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Feb 11, 2021
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Google algorithms move with the times, so we’ve prepared a list of testing tools that truly deserve your attention in 2021. In this article, you will find the 13 most progressive email deliverability tests to boost your campaign results. 


Mail-tester is a popular tool helping you analyze emails once you send them to an individual account or specified address.


  • profound domain analysis
  • thorough spam check
  • authentication methods test
  • HTML code investigation
  • improvement suggestions


  • the tool sometimes applies outdated Real-time blackhole lists decreasing your sender score despite a perfect IP

MX Toolbox

MXToolbox provides innovative solutions for comprehensive server system analysis. It allows for monitoring and testing your campaigns.


  • functionality reports on:
  • sender policy framework
  • domain-based message authentication, reporting & conformance
  • domainKeys identified mail
  • impersonation issues analysis
  • IP reputation check and alert
  • identification of senders’ geolocation


  • automatic one-year renewal
  • difficult to get early cancellation


You can put your messages to the test without disturbing your audience with this tool. It analyzes all the emails you send with the help of SpamAssassin, a potent anti-spam platform. It is also possible to test your campaigns in different environments with Mailtrap, including development and staging. 


  • numerous inboxes
  • powerful email testing
  • message previews and forwarding
  • email redirecting
  • reviewing each message separately to inspect HTML issues deeply
  • comprehensive domain health checks


  • a limited number of emails in a free account

Sender Score

This tool allows for analyzing your reputation by making estimates based on a rolling 30-day average. It provides deep insights into how to improve your delivery rates, supporting them with solid data. 


  • convenient score system (from 0 to 100) for profound reputation analysis
  • IP address rank estimation
  • precise email deliverability rate calculation


  • Sender Score might miss on some factors that other tools would consider, but it still takes into account the essential ones


Unlike some tools mentioned above, Talos allows for a free reputation check. Doing research is quite simple with this service — the only thing you should do is enter your IP or domain name and wait for the results to appear on your screen. 


  • labeling web reputation as good, neutral, or poor (the last two characteristics indicate that your campaigns need improvement)
  • testing numerous email service providers
  • analyzing email volume
  • checking for blacklists


  • the tool doesn’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions; neither does it suggest profound insights into specific issues.


TrustedSource is a handy online tool that is run by McAfee, helping you check your website URL and come up with an alternative categorization. If your request does not surpass the boundaries of the norm, it is likely to be fulfilled in 3 to 5 business days. However, the process might take a bit more time if it requires specific knowledge.


  • web reputation check
  • email domain reputation analysis
  • data on mail servers and DNS
  • deep insights into the domain’s activation and history
  • investigation of domain associations
  • website categorization check within the Webwasher URL Filter Database and SmartFilter Internet Database


  • you won’t get a reply to your request at the weekend
  • outdated ratings on the web

Microsoft SNDS

If you are eager to find out how your audience rates your emails, this tool will suit you perfectly well. Microsoft SDNS is one of the few mailbox providers that analyze sending reputation really deeply. Furthermore, this tool will help you check your IP address health. Microsoft SDNS sends an email to Outlook subscribers to provide the relevant data.  


  • valid spam complaint rate
  • spam trap hits
  • spam filters test
  • comprehensive user response analysis
  • message reputation check


  • SNDS is considered outdated compared to other similar services


If you need an email deliverability test and a reliable spam checker, GlockApps will be the right tool for you. It is ideal for campaign analysis, especially if messages are sent from different IP addresses. GlockApps allows you to investigate all aspects of your campaign and improve the results. 


  • IP reputation checks
  • detailed deliverability analysis
  • real-time delivery reports
  • the tool is compatible with MailChimp, making the launches even easier
  • testing each seed list account separately
  • GlockApps Bounce Monitor feature allowing for finding bounced messages
  • authentication record tests (spam and sender score, DKIM, and SPF.)


  • the double opt-in confirmation becomes more challenging if you send over 70 emails

Google Postmaster Tools

This service is a perfect solution to numerous issues, supplying users with comprehensive data on various elements of your email campaigns. It allows for easy monitoring of different deliverability problems and offers great advice on fixing them. 


  • encryption success rate
  • IP and domain reputation analysis
  • inspecting high-volume sending information
  • finding Gmail delivery errors
  • investigating DKIM/SPF/DMARC failures
  • spam complaint analysis


  • Google Postmaster Tools fail to always show correct reputation data
  • essential data are sometimes missing
  • the service often fails to provide updates
  • the service doesn’t always make official progress statements


Barracuda Central deals with Internet threats like no other tool. It provides its networks with the most recent data on the latest statistics, protecting them from potential dangers. The service is free and easy to use after quick registration. 


  • unlimited blocking of spam emails
  • improved network security
  • state-of-the-art solutions to overcome Internet threats
  • quick malware detection
  • IP address reputation check
  • 95% spam accuracy rate


  • although Barracuda Central values honest feedback, it fails to provide its users with some essential features
  • no technical support
  • no landline service
  • database rules can be too strict, adding some innocent sites to the company’s blocklist
  • a high degree of automation may cause blocklisting of multiple email servers


SendForensics is an awesome tool for improvement since it compares your achievements with the ones of other businesses. You can get a complete report on the issues that need to be resolved. Furthermore, a paid subscription allows you to get even more crucial data, such as content analysis. You’ll also receive recommendations regarding inbox placement and online reputation.


  • powerful email deliverability test
  • effective optimization strategies
  • tips on email content enhancement
  • email infrastructure improvement suggestions
  • preview option for popular email clients
  • impeccable reputation among popular senders all over the world


  • most features are available upon payment
  • lag time can sometimes be an issue
  • customer support managers usually respond within a few hours, but if they are busy, you might wait for several days to get a response

Spamcheck by Postmark

Spamcheck will provide you with an excellent email deliverability test. Even the free version is very easy to use, having a convenient interface and minimalist website design. Simply paste your HTML code into the search bar and see your score.


  • outstanding email deliverability testing
  • link checks
  • sender domain authentication
  • HTML quality checks
  • spam filter response analysis
  • suggestions on email improvement


The full version of Spamcheck is quite pricey


Folderly is a powerful all-in-one platform allowing you to perform a comprehensive email deliverability test and significantly improve your lead nurturing process. Not only does this tool conduct an in-depth analysis of the issues, but it also gives a wide variety of insights into the root cause of those problems. 


  • profound email deliverability test
  • cost-efficient solutions
  • domain reputation, IP address, and DNS settings analysis
  • precise sender score
  • excellent domain blacklist scanning
  • user-friendly spam prevention panel
  • powerful sender score protection
  • 0% email spam rate
  • 100% delivery rate


The paid version is quite expensive, but it is proportionate to the demands of an individual, startup, or agency.

[Comparison Chart] See how each tool stacks up

Here’s a technology comparison chart for you to see whether the tools you’ve chosen possess the crucial characteristics. 

As you can see, Folderly is the only tool meeting all the essential criteria. Thus, don’t hesitate to invest in increased productivity and skyrocket your campaign results. 

Start a free trial

It is easy to start using Folderly — simply sign up for a free trial and test all the features that will soon bring you a great ROI.

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