What Are the Best Email Testing Tools to Give a Try to in 2022?

Vladislav Podolyako
Jan 05, 2022
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Did you know that your detailed and well-planned email campaign can fail if you skip the email testing step? All the major email clients set up peculiar spam filters that protect their users’ inboxes from dangerous and harmful content. While that is a thoughtful approach, there are cases when whole marketing campaigns are ruined due to mere neglecting of email testing tools, which are many. The sooner you disclose the importance of proper testing, the easier it will be to avoid spam filters.

Email testing – a brief introduction

Before we move on to reviewing the most popular email testing tools, you need to be absolutely sure as to what the notion of email testing stands for. Just as versatile as email testing tools are, so complex the idea of the testing is. There are different approaches that trending email clients use.

Security testing

There are cases when you watch your reputation authority drop with no apparent reason for that. The thing is that countless phishers are waiting to impose you and send out harmful emails to your customers. The moment an email client gets spam complaints, your reputation will be immediately questioned. That is, if you’re not added to a blacklist already. The service that most email testing tools offer is phishing and security testing. Once you run such a test, you will be able to spot the weak spots and resolve the existing issues while it is not too late.

Deliverability testing

Another popular scenario concerns the email deliverability rate decrease. If your emails don’t get past the spam filters, the chances of growing the customer base along with the revenue drop significantly. An effective email deliverability test usually consists of different fields to be tested. Some companies use preview testing to determine how their messages look when they reach the email inbox. It’s essential that your emails appear equally appealing and informative in desktop mode as well as on a mobile device screen.

It’s crucial that you add a spam test to the list to determine whether your messages are marked as spam by different email clients. Lastly, you can test the internal links attached to your email to ensure they work as they should.

A/B testing

Aside from the sender reputation testing, you need to realize how effective the campaign is and potential ways of improving the scores. AB testing is the perfect option to determine which approach is more successful so that you don’t waste your time in vain.

Why do you need email testing tools?

The chances are that you still doubt whether you should invest in email testing. It should be added that you can even test emails for free these days. The primary reason why you should consider looking for the best email testing tools is that your marketing team’s efforts don’t go to waste. There is little use of a catchy and well-composed cold email subject line if the email does not get past the spam filters and the spam scores keep growing. Email testing is designed to help you find the missing links in your campaign and mend potential reputation authority breaches.

Reliable email testing tools to consider in 2022

A vital point to keep in mind when looking for a suitable email testing tool is that most of them offer different services, and you should be ready to determine which direction to take in order to improve your scores and reputation.

Folderly – the best email deliverability tester on the market

Folderly is a dedicated email testing tool aimed at deliverability rate increase and email traffic enhancement, along with spam testing. The reason why Folderly services are so requested at the moment is the fact that it is developed to not only detect deliverability issues but also prevent them. With such a potent platform in use, your email campaigns will avoid existing spam traps, blacklists and avoid spam filters.

Main features

Spam checker – the function helps to analyze all the email addresses in use for invalid sending and deliverability performance issues.

Deliverability test – the feature is aimed at potential deliverability problems. The system can detect the spam filters that block your emails, along with the major blacklists you are added to.

Ongoing support – it may be challenging to deal with the detected matters on your own. Thus, Folderly agents are always there to guide you through the process and provide all the support you may need.


Folderly presents not only a testing tool but a fixing solution.

To fit your demands perfectly, you can choose between two packages, both of which include email deliverability testing. Folderly spam fix provides the all-in-one solution to prevent email-related issues and maintain high deliverability. Warmup package contains unlimited email testing, warm-up, spam words checker, blacklists monitoring, and many others. The price varies from a free trial to $200 per month.

Glockapps – dedicated spam tester to add to the list

Glockapps enables the users to test emails with a little personal interaction. You don’t even have to register with the service to conduct the primary testing operation. The system will evaluate the presented information and grant you an insight into where your messages end. The testing tool can also analyze the email domain reputation to ensure you have all the necessary details at hand.

Main features

Reports – the feature that Glockapps is known for most are the detailed reports aimed at providing as clear an understanding of potential issues as possible.

DMARC records check – invalid SPF and DKIM records can ruin your IP reputation along with sender reputation, which will inevitably lead to blacklisting.

Bounce tracker – another peculiar function that you can benefit from is the bounce rate tracker.


While Glockapp is a free tool, you can benefit from 3 free spam checks along with the 14-day free trial. The premium plans start at $39 a month.

Gmass – multifunctional email testing platform

It is hard to define Gmass as an ultimate spam tester, since it is not. For the most part, the platform has been created to assist Gmail users in sending mass emails and tracking their records. Yet, there are a few testing features that may come of use when you choose Gmail as one of your preferred email clients.

Main features

Report analytics – the set of useful functions that track down the open and click rates along with bounce scores and reply analysis.

A/B testing – when you’re not sure which email template works out to your benefit, the A/B testing comes of help. Keep in mind that preview testing is included in the service.

Reply management – once your email campaigns get responses, the system will categorize them for you to simplify the lead generation process.


There are free tests to use to define if the service suits your needs. The paid plans start at $8.95 a month.

MailTester – one of the email testing tools on the market

MailTester is yet another email tester that you can use to improve the deliverability scores of your marketing campaign. Countless user reviews claim that the service is among the fastest on the market. Aside from the deliverability, the system also offers a chance to scan your DMARC records.

Main features

Spam-content detector – an email client can spam-list your address simply because the messages contain a lot of spam words or links. MailTester allows you to detect and eliminate the related issues.

DMARC records checker – the system checks if the SPF and DKIM records that define your domain reliability are valid and correctly set up.

Speedy deliverability check – it takes only minutes for the platform to identify potential deliverability issues and bring them to your attention.


MailTester is a free tool.

Mailgenius – email checker to boost the deliverability rates

The email deliverability test that the service offers is designed to detect if your emails get to the primary inbox or hit the spam folder. The platform works with the main email clients such as Gmail and Outlook. Once the tool sends you deliverability alerts, it will also offer potential ways of fixing the existing issues.

Main features

Email tests – the service enables you to look through the deliverability scores with as much as your email provided to the given address.

Monitoring – the best way to secure your email domain reputation is to track potential changes all the time. That is precisely what MailGenius presents.

Blacklist test – your IP or domain name can be added to a blacklist without you even knowing it. The email test tool will scan the major blacklists for you to ensure that you’re on none of those.


MailGenius is a free-to-use tool.

Why do you end up on a spam list?

After you pick the email tester that suits your needs and preferences, you may learn that your emails do go to spam. If you are new to the industry, you may get confused as to what caused it and what to do to prevent such a mishap in the future. There is a list of common points you can work on to enhance your deliverability scores:

  • Decrease email complaints – if you direct your emails to a user base that is not potentially interested in the services or products that you offer, your message will get reported. Thus, working on an active and qualified receiver list is what you should consider. Improving your cold email subject line may come of use as well.
  • Fix technical issues – invalid HTML and inactive authentication can also lead to undesirable outcomes.
  • Decrease bounce rates – when you are using outdated mailing lists that contain inactive or fake addresses, the bounce rate will keep growing. Clean up your mailing lists, and the problem will go away.
  • Increase engagement rates – if the user base is not interested enough to click and open the emails you send, some email clients will mark them as spam. Work on the content to improve the engagement rates.
  • Respect your audience – it is common to buy email lists these days. However, while you may build up the number of addresses to send your offers to, the chances that they will interest them are slim. It is advised to send marketing emails to recipients who have previously agreed to receive your newsletters.

Final words

Now, when you understand the importance of effective email testing, you can reach out to Folderly experts to help you fix any deliverability-related issues. Our responsible and responsive team knows how to read the test reports so that the best potential solutions will be suggested. Make your deliverability along with the income skyrocket with our professional help!


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