AMP for Email is a Breakthrough in the World of Email Marketing

Vladislav Podolyako
Apr 26, 2022
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The pace at which the world around us evolves is mind-blowing. The moment you get used to a device — it gets outdated. The same refers to other popular means of communication. Except for emails. It seems that the way emails have been since their introduction remains unaffected by the toll of the digital boom. Yet, the assumption is not entirely true because the introduction of AMP for email has revolutionized the industry tremendously. Whether you are new to the email marketing sphere or you want to get ahead of the competition, it is essential that you understand what’s in it for you when you decide to send AMP emails.

A brief definition of an AMP email

AMP email stands for the Accelerated Mobile Page, and it has been introduced as an open framework designed to produce enhanced web pages and a better user experience. The Google AMP idea has hit the industry and spread across like a wildfire.

One of the primary advantages of AMP emails is the dynamic content that can be updated in real time. In addition, when you are sending AMP emails, you can enable users to fill out different forms, schedule meetings, and interact with the email in a variety of innovative ways that were unthinkable, let alone possible a few years back.

What makes an AMP for email important?

Among the most widely recognized perks of AMP emails is the fact that you can spice your email marketing campaign with interactive elements such as purchase buttons, polls, accordions, confirmations, carousels, and whatnot. All that can be done within the email without visiting any new page or website. There are a few reasons you should implement AMP emails into your campaign. They are the following:

Extended email usage opportunities

Regular email users know that emails are all about textual interaction between individuals or companies. However, with the introduction of the AMP email, you can change the approach. Once you offer your clients a chance to interact with an email the way they would with a regular web page — poll participation, commenting, event invitations, and so on — the usage possibilities grow.

Revived email technology

In case you don’t know, email marketing is one of the main strategies used all over the globe. It is also one of the most productive ones. With that in mind, it may remain a mystery why the technology that powers most email clients remains the same it’s been around since the 2000s. With AMP for email, you have a chance to update the technology and provide your users with something modern and fresh.

Enhanced level of personalization

The success of most email marketing campaigns depends on how well the users respond to the messages and offers they get. With a regular email at hand, the marketing team remains a bit limited as to how they can be involved in the email marketing campaign process. The implementation of AMP email can change that once and for all. The innovation enables marketers to send more data, which can add up to lead conversion and growing income. Keep in mind that AMP emails are dynamic emails, which means that the content can be updated within the message according to the current needs and requirements.

Decreased level of competition

Many people know AMP emails as accelerated mobile pages, introduced to enhance the way mobile pages load. However, the technology has changed and adapted to modern trends, which seems to have passed the attention of a fair share of marketers. If you want to get ahead of the competition, you can support AMP and reap the benefits it offers.

What makes AMP emails different from HTML emails?

Not everyone can confidently claim that HTML emails and AMP emails are one and the same or two different things. This is due to the fact that there is a list of similar and different features that either notion possesses.

While both types of emails are coded in HTML language, AMP emails have to be identified with particular declarations in the form of HTML tags. A normal HTML email does not require those. At the same time, while HTML emails are known to contain images, URLs, and texts, AMP emails carry calendars, carousels, and related interactive components on top of those. Also, in the case of an average AMP email, the users do not need to visit other sites, platforms, or websites to interact with the offer. All the CTAs and other tasks can be activated within the email.

It is a known fact that email marketing brings in a considerable ROI compared to related marketing campaigns. However, if you use AMP email for this purpose, you can triple your ROI in no time. Lastly, an HTML email can enable in-frame ads and third-party intrusions, while AMP emails are enabled by email service providers only after all sorts of security checks are carried out. So, AMP emails are safer and more reliable.

When should you be using AMP for email?

Now, when you know how potent AMP-powered emails are, you may be wondering as to when you should apply the framework. While AMP emails come in handy in a variety of fields and businesses, it helps to point out the primary cases when implementation is a must:

Lead generation campaigns

Most email marketing campaigns are all about spreading the word about the vendor and growing the consumer base. So, the higher the conversion rate is — the more successful the campaign turns out to be. It is advised to introduce AMP content into the campaign to spike client activity. Users tend to interact with dynamic content better than with mere text and links. Enhanced conversion rates are the primary reason to support AMP.

Data collection surveys

Whether you are about to promote your new product or gain user insight on what should be improved about the current version, a data collection survey is the best way to gather valid information. AMP emails prove to be the best fit for the purpose too.

Bookings and meetings scheduled

These days, AMP content enables users to schedule meetings and book webinars, demos, conference registrations, and much more without the need to get in touch with the company representative beforehand.

Improved cart recovery scores

If you are involved with the e-Commerce industry, then promotional email campaigns with an interactive element to them can drive user engagement up. While regular email marketing messages make it possible to spread images of new collections and offers, AMP emails allow it to add a checkout option to the message. Such an approach will take a user a step closer to committing to the purchase, which is what any e-com business aims for.

Industry-specific use of AMP emails

It may happen that the general definition of AMP’s effectiveness is not enough to form your opinion on whether you should support AMP. Thus, Folderly experts will explain how the introduction of AMP email may play out according to a definite business model.


Most B2B vendors specialize in sharing their products or services with other companies related to the field the business represents. AMP email examples will help those companies stand out from the rest of the competitors. The promised user engagement via demo bookings, collected feedback, and other available means will directly enhance the client experience and the conversion correspondingly.


B2C companies advertise their services directly to the users. However, just like in the case with B2B, a well-planned AMP email will spike sales effectively, all due to the interactive promotion and direct user engagement.

Software as a service

SaaS companies provide all types of practical software and mobile apps. While the offers are made over the Internet, different subscription options and licenses are intact. AMP email can grant users direct access to demo versions, enhance the onboarding experience, and more.

Travel sphere

If you work in the travel industry, you can support AMP in order to simplify the ticket booking process that a client has to go through. Also, the dynamic updates will ensure that all the prices and offers are up-to-date so that there are no complaints and misleading promises.

Banking, financial services, and insurance

BFSI will benefit from the AMP email implementation too. While you provide a client with all the means needed to count the loan amounts, interest, and things related, the level of trust and dedication will grow. Enhanced user experience will impact the conversion directly and positively.

How do you start with AMP emails?

All the shared information may bring you closer to work with AMP emails. However, it is not enough to decide to support AMP. You should be aware of how to start with the gradual implementation. Should you be willing to make use of the personalized recommendations that our experts have gathered — you have come to the right place! There are a few essential steps to take:

Step 1

As it has been mentioned, AMP is all about security. That is why, to successfully implement those emails into your routine, the sender’s authenticity should be ensured. All the DKIM, SPF, and DMARC protocols need to be intact.

Once you decide to share AMP emails with your userbase, you have to register with an email client so that the domain you are sending from is whitelisted. Not all email clients support AMP, but those that do are the major ones such as Gmail,, and Yahoo Mail.

Step 2

Before you can send an AMP email, you need to build it. Keep in mind that not every email service provider supports AMP. Thus, some coding should be used. However, it helps to mention that only specific AMP-allowed elements will work. They are the following:

  • Media content that covers images and GIFs
  • Dynamic content that includes various attributes like Amp-selector, Amp-form, Amp-bind, etc., is used to make the email as interactive as possible.
  • Layout elements that cover the addition of links, accordions, carousels, and related components.

Step 3

After a reliable AMP is built, you should ensure it is properly debugged. Also, a preview is required so that the correct rendering is in place.

Step 4

Once you are through with the previous step, you still need to test the AMP version you’ve come up with. Keep in mind that while major email clients support AMP, the testing methods they offer may differ. It will take you manual research to determine the best procedure, depending upon the email client you are working with.

Step 5

Any email provider that supports AMP requires the messages to be validated. This is due to the fact that to ensure a flawless, interactive, and dynamic reader experience, most AMP emails contain JS library components. If the elements that an email consists of are secure, there will be no issue validating the AMP.

Step 6

Finally, it comes to the AMP sending process. To enable the sending, you have to introduce a new MIME to the corresponding tree. The main reason to take the step is to ensure that an email client that supports the AMP will display the message accordingly. Those that don’t support the AMP email yet will view the message in a regular HTML form.

It only seems that the AMP sending process is utterly complex and challenging to succeed with. After you master all the steps, the process will be merely a breeze.

Primary challenges of using an AMP email

It has been discussed that the number of perks the innovative implementation offers can’t be discarded. However, there are a few difficulties to overcome once you decide to add the AMP to your routine.

The innovative part

Even though AMP emails have been available for a few years now, the technology remains a new one. In order to implement the new MIME part, a peculiar AMP code needs to be written. Not all marketing teams possess the resource and are willing to go the lengths to embed the new technology. However, more and more third-party vendors offering the service start to hit the market so that the challenge can be easily dealt with..

The limited support

As you already know, the email support of AMP isn’t as impressive as one could have hoped for. The list of ESPs incompatible with the technology is still quite extensive.

The ineffective email metrics

To track the success of your campaign, you need to rely on a variety of performance stats. While the innovative technology may not affect the email deliverability stats, elements such as click-through rates can’t be effectively measured when it comes to AMP-charged emails.

Common myths that concern AMP-powered emails

Along with the mentioned challenges, there are also myths and stereotypes concerning the notion. The better aware you are about where the truth lies, the easier it will be to finalize your decisions.

Inside-email payments

One of the primary speculations about the AMP messages is the rumor that you can collect payments from the email message. However, the assumption is nothing more than a myth. You can’t carry out payment operations through AMP emails since there are standard compliances to stick to. Payment security protocols can’t be breached and altered.

Streaming videos

Another misconception about AMP-powered messages is that you can stream videos via the message. While it could have been a practical perk, such a function isn’t available. One can attach GIFs to the email or share necessary YouTube links, but nothing more.

Successful AMP-powered email campaigns

While the theoretical background matters significantly, it always takes practical proof to convince somebody. We are not here to force you into anything, yet we will share a few bright examples of effective AMP implementation that you may have come to interact with so far without even realizing it.


One of the recent additions that Pinterest is proud of is the fact that all the users can save their pins straight in the inbox. You can open pins to access the full info or enlarge the image without leaving the inbox.


In case you don’t know what Doodle is, it is a poll-creating platform and a place to set time for all sorts of meetings. With the addition of AMP emails, any user can create or participate in a poll. You can also pick the fittest meeting time without opening another tab.

After some updates and alterations, users can manage their preferences right in the footer of the email. You can sort the locations globally or according to a location without leaving the inbox.

Final words

Nothing lasts forever, and even the ideas that seem to remain unchanged start to alter as progress hits the industry. AMP emails are promised to become the future of email marketing, and the scores the technology seems to bring into the sphere can’t do anything but inspire. The future is dynamic, and the sooner you grasp the idea, the further ahead of the competition you will be!

Vladislav Podolyako
Vladislav Podolyako
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