10 Cold Email Templates to Boost the Sales and Company Score

Vladislav Podolyako
Sep 26, 2022
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Technological breakthroughs surprise us daily. However, some things are more constant than others no matter the number of innovations that surface, and email marketing belongs to the latter. Despite all the means of communication that people have access to these days, emails remain one of the most popular ways of interacting with one another, especially regarding business.

Countless marketing efforts are put into the development of a successful campaign, but at times the generated results don't coincide with your expectations. All due to improper cold emails. If you want to figure out how to write response-oriented emails, you have come to the right place. Today, we will discuss 10 primary types of cold email examples that will make your response and conversion rates skyrocket! πŸš€

The notion of cold emailing explained

It is challenging to plan your next cold email outreach campaign if you have a vague idea of what the notion of cold emailing stands for. Let's face it – many of your potential customers are blissfully unaware of your services until you or someone else presents them. Aside from good old advertising, you can start reaching out to your client base on your own, and the first email you initiate to the customer list would be a cold email.

Cold emails are similar to cold calling ☎️ but have lesser private space violations. Because cold emails are less intrusive, more and more people prefer cold calls. Usually, such cold messages are used throughout the business world to introduce one another without spreading annoyance and building the brand presence on the market.

Are cold emails spam?

To be honest, we should confirm that, at times, your recipients haven't exactly signed up for the campaign in the direct sense. That is why you may wonder what makes your cold email campaign legit and any different from spam. To spick to the approved Cold Email Deliverability Checklist and keep away from the spam folder and user complaints, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Spam emails don't contain the sender's contact information.
  • Unsolicited messages are not personalized.
  • Spam emailing is all about the commercial interest.
  • Spam letters are pushy and annoying.

It is sometimes challenging to draw a line ✍️ between the two since your potential customers haven't interacted with you. However, as long as you keep their interests in mind, customize and personalize your templates and don't push them over the edge with utterly salesy content – you will be safe and away from the spam folder.

Is cold email marketing still relevant?

Some people claim that cold emailing is ineffective under modern conditions. However, those who say that have no idea of how to turn all the opportunities into profitable possibilities. All it takes would be to master the main strategies of cold marketing, and your selling scores will hit the roof.

5 primary strategies for cold emailing

Cold emails can either ruin your deliverability scores or help you multiply the conversion and boost the income rates in a blink of an eye. If you aim at the latter result, you should be aware of the few trending strategies that will help you achieve the desired outcome.


πŸ’‘ Such a complicated abbreviation stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. Once you initiate a cold outreach email based on the mentioned strategy, you should ensure that you include the following points in the crafted copy:

  • Attention – focus on the user's primary pain points.
  • Interest – mention how other clients have benefited from your offers.
  • Desire – make the reader wish for your product or service.
  • Actioncall to action so that the recipient is left with any other choice but to request more information on what you sell.


The Before-After-Bridge strategy is all about helping the client find more pleasure in life even when your offer concerns the business sphere.

  • Before – depict the current issue.
  • After – paint the life after solving the problem.
  • Bridge – present an effective solution to overcome the matter and live happily ever after.


The Problem-Agitate-Solve strategy is quite similar to the aforementioned BAB option, but it's centered on the client's pains rather than pleasure. The sales emails you send out should indicate that you are fully aware of the challenges the recipient faces and that you can help them solve them via your services or products.


The following framework usually includes a set of predefined steps πŸ‘£. They are the following:

  • Mention your offer.
  • Interest the user in your services.
  • Push the reader to act ever so lightly.

Many sales professionals use the approach when they are positive that the customer receiving the email is already using a competitor's solution. This is how you convert users who think they have already found their perfect product.


Praise-Picture-Push is yet another cold marketing strategy to consider on your way to establishing a flawless and result-oriented campaign. The trick here lies in praising your client for any known achievement right at the beginning of the letter. The proper appraisal ensures that the reader gets to the very end of the message. While praising the recipient, you should picture how they can further succeed with your services and hand. πŸ’ͺ Finish your email with a light call-to-action phrase, and you can count this cold prospect in.

How to write a cold email: essential tips

Reaching out to the right person is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effective sales messages. Different tactics and approaches exist to test to figure out what resonates with your target audience most. Use these practical tips to guide your sales team in the correct direction.

Research your prospects

Knowing your audience is one of the most valuable cold email tips. Thus, you should ask your team to put some time and effort into discovering the weak points that the prospects may have. Knowing what they like and what they don't will come of use too. Such details will help you personalize your cold email templates to the point when they are impossible to resist. Keep in mind that social media makes it twice as easy to track your audience and monitor their behavior.

Work on the prospect's psychology

When trimming your perfect cold email example, you have to dive a little deeper into the pool of psychological knowledge than you would have thought effective marketing required. Every other sales rep thinks that quantity pays up for quality. Thus, countless marketing teams send out mass emails expecting that at least some percentage of those will bring in success.

However, the current research proves that the more personal the email is, the higher the response rates will be. You should speak out to the individual reading the letter rather than to the company as such. It takes time and effort to trigger an emotional response from the recipient, but in the long run, that is precisely what you need.

Craft the perfect subject line

❄️ The perfect cold email subject line is where your cold marketing campaign's success starts. Since the letter's primary element that the reader sees, it must trigger the desired action – that would be opening the message. So, how do you make the subject line stand out? There are a few ways to achieve that:

  • Personalization;
  • curiosity;
  • a touch of humor;
  • sense of urgency.

Prioritize the opening line

An opening line is as vital as the subject line. In fact, the opening line is the second thing that a reader notices after the subject of the letter. A recipient does not need to open the message to view the line. Thus, you should put a lot of thought into creating the opening line to trigger the user's attention and improve the open rate and response score.

Many salespeople choose to start the cold email example with the basic – "My name is…" – well, would it ever force you to open the email that reads like that? What about – "I noticed that you provide (…) services in New York, and I've decided to introduce myself." Which cold email variation sounds most likely to trigger the client's curiosity? The chances are that the latter, and thus you get your valid confirmation on why the opening line is critical.

Introduce some social proof

The notion of social proof may remain unknown to some of you. So, it's worth explaining what that is. Social proof would be a legit way to emphasize your validity and services' success. The sales process will multiply the results if people know that other brands working with you have achieved undoubted results.

βœ… The best types of social proof to spice your cold email templates with:

  • Client testimonials;
  • user reviews;
  • number of people using your services at the moment;
  • celebrity involvement;
  • certificates and courses your business provides.

Keep in mind that a successful cold email example varies from business to business. You should monitor at which point your clientele becomes uninterested in the message. If most users drop out before moving past the opening line, you should add the social proof at the beginning of the letter. Should you be losing the prospect's attention at the end of the email and your response rates remain low, it would help if you added social proof before the CTA section.

Stick to short messages

No matter how personalized cold emails are, none of the recipients are willing to go through volumes of text. That is why you should reduce the length of the email to a possible minimum. Such an approach ensures that you present all the critical information for a reader to be open to a follow-up email. Besides, you will stress that you value your prospect's time, which means that you care more about the client than you do about the successful sale. On top of that, the initial message to a potential customer should be easy to grasp without field-specific vocabulary.

Personalize sender name

It is only natural not to trust an email that comes from a generic-looking address. According to industry experts, those messages that contain personalized contact info are the ones to trigger interest and lead to improved response scores πŸ“ˆ.

Introduce human feel

Robot-like messages are a direct way to spike negative reviews and complaint rates and decrease deliverability scores. That is why it would help to ensure that your cold email template is professional to the right point. It is never a waste to spice your messages with some humorous elements to ensure that your email sounds like one human is reaching out to another. Utterly industry-specific and dull content, no matter how professional, may result in the email being sent to the trash bin without casting another glance at it.

Polish your CTAs

Some sales reps neglect the power of well-written and strategically placed Call-to-Action phrases. It helps to ask relevant questions, the answers to which will drive a client to consider the offered opportunity and make a purchase. Keep in mind 🧠 that "yes" and "no" questions will serve you the best. Besides, dropping a hint at the next customer's step is a good idea too. However, you should use a single CTA per email since more of those will only confuse the user.

Common reasons why cold email outreach does not bring results

With the practical tips on creating the best cold emails, you may rashly assume that they are all you need to succeed with your cold email campaigns. However, it is never a waste to brood upon potential mistakes that others make and avoid those when planning your strategy.

Self-centered approach

When you send a cold email to a potential client, you should remember that you can't move the person down the sales funnel if you focus on yourself. No matter how worthy and effective your services are, it matters that a client feels cared for. Thus, the less "I" there is in your letter, the better. 🀯 Otherwise, you will scare the customer away.

Increased expectations

As you plan your cold email outreach campaign, it is easy to get carried away and expect people to immediately fall for your product or services. Cold leads will remain that way if you keep asking too much. That is why it is advised that you don't put pressure on the reader straight away. 

Missing proof

When you state something in your letter, you must back up your claims. No matter what you suggest, you should always provide just enough proof for the recipient to understand that you are sincere.

Poorly-written copy

The best cold email is not only about the context but also the layout. A poorly written copy, not neat and full of typos, will project the opposite impression you are counting on. What must your service be like if you are that untidy about your emails?

Pre-bought mailing list

It is among standard practices to purchase mailing lists these days. There is little we can do about it but advise that you keep away from those. Purchased mailing lists contain all sorts of fake addresses. However, even the active emails don't mean that their owners want to get involved with your services. ❗️ The more you push on such addresses, the higher are the chances of getting flagged as a spammer, and that is a shortcut to losing your reputation.

What is the best cold email example?

With all the theoretical knowledge in mind, it is time to proceed with a more practical part. There are 10 compelling cold email examples that you should implement into your campaign. You can treat this guide as your cold email tutorial.

The "quick question"

In some cases, the background research πŸ”Ž brings fewer details than you have counted on. For instance, you have found a company that may be perfect for you, but you lack the data on whom to offer your services to. If that is the case, you should be as brief as possible and simply introduce yourself and inquire as to whom you may speak about future cooperation.

1 Templatee

While it is challenging to imagine how such an email can boost your sales, the "quick question" sample does not ask much of the reader. You are not trying to sell yet. You are simply asking for more information on the company. Try using such a cold email template when reaching out to a large company without a clear point of contact.

Third-party connection

At times, you may have the correct contact information, yet your emails don't get a response. That is when you start searching for lower-rank employees. Social media platforms are perfect for the task. So, you can target a company employee, stating who you are and what you offer. 

2 Template

If your proposition seems valid for the business, the chances are that the person you reach out to will forward it to the decision-maker since they would hope to move up the company ladder. You can use the approach when you face issues with direct contact with the prospect.


Another worthy cold email example relies on a three-part formula:

  • Problem;
  • agitate;
  • solve.

These three components work in the following way. As you browse through the social media posts that a company has, you can spot a pattern leading to a potential issue that the business faces. With that pain point in mind πŸ€”, you can push a little and state why the problem is so frustrating. After a short emphasis on the annoyance of the issue, you can save the day and present your solution to it. With just the right CTA added to the email, you will get yourself a new lead in no time.

3 Template

AIDA cold email template

Composing an email that can help a prospect solve all their problems is a difficult task. However, you don't have to push it over the edge. All it takes is to claim that you totally get it and provide just the right amount of social proof that you have already helped others deal with the issue. 

4 Template

Finish the letter with a clear indication as to what the reader has to do next, and you will be another step closer to a sealed deal.

Get down to business

When you wonder how to write a cold email that will make your company thrive, you leave out the most straightforward approach, and that is a mistake many marketers make. Large enterprise professionals don't have time to read piles of letters that just beat around the bush. If that is a prospect that you are reaching out to, you should state who you are and what you offer directly. 

5 Template

πŸ“Š Implementing statistical data would be an excellent addition to the cold email template.

Visualization is the key

No matter the company name, every business owner wants it to thrive. The point of effective cold email outreach is to show a company representative how sweet life would be with your product at hand. You can indicate how you can help them turn the tables and improve.

6 Template

It takes time and effort to master the art of marketing visualization, but it is worth it. Try not to be koi about your services, but stick within the lines so that you don't sound too pushy or too fake to be true.

Practical offers

Cold email marketing is intricate and effort-involving, but once you push the right buttons, your sales will skyrocket. If you have a freebie at hand, you should implement it in your cold emails. It is never a waste to present something without asking for anything in return. 

7 Template

Such an approach will show the prospect that you care about them and are willing to help their situation improve. Sharing critical advice or suggesting a helpful post is what you should focus on. Surely, a fair amount of background research is required.

Pay attention to the competitors

With as much as monitoring company news, you will learn which competitors the prospect turns to in time of need. Thus, you can plan your cold email outreach to prove that you are better. The trick here lies in the fact that you maintain a casual tone and don't try to steal the user from your competitors straight away βœ–οΈ. 

8 Template

Indicate the current issues that the reader may face at the moment and mention how you can help them solve them in no time. The rest should be reserved for follow-up emails.

Re-engage with your prospects

There are cases when your prospects go cold for one reason or another. While some businesses are ready to give up on those, we suggest you give the leads yet another try. If your statistical data proves that the prospects check out your current offers, visit the website, and like your posts, you may want to re-engage with them. 

9 Template

Sprinkle your cold email with some humor, keep the reader updated as to what you have been up to, and the ice will break.

Compose a generic copy

An ultra-personal cold email example is great, but it is time and effort-consuming πŸ•°. You can't afford to spend that much time in vain while you are reaching out to people ranking below the decision-makers. You should still include the first-name basis approach, but you can provide more statistical data and less personal information in cases like that. 

10 Template

It is enough to introduce yourself and state why you can be helpful. The rest will be done by the reader, who will forward your proposition to the decision-maker.

Final words

Cold email marketing is an art that takes time and effort to master. However, the results that an effective strategy can impose on your business and the sales, in particular, is hard to underestimate. Different cold email templates can trigger various layers of your target audience. Thus, experimenting with those can help your sales bloom!

Vladislav Podolyako
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