Best Black Friday Email Examples to Make Your Campaign a Blast

Vladislav Podolyako
Oct 05, 2022
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Black Friday campaigns are part of a holiday marketing strategy that relies on discounted sales to deliver optimal sales by increasing consumer traffic. Many customers enjoy shopping during holidays to avoid traveling long hours to physical stores. Consequently, careful planning must be in place to leverage your emailing capabilities to reach out with adverts that speak to unique buyer expectations. Efforts to capture the reader's attention suffice when competing for limited prospects who will see equally captivating product content from other entities. 

πŸ“ The best way for email marketers to generate reasonable revenue during the period is to avoid the spam folder with inbox-landing messages. Content about the Black Friday deals must reach as many clients as possible to elicit the desired engagements with your teams. An experienced marketing partner will take care of the details of campaign strategies to ensure maximum inbox penetration. The expected client interactions will need automated elements to handle some marketing functions to avoid over-burdening your personnel with redundant tasks. Such automation increases efficiency and accountability to the projected outcomes that facilitate the realization of set goals conceived at the inception of the campaigns. 

Some details evident in popular Black Friday email example pages which make the sales objectives for the season achievable include: 

  1. Catchy color templates.
  2. Animated content designs.
  3. Customer segmentation.
  4. Catchy subject lines etc. 

Features evident in successful Black Friday email examples 

Black Friday email marketing relies on executing intentional measures that cause customer numbers spikes over the weekend. The objective is to leverage the idle time of professional potential and regular buyers who will be away from daily obligations. Projected outcomes indicate that business sales will spike by correctly applying the strategies adopted and the automation resources installed πŸ“ˆ. However, some features must be present within the emailing efforts to ensure optimization of sales from high client outreach statistics. Such features are:

Rich client list

Black Friday email ideas will only succeed when your establishment enjoys a well-maintained email list for your personnel to target with ads.

A clever partner will implement protocols that find web pages with users whose browsing behavior makes them strong contenders to buy your goods. Such protocols establish how often online users engage with content that relates to the problems solved by your product to determine purchasing potential. 

Prospects that elicit serious interest in similar content become targets 🎯 for your Black Friday strategy containing details depicting a call to action (CTA) option. Here, you ask the people to subscribe to your content by offering better content details with underlying product information. You can then direct your prospects to a landing page with the opt-in interfaces where they give personal details to enrich your email list. However, clients must feel seduced by your brand instead of forcing content into their mailboxes

Intense cold and warm outreach efforts   

Cold email outreach efforts involve targeting the email subscribers added to your list with new email content to alert them about your plans going into the weekend. The strategy involves sending a Black Friday teaser email detailing what you include on your list of discounted goods for the coming season. You can indicate the amount of cash taken off the products, including how much customers save for different product volumes. The idea is to spread knowledge to the audience about budget arrangements to reflect their spending plans as they prepare to shop. You can also prepare warm outreach material to send to present purchasers interested in being part of the upcoming weekend purchase frenzy.    

There are various strategies to employ when sending messages to people, luring them to come for your goods on the day Black Friday sales happen. First, include a disappearing discount code usable by the early birds who open your emails quickly and engage with your marketing details. It will stimulate the audience to react quickly to future email notifications and check to see the information you want to pass. πŸ€” Additionally, hire a partner like Folderly to handle your Black Friday offer details and elevate your market reach to sustain the campaign. 

Countdown mechanism

It would help if you implemented a Black Friday countdown mechanism on your advert emails sent to multiple recipients who subscribe to regular product alerts. ⏳ The countdown timer reminds them how close it is to the special day to help them prepare to shop for all items that satisfy their needs. Well-implemented countdowns on email content ensure that your target audience understands when the advertised deals open for participation. They enable user anticipation, especially when you have special codes sent out for those who want to be first in line to your sales pages. The resulting traffic to your product website will increase when you include this small detail that simulates urgency. 

Interactive content

Customers pay attention to the visual aspect more than the textual content of your Black Friday email campaign when they open the messages received.

Therefore, implementing visible content formats will be a successful strategy to capture the audiences' attention at first sight. People are busy with online material to get distracted by message structures that do not have a resounding first impression. Things such as animated gifs will capture the attention of the target and then make them interested in the other parts. 

Add a clear table of contents πŸ“  to your message with labels the user can click to navigate to desired parts of the email. Clients want to look at the most important sections of the message with details that matter to their purchasing decisions. However, the table saves you from leaving out important parts containing key product and purchase details by allowing varying email interaction possibilities. Such ideas boost your Black Friday sales by enabling diverse user engagements that bear the common fruits of user satisfaction. 

Professional subject lines 

Experienced marketing partners will inform you about the importance of structuring the perfect subject phrases for your email before hitting the send button. The relevance of the email section is so much it impacts how much inbox penetration you can enjoy in multiple inboxes. The Black Friday subject line examples contain zero spam words which limit deliverability to the target destination. Ironing out this small part of your bulk emails is an email strategy that will turn your fortunes for the best possible outreach outcomes. You will enjoy priority engagement in the customer's mailbox by ensuring that your adverts arrive on the visible side instead of ending in the spam folder. 

Underlying links

It would be best if you directed your prospects and buyers to a special click-through landing page where they will find conclusive product details to inform their purchase options. It is impossible to capture all the details of particular Black Friday deals in an email without burdening the client with too much content. Users want to quickly check email ads and identify the important parts that communicate their unique needs addressed by what they are selling. Those interested in particular extras can then click and land on a separate page where you have tailored content to convince them to get the product. 

However, it would help if you involved experts who understand the best practice rules of creating such additional pages and the hyperlinks in the email body. One way to get started is to put the hyperlink underneath long-tail keywords πŸ–‡ that capture user attention and provide hints of what to expect. You can also optimize your Black Friday sales by adopting automation that monitors the click-through rates on your ad pages. The analytics reports will help you identify successful campaigns to refocus your efforts and investments on the most valuable campaigns. 

Branded templates

Templates define a brand from its competitors by making it stand out in the eyes of scarce buyers, whose attention is key to business sustainability. Boost the success rates of your Black Friday campaigns by outsourcing your email template designing functions to a firm that understands the requirements. Further details on the different Black Friday template customizations will be forthcoming in the next section of this piece.  

Black Friday email template 

Templates are a deliberate marketing strategy where you use designs with brand outlooks that dwarf other entities by creating a lasting market impression. Branding is important in first impressions that appeal to customers and prospects alike, making you stand out from the mass of e-commerce shops. Bringing that brand identity into your Black Friday email designs means you establish a unique feeling across the audience who give you special attention. βœ… There are a few template characteristics to consider for your email design outlooks before hitting send, including:

  1. Color.
  2. Theme.
  3. Branding.


Advertising your company's discounts off Black Friday weekend sales requires using templates with vibrant colors to make your content difficult to ignore. Make sure to strike the perfect balance between the color blocks selected for the adverts you intend to send. The strategy is to have a few solid colors with clear separation to avoid overcomplicating everything. You can have different solid colors for each offered category instead of having several colors mixed up for the same discount option. 


Themes define the season to alert users to the period when the sales are taking place for better preparation as the shopping experience nears. Invest in simple themes that are easy to understand using graphical content related to the season. For example, Black Friday email templates for holiday fashion items can have a pictorial representation of the sunny vacation destinations β˜€οΈ. Themes help purchasers to understand how advertised products are necessary for the coming season. 


Always let your email recipients understand that your brand is responsible for the communication without including your company name or description. A good marketing entity creates a unique identifier on every template representing your brand, such as a logo. This way, your Black Friday email marketing content makes people relate to the business, thus convincing them to make purchasing decisions. 

Black Friday email subject line 

The section here offers further details about the most important part of your email structure that determines deliverability and customer engagement probability. The Black Friday email subject line chosen for your messages impacts the success of your campaign in three ways.

Spam filters

As stated herein, the structure and grammar of your chosen topic phrase determine how spam filters set up by the client's email service provider behave. The filters watch out for words and phrases flagged 🚩 for spam in your main email topic before determining where the message lands.

Black Friday shopping emails whose topic contains malicious words will automatically go to the spam folder where the client will not easily see them.

Your audience will therefore miss the communication entirely or discover it when it is too late to take the desired step towards purchasing your advertised product. 

Client impression   

Clients will always be reluctant to open an email whose Black Friday subject line consists of suspicious word structures and phrases. Customers have different online experiences and are careful to avoid interacting with emails with exaggerated topics. You should avoid putting buzzwords in your email head because they are common in emails used by scammers to trick users into clicking questionable links that enable fraud. 

Client reaction

Users who come across emails with exaggerated topics will move quickly to report the sender as spam to avoid any risks. 🀯 People know the danger posed by emails structured similarly by scammers to lure them into losing their valuables. You risk jeopardizing your sender's credibility by ending up in several spam reports and ignoring the main topic's correct structure and grammar. 

Products to include in the Black Friday weekend deals 

Black Friday weekend deals are the perfect gift for your loyal and new customers as you enter the Christmas season. They precede the season of heavy spending on different items by people who want to reward each other for making it throughout the year. People want to relax and spend the money made from the beginning of the year when work-related duties are aplenty. Sending marketing messages via business mailboxes during this period increases the possibility of reaching an interested buyer. 

You should also schedule some Cyber Monday emails on your drip email strategy for the customer spillover after the weekend purchase spree. Cyber Monday campaigns make a part of the weekend deals to run since some customers will be worn out to start shopping immediately after Thanksgiving. 

The following are product categories to advertise: 

Fashion products

The best strategy for your Black Friday email marketing campaign is to advertise and sell fashion items to your customers πŸ‘—. The holidays come with high demand for different clothing types due to the events scheduled for December every year. You will reap big when you target your prospects with stylish fashion ads that catch the attention of eventgoers. 

Entertainment equipment 

Black Friday deals are incomplete without adverts for different types of entertainment and public address systems. The holidays are ideal for work retreats, weddings, and birthday celebrations involving close confidants. Make sure to stock and advertise the best equipment that will make such experiences memorable and lively to make a killing for your establishment.    

Household equipment

Many people will only get time for Black Friday shopping to restock their households after long months of busy schedules over the year. You should sell household items in high demand as everyone gets time to reflect on what they need while recovering from Thanksgiving.  

Black Friday email examples on the market 

πŸ’ͺ The following are popular examples of email options to use to enable success for your marketing efforts during the Black Friday season: 

  1. FOMO.
  2. Carhartt's.
  3. ModCloth.
  4. Zagg's.
  5. Lou & Grey.
  6. Inch squared.



These Black Friday shopping email structures play to buyers' psychology, making them eager to participate in the upcoming purchasing frenzy. They tell clients that everyone else will participate in the shopping spree, thus urging everyone else not to lag. The understanding of applying the strategy is that many people want to be part of a process for fear of missing out. Here, you can use the same scheme to communicate to your prospects to engage in the purchases by letting them know that products are almost sold out. πŸ’‘Additionally, you can use the idea of a last-chance purchase email to push a last-minute customer surge towards the product websites. Finally, stressing about deals like free shipping adds to the appeal of your offer to a large mass. 


Carhartt S

The second example involves employing interactive visuals to keep the user glued to your email content long enough to get the intended message. Here, they use an animated gif to announce the official opening of the Black Friday deals to let users know they can make their orders. The gifs make emails stand out from the rest because humans are visual creatures with an attention span that wanders constantly. The movement on the email page ensures that your client's attention is on the overall message, where they identify finer details like opening dates. 


Mod Cloth 1

The fact evident in a typical Black Friday email example is the use of black color as the main theme of the email block. 🎨 However, the ModCloth example differs by introducing variable color blocks that complement each other for a better impression. Using this example to customize your e-commerce business emails means you are in a position to move away from tradition and try interesting styles. The exciting trials will bear fruits because users will experience a template format not encountered before. Additionally, there is a CTA button to open the store's website when clients like the ad and want to discover the finer product details and make an order. 


Zagg's (1)

This email style adopts a countdown scheme where you send an early advert email for products included in your deal for the coming season. The timing of sending and including a countdown to the opening time of the sales ensures client anticipation. Consequently, buyers will be waiting in awareness of your scheduled ordering reception moment to begin making online purchases. Added to the email body after a well-crafted Black Friday subject line is discounted deals they will enjoy when buying from your store. 

Lou and Grey

Lou Grey

The template style of email sending exudes simplicity in the color and design of the email structure involved. The idea is to ensure the user can easily identify the details of the communications for straightforward decisions about purchases. They include a CTA button linking to product web pages where deal closing occurs in case clients show serious intent to buy. The email body also provides discount details to lure prospects who can find it perfect for saving some money during the shopping experience. πŸ’³ 


Inch 1

The structure keeps the emails simple, from the Black Friday subject lines to the body content. The simplicity helps to highlight the most important aspect of the marketing emails: the best product deals available for selection for customers wishing to participate. Here, customer favorites suffice to make the masses eager to come forward and acquire products ideal for their unique problems. 

Benefits of Black Friday email marketing 

πŸ‘‰ The following are advantages of running marketing schemes that target Black Friday shoppers: 

Convenience for buyers 

The intrigue surrounding Black Friday campaigns involves leveraging the time available to holiday shopping lovers to bombard them with measured marketing efforts. Normally, people do not have time to look for household items over the week due to time-consuming jobs and school obligations. However, weekends offer a perfect opening for them to break away from their obligations and look at what they need to purchase. Understanding customer behavior is key to structuring unrivaled schemes that catch their attention and divert them towards your content and product. Careful plan execution will see your online store receive record numbers from the lead conversion outcomes of your efforts. 

Customer-oriented products

The Black Friday email examples introduced by your marketing partner rely on analytics of data metrics that help segment the audience. Customer segmentation satisfies the requirements for tailored campaigns where you design content based on unique client demographics representing different expectations. For example, you can determine how much money and time particular prospect groups spend on their weekend shopping activities. You can customize the Black Friday email campaign for each group of buyers to avoid sending meaningless emails to users with minimal interest. Running data-driven schemes helps optimize your efforts by focusing on content structures that appeal to target customer base segments. 

High returns

The ability to find an ideal agency to outsource your marketing functions determines how much return on investment (ROI) you can expect. The revenues from your Black Friday sale spree must account for the investments made and allow room for interests that sustain your future endeavors. A good partner will adopt measures that drive a profit-oriented campaign to ensure that you get maximum value for your money. The agency installs automated protocols that analyze market trends to give real-time feedback regarding shifts influencing revenue creation potential. The availed reporting dashboards allow you to observe such trends and determine what items will sell more for the upcoming weekend cycle.

Additionally, links to lead generation landing pages in emails increase the active senders on your email list. Engaging with such users raises your sender's credibility 🀝, thus making your mailbox less vulnerable to spam filters which are a menace to emailing efforts. You can deliver your emails to almost all the client mailboxes you desire to penetrate when sending ad messages for upcoming sales. 

Themed sales 

You can hire a competent Black Friday marketing agency to tailor occasion-oriented content to push sales fitting for special events. Careful considerations help monitor scheduled events and develop exciting Black Friday theme options that support your market share claim. Advertised products should follow a special theme reflecting the occasion of the sales period for the realization of relatable product designs. For example, flowery themes are perfect for weekend online sales during celebratory occasions such as Christmas and company anniversaries. 

Exciting weekend offers 

Black Friday emails designed by experts communicate occasional offers to your customers to prepare them to spend big. πŸ“© Sending a teaser email detailing the incentives buyers are to enjoy when Friday comes encourages them to look for funds in hindsight. It provides a window of monetary preparation to budget their money and prepares a shopping list to follow at purchase time. The positive impact of alerting your audience about scheduled Black Friday discounted sales is that they allocate the money early to avoid wasting it. Consequently, you will receive a stream of enthusiastic buyers with resources to spend on reasonable product volumes that satisfy your sales desires. It would be best if you managed to deal with later comers who do not come by sending emails announcing extended Black Friday sales on Monday. People will get over to your website to close deals with you much extra cash instead of limiting the experience to the weekend. 

Product storage solutions

Finally, Black Friday deals also ensure convenience for small businesses with limited permanent physical storage to keep products meant for the market. You can hire a temporary physical outlet or use a third-party entity for product delivery over the weekend after customers purchase goods. The marketing partner helps you find professional prospects for your goods which you acquire from a wholesaler when the weekend is close. You can then use your online platform to sort the details of ordered items and have them on a delivery vehicle to various destinations. The revenue generated will enable expansion, and then you can set up a physical place for your loyal clients to visit for future purchases.   


The period leading to the holidays is ideal for shopping enthusiasts who wish to make purchases to satisfy individual needs. The Black Friday deals available as the last month of the year approaches means that customers and businesses enjoy increased shopping activity. People make discounted purchases while business owners enjoy optimal lead conversion numbers that are good for revenues. πŸ’° Being in such a position makes your business more money when you have plans to leverage the existing conditions to your advantage. 

It would help to look at the Black Friday email examples available to understand which ones will apply in your situation to ensure that you reap big. Working with a reputable marketing firm gives you the edge of optimizing sales while operating on a tight budget to realize specific goals. Data-driven automation ensures that you carefully apply your efforts toward marketing functions that drive maximum leads for the establishment.

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