifs are already tried-and-true methods to spice up the user experience, create a setting appropriate for the occasion, and of course, perform marketing gimmicks like creating a sense of urgency or highlighting promotional offers. 

The reality of shopping directly from the inbox, which shoppers in 2022 find very desired, is closer to reality thanks to AMP. You can already add features like a shopping carousel that let visitors see products and add their preferred option to the basket directly from the email, avoiding the hassle of looking for this product in the store.

The customer's trip is drastically shortened, becoming brief and effective. Additionally, it eliminates all of the annoyance that could arise throughout the customer's lifecycle and decreases friction. Although gamification is still in the future, you can simulate it today and even guarantee that a certain subset of your subscribers will be able to enjoy it by making intelligent use of interactive elements. Let's think about some excellent examples. 

The first is an email from the Tinder team, which uses animated gifs with multiple moving graphics. The actions that users should perform are supported by each animation. They provide clarification and foster a welcoming environment. As a result, newbies experience onboarding as being less painful. This action establishes bonds with new clients and offers them a solid foundation.

Another illustration is an email from Litmus, which employs the interactive hero area to enhance and personalize the user experience. Additionally, it persuasively supports the main idea and strengthens the email's overall message. 

Here, users have the option to switch πŸ”„ between two settings and observe for themselves how the reading experience may alter in dark mode and light mode. Even though this is only one interactive component, it has a significant impact. You might profit from one of these possibilities depending on your email marketing campaigns, plan, and brand. Please remember these excellent practices, though:

  • Verify that everything displays flawlessly on all browsers and screen readers; 
  • Avoid sending emails that are too heavy since they run the risk of being tagged as spam;
  • Male everything mobile-friendly; 
  • Make everything super accessible; 
  • Make sure both the browser and text versions are available. 

Even though it might take some additional expertise to create a fun experience, generators like Postcards can easily add interactive elements like interactive hotspots and elevate the user experience.

Stay-At-Home Vibe 

There are still many people who work from home. 

Sadly, we will have to live inside due to upcoming limitations and lockdowns. It does not exclude us from using it to our advantage, though. This area has previously undergone testing. Some of us even managed to settle down and spend some time with our families. In terms of email marketing, it's time to make your newsletter feel cozier and more welcoming 🀝 because this year, potential customers are drawn to this style of ambiance the most. Major brands have previously carried out this. They began with online shops that displayed their goods in domestic settings. The same kinds of photoshoots have been featured in email designs. 

One of the first to promote this trend in 2020 was the brand Chi Chi Clothing. The company also moved its emphasis to nightwear and loungewear, which are in higher demand. Prioritizing items that the public will find more interesting and placing them in settings familiar to the customers may help to spark interest and increase traffic.  

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A warm, pleasant, homey feeling is becoming increasingly popular among corporations. Because it is your customers' way of life, this trick allows you to communicate with them in the same language. Including things in home décor helps them appear and feel more valuable because they can be used right here, right now. 

Furthermore, don't overlook the message that the homey atmosphere provides to the email design. Home not only feels calm, cozy, and secluded, but it also feels safe and secure. It is your kingdom where all your problems vanish. All of the features that this environment possesses can easily entice customers and strengthen their attachment to your brand (in a good sense). As we all know, consumer loyalty equals more opportunities to sell to them.

Pictures that Look Like Reality 

These days, there are other methods you can employ in addition to the stay-at-home setting to build rapport with your consumers. Realistic illustrations 🎨 are another option. By letting them know that we are all in the same situation, they aid in expressing sympathy. Trust and loyalty are dramatically increased when a brand positions itself as a firm that is constantly on your side. We all need something to rely on in these unsettling times. You will unquestionably triumph over the competition if your brand is this shoulder to weep on.

What then can you do in 2022 to bring your brand closer to the target market? Famous businesses have previously tested some viable solutions, and they have found them to be highly successful. They consist of images of humans, single-person portraits, and portraits of people wearing masks. 

Images of a single person and individuals in masks

It's almost like we know the rule of keeping our distance off by heart. To prevent the virus from spreading, you should always maintain a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) between you and other people. Another facet of our lives that we have effectively accepted is this one. Why not utilize it in the company's favor? 

Utilizing portraits of a single person rather than group shots of people is one technique to do this. Whether we like it or not, we are becoming accustomed to working, eating, and exercising alone. You will succeed if your product enhances this new way of living. This tactic demonstrates to your clients that you share their perspectives, leading to increased trust and empathy. 

Consider the email designs from Welly and Rapha, whose teams have successfully taken advantage of this development and adapted their digital newsletters to the general public. Welly's email design beckons to all intrepid souls. There are still several ways to set out on a trip despite the Covid pandemic's restrictions.

What’s in?

In Welly's email, there is a picture of a woman having fun in a lovely setting. There is only one, but it touches our hearts. Surely not? We both share the same situation. All lovers of nature find it difficult to resist because of its alluring aura. Take note of the product promotion. Both "Bravery Badges" and "Waterproof Bravery Badges" are their names. With these words, the item appears to match the topic and be a solid resource in these unsettling times.

The Rapha newsletter goes a little bit further. It begins with a subject line that effectively captures the situation at hand. An email pitch with the subject line "We may be riding solo, but never alone" stands out in the inbox. It is extremely pertinent and inspiring. 

πŸ“ Again, a vision of a stand-alone hero becomes clear right away. But it does not feel lonely, as the subject line suggests. Instead, the business gives the impression that its product is a trustworthy companion for all of your biking experiences.

People wearing masks

The use of images of people wearing masks is another trend. Although businesspeople do not fully capitalize on this trend, let's face it: we are all sick and tired of covering up our attractive smiles. Nevertheless, mask-wearing individuals are pervasive; it has become a part of modern life. Therefore, incorporating images of people wearing masks is the best method to make your email design look modern. Don't go overboard, though; this trend feels forced. As a result, it can bounce off. Take Everlane as an example of how to profit from this propensity.

Like every other company in this industry, the fashion brand Everlane has expanded its product line to include masks. A conventional promotional mailing is used for that by the email marketing team. This smart graphic, or to be more precise, an animated gif that rotates through three shots, shows how the product seamlessly integrates into the modern world and appeals to all genders.

Evidently, Everlane is a good example of the retail industry. To clarify their message, other brands are using this trend as well. For instance, Airbnb uses a picture of a woman wearing a mask in one of its emails to remind the owners how important it is to make sure all the safety precautions were taken.

Illustrations of people

The popularity of human illustrations is rising. The catch is that using human pictures is the only legal option to depict people without masks. Additionally, illustrations have long been popular. They can give a warm artistic touch to elevate any aesthetics and experience. 

Cost-effectiveness is another benefit of employing graphics. Using meaningful and high-quality graphics is significantly more affordable than planning a full photo session. Low-cost solutions could prove to be a true lifesaver for your brand in 2022 when the pandemic's aftereffects are at their worst and businesses are forced to dramatically cut costs.

When utilizing human examples, keep inclusion in mind 🧠 as another major trend. Pictures with flaws are the best. Adopt some thought-provoking strange images as well. 

Consider a St. Valentine's Day-themed email newsletter from Resy. The article, headed "Where to Spend Valentine's Day," included a stunning graphic of a couple having a romantic dinner. This method not only gets everyone in the holiday spirit and enhances the festive atmosphere of this cherished event, but it also provides the restaurant industry with suitable visual support. Genius.


If you don’t feel like fully relying on email template builders like Folderly, we suggest you give artificial intelligence a chance.

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Besides, automation is among the most important email marketing trends. You need to put in a ton of email marketing efforts if you want to go even close to the 1:1 marketing paradigm, which is thought to be our future. It requires a lot of work because you have to evaluate the statistics, segment your audience thoroughly, choose the ideal timing, adhere to the ideal frequency, and produce hyper-personalized content. It will be more difficult to achieve the optimal outcome the larger your subscriber list grows. Marketing automation enters the table, saving the day no matter what industry you’re in.

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Automated emails have a 119 % greater click rate than broadcast emails, claims Epsilon. Those who are serious about email marketing have already experienced its benefits. Every transactional email, including Welcome, Cart Abandonment, Onboarding, Birthday, etc., is automatically sent. That is insufficient, though. ❗️ To give the user a constant sense of control over their inbox, automation should be integrated holistically across the entire customer journey. Adding value that produces leads goes a long way.

Another automation trend suggests abandoning manual campaigning in favor of artificial intelligence (AI). Everything can be solved with behavior-based email automation, but it can only be done with AI. Although it sounds bold and audacious, thanks to advancing technologies, this future is not that far off. 

Even though automation enabled by AI is still in its infancy, you can already benefit from its advantages

  • to keep track of what is happening along sales pipelines, choose a CRM system; 
  • learn how to use the analytics features in your ESP;
  • plan and stick to it to avoid missing anything;

Finally, delegate email designing to professional HTML email templates generators like Postcards. It is a time-saving and cost-effective solution that will help to build modern, fully responsive, and accessible email newsletters within minutes. If you are not planning to add full-time email staff this year, then it is simply irreplaceable.

Wrapping Up

A widespread pandemic has upended things and drastically altered our way of life. We should accept these changes and make every effort to survive next year and compete with the fierce opposition. 

Here is where you need to be on top of things when it comes to email marketing. While it may not seem like an easy task at a first glance, mastering email marketing trends is not a challenge. πŸ’‘ To make the most of these unpredictable times and raise money even in the worst-case circumstances in 2022, pay attention to email design and email trends.

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