Email Marketing Strategies as an Important Part of any Business

Vladislav Podolyako
Jun 24, 2022
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Today, the inbox of the screen readers is overflowing with letters. And they never open them. But why? It is happening because these emails do not arouse interest or trust among the customers. That is why the efforts of email marketers regularly go to spam together with the money of the companies that hire them.

Interesting fact: the first marketing mail was sent back in 1978 and brought 13 million dollars in sales πŸ’Έ. From that day on, these marketing channels remain the most popular ones that people use for various purposes. Despite the emergence of new and more interactive channels, such as social media and chat, mail continues to be an effective way to build your audience. It is also an integral part of effective marketing strategies.

The best email marketing strategy should be used to develop existing relationships with subscribers and potential customers, providing them with valuable information that will help them meet their goals. It is very important that the subscriber not only reads your letter but also looks forward to the next one.

Nowadays, some people also believe that it is no longer relevant. Despite this false statement, these channels are still considered an effective tool for communicating with potential clients. The popularity of online business continues to grow every year. The main thing is to know and correctly use them as a method of promotion. To do this, you need to be aware of all the latest novelties and trends and quickly implement them in your work process.

Why do you need to create an email marketing strategy?

We can say with no doubt that it is a way to promote products or services through emails. It is the most efficient and cost-effective digital media tool that can not only attract and retain your clients but also increase brand loyalty. But before you start using it in the right way, you need to find out how to create the right email marketing strategy.

The strategies allow you to achieve many different long-term and short-term goals. Here are the most popular ones that influence customer behavior.

A great email marketing strategy πŸ‘ has the following characteristics:

  1. It increases brand awareness. It is a great opportunity to remind clients about your brand. The more often they see your company sending emails in their inbox, the more likely they are to choose you when searching for a product.
  2. It increases sales. It is probably the main goal of all marketers. If your brand is trustworthy, your ROI will boost.
  3. It builds trust. Try to include reviews and testimonials in your email list so that your subscribers have proof that your brand is trusted. You can also provide a link to a landing page on your site that contains real reviews. 
  4. It increases traffic. With the help of links to specific pages on the site, you can create an attractive subject line and a relevant offer, clients will follow the links. Thus, you can either increase traffic to popular pages or promote those that do not receive enough traffic yet.
  5. It provides automation of routine tasks. Trigger and transactional mailings will help you to create emails. With its help, you can automatically send emails in response to the actions of your clients. Such mailings include the following: registration confirmation letters with a subject line, welcome emails, abandoned cart letters, order confirmation, and reactivation letters. Thus, you will reduce costs in an effective way and be able to concentrate on more important tasks.
  6. Email subject lines that are personalized with a recipient’s first name can increase open rates by 16%.

Essential components of email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are used to promote special offers, new product releases, gated content like ebooks and webinars, and your brand at large. A campaign could consist of 3-10 emails sent over several days or weeks. It would be a good idea for your promotion because:

  • It is flexible. For a successful email marketing strategy, we advise you to leave the opportunity to correct, supplement, and delete blocks.
  • It is realistic. You should look at all business processes, the use of technology, your product, and your target audience. For email marketing campaigns, it is also important to honestly estimate the situation and determine where your advantages and disadvantages are.
  • It is focused on the results. Everything you do during the email campaigns must lead to a result. If the goal is not clear, then it will take more effort from you.
  • It also forms part of the overall marketing technique. But remember that marketing emails will bring good results only in combination with other tools. Try to strengthen and complete it with various communication media.

How to create a winning email marketing strategy?

You already know what this email marketing strategy is and why it's so important. But how to create an email strategy and make it efficient and effective?

Good email marketing strategies are incomplete without the right design. Sending plain text works, but HTML will be more appealing to existing customers and more likely to convince them to click on the CTA.

Here it is important to place the key elements πŸ— in a structured way and choose a readable font.

Instead of creating an email template from scratch, you can use email marketing software.

A signature makes your emails look professional, helping you build trust, connect with your audience, and show subscribers a glimpse of your brand’s personality.

You have to know your target audience perfectly. Your email subscribers vary in how ready they are to convert, segment them by interests, unique characteristics, and more to send relevant campaigns to the right people. 

The idea behind this technique is to engage subscribers with more relevant, targeted emails, and offer what suits their interests to provide them with a personalized experience.

Use marketing automation software to automate your email marketing campaigns, including setting up predefined conditions and triggers such as specific times and subscriber actions.

  • Optimize your email campaigns for mobile devices

To create effective email marketing campaigns, make them mobile-friendly πŸ“± to provide an excellent user experience for your subscribers and increase engagement.  You have to keep your email campaigns short and test your calls to actioncalls to action in email marketing.

  • Use automate campaigns

Set up mailing at a certain time, triggers, renewal of interest, newsletters, etc.

To understand how effective your email marketing strategy is, it is very important to track the important metrics such as open rate, signup, bounce rate, etc. So you will not only check the effectiveness but also know what else you need to work on to get the best result.

Don’t send emails without split testing. You need to make sure the version you want works. Tools like Mailmunch provide A/B testing tools so that users can test the landing pages and emails before finalizing the version. It is also a good way to find out perfect subject lines.

These can be recommended words in the subject line, sense of urgency, and other key indicators. You should also provide statistics πŸ“Š. 

  • Add visuals and interactive elements to follow-up emails

Emails with three or fewer images and approximately 20 lines of text result in the highest click-through rates. These can also be statistics, examples of elements of what it can be like dark modes, gifs, videos, pictures, and rollovers. If these are polls, then the ability to enter answers in the body of the letter, etc.

Choose the best time to send emails wisely to improve the open and click-through rate. A customer’s loyalty toward your brand increases once you reach them at the right time. Do not forget that loyal customers are likely to engage with the content. Remember that, and find the best timing for your target audience

  • Re-engage inactive subscribers

First, identify inactive subscribers. And then, rekindle their interest in you by sending them an email. Let them know they missed something important and you want them to come back. Consider giving them a special offer or discount.

Sure thing, there is no 100% perfect solution, but if you know the basics of a great content marketing strategy, then your email marketing success will be much higher.

How can you set goals in an email marketing campaign?

The most important thing is to understand why you need it πŸ€”. In marketing campaigns, make sure each goal is:

  • Clear. Define the audience and benefits of the campaigns.
  • Achievable. Calculate the budget, and take into account resources and skills in the campaigns.
  • Measurable. Specify a KPI to track the success of the campaigns.
  • Finally, in future campaigns, make sure each goal has a deadline.

Discover the latest email marketing statistics

Currently, the number of people who use marketing emails is constantly growing. And it’s obvious because the marketing is the best among all digital marketing channels. In 2020, the number of such users was about 3.9 billion. By 2024, it is expected to increase to 4.5 billion people who use automated emails. Today, email marketers say that the average user has at least two addresses, thus separating work and personal life.

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In addition, multiple channels, such as subscriptions to news and thematic mailing are in great demand. What's more, 10 years ago when there were fewer email trends, 247 billion emails were sent per day. And over the past year, an average of 307 billion emails have been sent.

Based on the numbers above, we can say that email marketing trends remain an effective method of promoting goods and services on the Internet πŸ“©. But to acquire high engagement, you need to use new effective trends. So let's discover each of them and talk about their advantages.

Discover the email marketing strategy

These days, customer behavior shows that people are no longer interested in boring emails that are simply informative. Users now want more trusting communication in simple language and like it when their needs and concerns are considered. By understanding this, you will be able to retain existing customers. In addition, it will help meet the expectations of new customers.

Good examples tend to include user-generated content (UGC) that is created by the client. By their actions on the website, the user forms the further structure of future mailings. With the help of such examples of email marketing as comments, survey results, the number of likes, product reviews, and video reviews, the user's need for content is determined. Such content based on customer experience is primarily created to build customer relationships with businesses. For a good email marketing strategy, you need to remember that people often make choices based on online reviews, especially if it is their first cooperation experience.

The main advantages of using UGC when creating campaigns:

  1. It offers optimization of time and budget.
  2. It also helps to establish loyalty to the brand and gives the client a sense of being heard and understood.
  3. It ensures stable involvement growth.
  4. It provides you with social network integration, which, in turn, allows in-depth work with the audience.
  5. The feedback from subscribers and directly from the company allows not only to establish mutually beneficial cooperation but also to significantly increase the percentage of sales during marketing campaigns.

Interactive content is used to increase open rates, click-through rates, and user engagement. One of these strategies includes everything that pushes the client to some action with the elements of the email.

 πŸͺ„ Here are the examples of interactive email marketing tools that are successfully used in the mailing lists for better email deliverability:

  1. Animated buttons and GIFs improve email deliverability;
  2. rating of services;
  3. gamification elements in email design;
  4. built-in surveys and videos;
  5. other dynamic motion-design effects are used in the campaigns.

Gamification makes it possible to revive the emails and get away from the standard approach in the campaigns through entertaining content: tests, quizzes, puzzles, and quests.

The introduction of gaming technologies in the campaigns increases immersion in the product and develops loyalty. It is a good campaign if it gives the consumer vivid emotions, a sense of excitement, and satisfaction, which contributes to the formation of devotion to the brand on a psychological level.

AMP technologies in the campaigns allow you to perform operations directly inside the letter without using other additional pages. An AMP-enabled mail can always be tweaked, and the displayed content can be changed, even if it has already been sent. Such a letter looks like an independent web page and also contributes to good examples. Without going to the site, the user has the opportunity to:

  • Purchase goods in the online market;
  • leave feedback and comment;
  • complete a survey or an interactive game;
  • put the product in favorites.

Collaborations 🀝 also make great examples. To expand the user base, you need to attract potential customers from social networks.

Here’s what can help:

  • Development of a system of bonuses and discounts in exchange for a subscription (promotional codes, free useful materials).
  • Exclusivity of the proposed content in letters (information received should not be the same as in social networks).
  • Collaborations with people whose activities and experiences will be interesting to subscribers.

Many marketers successfully use various collaborations in their activities. Joint advertising campaigns and promotions with other businesses and public figures play an important role in modern marketing.

Adaptations of emails for customers are a crucial part of an email marketing campaign. The content must fit well in all formats and display correctly on various gadgets. Therefore, ignoring the features in modern conditions is a big mistake. After all, customers who are used to mobile-friendly designs will no longer read unoptimized emails. According to the latest data, 41% of emails are viewed on the devices πŸ“².

Also, other examples of email marketing. Your letters should be equally well-read on both white and black backgrounds. For this, we recommend using high-contrast text and visual effects.

Personalized emails are the formation of newsletters that take into account the personal preferences of the recipients, their problems, and interests. Taking into account the information received and feedback from subscribers, companies make a personal commercial offer through micro-segmentation.

The marketing uses the following techniques of email personalization:

  1. You should address the client by name. This simple method of email personalization works when combined with an attractive offer.
  2. By interests. The composition of the content and email marketing personalization is compiled depending on the personal preferences of the user and his needs.
  3. By gender. For the convenience of subscribers, it is much more efficient to create personalized messages with different dynamic content for men and women.
  4. By location. Geolocation will help sort customers and make relevant mailings.

A long read is an informational article that reveals one topic in detail is called a long read, which often has an educational function for the customers. At the head of the letter is text content, but various graphics and illustrations can enhance its effectiveness.

Here are the reasons why you need to think about using long reads:

  • Confirmation of competence. Having read the letter, the reader immediately assesses the level of knowledge of the specialist/company.
  • Strengthening of loyalty. It shows that the brand is ready not only to sell but simply to provide benefits without direct benefit.
  • Solving certain problems. A long read is designed to solve specific issues: to acquaint the new subscriber with the company's purchase history, news, new products, etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots πŸ€–. Automation helps to set up a mailing mechanism and conduct more accurate analytics. The more precisely the indicators and selection criteria are determined, the more effective the mailing is. 

A manager can't study the behavior of all database participants and adjust the email strategy. But artificial intelligence will do it efficiently and quickly.

The introduction of AI chatbots also eases many of the processes that affect open rates:

  • Collection and subscription of a loyal audience;
  • processing of incoming requests and generation of responses;
  • analysis of the behavior of site users and distribution of profitable collections to form a willingness to buy.

Greeting new subscribers throughout the day. Please try to do your best to welcome a new subscriber in the best possible way. We also recommend explaining what benefits your brand provides. In addition, make sure subscribers know what to expect from you in the future. For better interaction, you can also create a series of welcome emails that will tell customers about your product.

Deleting passive subscribers. In the future, subscribers may lose interest in your brand, and that is a normal sort of thing. To do it right, email clients with a reactivation mail if they don't read your emails for at least a few months. You can remind inactive subscribers of the benefits of your brand and offering them something useful. But if they are no longer interested, just let them go. And when unsubscribing, ask users why. When subscribers respond, it will help you improve your further email marketing strategy.

But all these email marketing efforts will not work if it will go to spam. And Folderly will help you to solve this problem. The product's task is to make sure that all client mailings get into the Inbox folder and turn mailings into an effective marketing tool. Folderly deals with the infrastructure. It analyzes the previous activity of the sender and the reputation of the domain and shows what needs to be changed.

How often should you send emails?

According to the data, on average, each company sends 2-4 emails per day.

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⏰ Would you like to know how to choose the right frequency for sending targeted emails? Here are some simple email marketing tips:

  • You can offer customers to choose by themselves the frequency of mailing. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Always track the number of open emails and unsubscribes.
  • Interact with your clients. For example, some users are interested in promotional news, while others like informative articles. Let customers define interesting content on their own. Then you can plan the frequency of emails based on their responses.

How to write emails using the strategies?

If you want your emails to be as effective as possible, you should follow this email marketing strategy template:

  1. Write effective headlines. The subject is very important, and the title has to be limited to 20 characters. Make sure that it not only grabs attention but also matches the content of the email. It is essential so that subscribers are not disappointed when they open their mail.
  2. Create relevant and personalized content. Segment your audience according to preferences, age, gender, and location. Using these email marketing tactics, you will provide subscribers with the most useful content for them.
  3. Be brief. Reading the letter should take approximately 11 seconds. Thus, the letter will be informative enough and not boring.

How has COVID-19 affected trends in mailing?

62% of marketers said that COVID-19 has slightly changed email marketing trends. 22% rated the changes as significant. Only 11% did not notice any difference. 

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To sum up, in 2022, the trends are continuing to grow and are improving all the time. 64% of companies worldwide consider it one of the most effective online methods, and 58% of all company revenues generate segmented emails. What's more, the return on investment of emails is 122%, which is 4 times higher than other promotion tools.

In conclusion, we can say that the trends are a great way to connect with your audience and convert your subscribers into online store customers. πŸ” Knowing what is the definition of an email marketing strategy will pay you off the costs and generate profit from the sales funnel. And using modern trends and understanding the needs of the audience will bring success to your business.

Vladislav Podolyako
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