The Importance of Email Deliverability In the Sales Field

Vladislav Podolyako
Nov 09, 2021
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Despite the industry or niche that you aim your industry at, the primary goal is to generate more leads, increase service productivity, and become more profitable as quickly as possible. Countless marketing strategies are designed to help a successful vendor achieve the goal. Email deliverability practices are among the effective approaches that many have heard about but have a vague idea of what it is or how to apply it to the sales process.

Email deliverability – a brief definition

Before you move further into the depths of successful customer outreach, you need to be perfectly aware of what the notion stands for. We at Folderly have come up with the simplest and most concise definition for the idea. Email deliverability is the counted percentage of cold emails that your sales team sends out which reach the user. Let’s say that only 20% of all the emails get into the Spam folder of the aimed-at consumer. This means that the deliverability is at 80%, and that’s great. However, the more emails end up in the Spam folder, the lower the deliverability is and the slimmer are the chances of generating active leads through cold emailing.

Is email deliverability vital for the sales industry?

Surely, the notion isn’t as complex as lead generation, and it may make you think that it is not that essential in your case. However, you need to realize that the emails that don’t get into the primary inbox are less likely to be ever opened. Most users simply empty the Spam inbox and aren’t likely to change their approaches.

For an average user, the routine is casual and brings in no significant loss. Nevertheless, the marketing team is losing potential leads, and that affects the profitability of the service. You need to consider the chance that it takes time and effort, let alone the means, to compile a fruitful email and send it out. Thus, if it doesn’t get the user’s attention, you lose the potential income and the initial investment in the sales campaign.

How does it affect sales?

Now, when you are familiar with the roots of a potential issue, you need to scan it in detail to come up with a suitable decision. First things first, you should realize that the success rate of email deliverability is closely intertwined with the effectiveness and predictability of the sales team in the act. Therefore, the better all the processes are connected with one another, correctly automized and adequately scaled, the more satisfying the outcome will be.

There are three main ways how email deliverability can influence the business sales rate, in one way or another. They are the following:

Investment loss

It is often assumed that the only thing you lose when the cold email doesn’t reach the Primary inbox is a potential lead. While the assumption is valid and shouldn’t go unnoticed, other things are spent in vain. The resources invested into sales automation software are on the list, too. In the majority of cases, the software in question costs quite a sum yearly, and if it doesn’t help you generate the income or lead conversion, it’s a poor investment. To put it simply, the moment the sent email ends in a Spam folder, the sole outcome you can count on is the ROI loss. However, should the email deliverability rate turn out positive, the effect will be quite the opposite.

Customer relationship management

It takes time for a lead to pass through the pipeline successfully and bring in the expected revenue. The salespeople involved in the process do a lot of research and put in much effort to help the leads move through the pipeline dynamically. So, the least that can be done to help the team and show equal appreciation for their actions would be to ensure that all the emails are successfully delivered.

SDR’s role

Usually, a Sales Development representative does the lead research manually. So, it takes time to browse through countless user databases to find the leads that seem to be promising. After that, the SDR works on a personalized email, generates templates, and puts much effort into generating the return on the investment (ROI). According to Folderly, the email deliverability rate directly affects their KPI quota and general satisfaction from their work. The lower the rate is, the faster the interest decrease will be noticed. Salespeople work for victory. The fact that an email ends up in a Spam inbox is no fault of theirs, but the result visibly affects the job they do.

Why should you care about email deliverability?

Suppose you are still in doubt as to whether Folderly is right about the importance of email deliverability. In that case, you should be aware that there are three crucial reasons why the notion is fundamental in the sales and marketing fields.

  • Successful deliverability means profitable email marketing.
  • Improved inbox competition.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  1. No matter how simple and effortless email marketing may be viewed by some, only a dedicated marketer knows how much work is put into it. It takes appealing text, spiced with alluring pictures, suitable fonts, and overall ratio to create a profit-programmed piece. However, suppose you fail to improve email deliverability, the service that Folderly is widely known for. In that case, all the effort will go to waste since the recipient will never open the email.
  2. The speed at which the email traffic grows is overwhelming. Thus, most email providers try their best to secure their users’ inboxes from all sorts of spam. As a productive marketer, you need to make sure that both the content and the frequency of cold emailing passes through strict monitoring and gets right into the Primary inbox ahead of the competitors. Email deliverability can help you deal with the matter effectively. However, it means that you should care enough about the notion to implement it into the routine and cooperate with the best sphere-related providers, such as Folderly.
  3. The consumer experience is a vital pillar to think about when enhancing the notion of email deliverability. Even if you make sure that the email gets into the main inbox, a customer needs to open it and get engaged in the offered services. Thus, it means that the content in the email should be appealing enough for the user to linger. After that, it must be ensured that you don’t over-spam the consumers with your emails. The frequency of cold emailing should be correct. Lastly, you need to realize that some customers are new, but others are your loyal base. So, it takes time and effort to find a suitable approach to both categories of users.


Customer examples of successful email deliverability improvement

Aside from the theoretical part, practical examples usually serve to emphasize the importance of the approach.

Customer’s example 1

Folderly’s client complained that the sales team was losing their outreach emails to the Spam folder. Once, the new Vice President of sales was invited to join the team. The simplest research conducted showed that deliverability was one of the primary problems to be dealt with. A more in-depth venture stated that almost half of the expected revenue was lost due to deliverability issues. With the help of professional management and Folderly’s effective AI approach, the matter was successfully resolved at short notice.

Customer’s example 2

Another client of ours was utterly sure that cold outreach was dead. He claimed that it’s best to invest in cold calling rather than into cold emailing. Yet, the database for cold emailing was more than extensive, and he decided to give it a try.

A brief inspection by the Folderly team proved that the domain the client used was broken, there were no signs of warm-up efforts, and the mailboxes in use weren’t even tuned for the outreach. However, once the matters were successfully dealt with, the open rate grew to 75%, and the sales pipeline brought the customer over $250K of revenue within 3 months. The result doubled when compared to the cold calling the client was relying on. All because of the improved email deliverability.

Primary routes to email deliverability optimization

Once you are vaguely familiar with the notion of email deliverability, it may seem that it takes just one step towards its optimization. However, a complex approach is required, and it includes the following steps:

Domain optimization

In case you don’t know, most of the sales emails are sent from the same address that ends with a company name added to it. So, this is your domain, and to optimize it, you should warm it up so that it doesn’t go right into the Spam folder. Aside from that, you should do background research on the domain in use to ensure that it isn’t listed on any blacklist. If the domain is blacklisted, all the emails sent from it will automatically go to the junk folder. The experts recommend sticking to reputable and aged domains to play on the safe side and improve the deliverability with ease.

IP address optimization

When it comes to the business IP address, the rules are almost the same as with the domain. You should stick with trusted email services and rely on the approaches in use. However, we at Folderly can easily venture deeper into the IP address optimization and add authentication records to the scene to improve the deliverability to get you ahead of the competitors.

Content optimization

Another vital part of proper email deliverability optimization is to work with the content. While this step isn’t much of a technical piece, it can improve or decrease the deliverability and positively affect the open rate. Thus, the salespeople responsible for the task need to come up with the most engaging content. It takes time to find the right image-to-text ratio, work on appealing messages and things related. However, in the majority of cases, the effort usually pays off.

Frequency optimization

This option partially belongs to the technical area. Yet, email deliverability services have little to do with it. Depending upon the software in use, you need to consider the email limits and frequency at which you send them out. If you exceed the daily limit, you may have your account blocked, which won’t help the email deliverability. The same goes for the frequency – too frequent email sending will be regarded as suspicious, and the chances that your emails get into the Primary inbox will go down.

Final words

Now, when you know the importance of email deliverability in sales, you may want to test your rates. Should you feel like you need help, the Folderly experts are ready to offer a helping hand alongside effective and unique software.

Vladislav Podolyako
Vladislav Podolyako
Founder & CEO
Vlad’s decades of entrepreneurial wisdom and business building experience have allowed him to successfully mentor a diverse group of business owners, entrepreneurs in growing their companies. A recognized expert in the areas of transforming organizational culture and leadership development, B2B Sales, Marketing, spent more than 10 years building technology products, with a background in communication networks and electronic device engineering.

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